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1: Aange&Sohne A.L

Lange’s case LaSu originated in small towns, and the remote and mountainous area, Saxon el registers have “A.L ange&S? Hne” label Lange high-quality goods wrist watch for its exquisite craft, the perfect manual, the unique creative and traditional reflect and great, and was known as the clock and watch the world’s treasures; The fine craft and clock Manufacturer’s enormous enthusiasm make this unique luxury brand.

2: Urwerk
Urwerk adopt unique time display mode, known as the clock in the world of avant-garde brand. The company continue advancing thought pattern, through reference to traditional wrist watch to make his own brand. This brand of wrist watch from young and innovative design team, the internal structure of the complex degree is never before seen in the clock; Urwerk brand indicates the trend of the development of tabulation course.

Urwerk men watch

Urwerk men watch

3:Audemars Piguet.

In 1875, Jules-luis Abby (JulesLouis Audemars) and Edward-auguste-Peter (EdwardAuguste piguet) two talented young people hand in hand to create a world of Abby (Audemars piguet watch of wrist), and this is the world of the unexpected. The two childhood friends of high-quality goods wrist watch manufacturing with great enthusiasm, and eventually developed by the world of the rare wrist watch. Bold design, the luxury of structure and an aesthetic feeling of the manufacture of watches is love and the source of table, still make it a critic, the royal noble and head of state’s pet.

4: Panerai
Early in the 20 century, Orpheus-on the sea (Officine lustily Paneral) in Italian royalty navy special entrust the development of precision for the defense department, optical fiber and mechanical equipment. At that time, in order to meet the navy lack clocks and watches the complex requirements, on the sea lustily developed a can undergo any extreme conditions timer. Now, on the sea lustily has become a famous brand, but also influenced by the clock to praise the clock connoisseurs.

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How to choose mens watches

June 7th, 2011 2 comments

How to choose mens watches?

According to the standards of different, mens watches can be divided into many different kinds. In a social situation, the people are generally based on price to differentiate their sort of. According to the standard, the watch can be divided into luxury watch, high-grade watch, intermediate table and low-grade form etc. Four categories. Concerned, luxurious table with acquisition price in 10,000 $, high-grade table in 2000 ~ 10,000 $, intermediate table in between 500 to 2,000 $ between, cheap table in 500 $ the following. Select the specific types, watch strengths, don’t be first ambition. Furthermore, it also care of personal career, appear of occasions, partners and also chooses other clothing and so on a series of related factors.

mens watches

mens watches

Watch with the modelling of worth, class often concerned. On formal occasions by wearing watch in modelling respect, ought to be grave, conservative, avoid strange and trendy. Man, especially a glimpse, more attention. Older Modelling novel, fancy watches, applies only to girls and children. Generally speaking, are round, oval, square, rectangle and diamond watches, because its modelling grave, conservative, applicable range, especially suitable for wearing a formal occasion.

3, color
Choose on formal occasions by wearing watch, its colour should not be multifarious messy, general appropriate choice monochromatic watches, double-color watches, should not choose three color or three colors above watch. Whether monochromatic watch or bi-color watches, its colour are clear, noble, elegant. Aureate table, silver table, black tables, namely dial, atlas, strap are golden, silver, black watch, is the most ideal choice. Aureate atlas, strap, ivory dial watch, also can withstand the test of time, at any age wearing all not fall behind.

In addition to digital, trademark, the factory, the brand outside, the wristwatch not necessary to appear there is no other function of design. Choose to use on formal occasions watch, especially need to remember this point. If the wristwatch design outlandish, varied, not conducive to the use, more likely to recruit people joke.

Timing, is the most main functions. Watch Therefore, formal occasions, whether pointer used watch labor, jumps type or chime type, shall have this functionality, and shall be accurate, can accurate when, points to the second is better. Watch, then the only accurate apparently not accord with the requirement. Some additional functions, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, blood pressure, pace, etc., are dispensable, but also with inaction. In short, the watch function wants fewer but better, and will have practical value.

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