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Kennedy and cigar

September 6th, 2011 No comments

Kennedy had refused to Cuba, but never refuse to cigar. Cuba’s those heroes, can always kept a firm hold their hand, let the scepter of people know, most of the time, the dollar will also take cigar is helpless. And on the field of the people, the more fame and wealth like the cigar and wealth, power together tightly.

You have already become a “manual cigar lovers”, but you don’t want to spend time at the dinner table, so not bring your cigar went out through a breath. However, 10 million can’t “through” too long, because the wind had is the enemy: it will cigar tobacco combustion, accelerate feels like it enjoyed alone in this expensive happy. Obviously, we all like to make it look like a big shot, even if the case, don’t give up the right of fun.
Cigar is another kind of sense of feeling

Like the cigars were not put it as his treasure, but widely available little thing, like thirsty to drink water as easy as simple. A little swipe at home and placed in a cigar ark to reveal their collections, let them not to wait in the shop of cigar room, and a period of the unknown, a encounter will let fans more cherish it fragrance of taste.

Of course, for tobacco street-cred, is not so simple.

Most people take out of the first a cigar is to Coh iba, it actually is the good choice novice. Flame lit a piece of orange after tobacco, like Cuba, as well as sunlight seems not just to make clear your mind. The aroma is very strong, but can be slow to slip into the flue gas mouth, it is not difficult to imagine the oil-rich nation where people of cigar, why dotes on soft cotton shirts they sense of touch is so similar. True to fit, you may start after trying to Montecristo, No. 2, and PartagasD4 with mud and coffee smell of the tomato fragrance can immediately make you mind calm come down, as if place oneself in the damp alone the amazon jungle. Habit of smoking a cigar, usually after the meal as the most precious time, perhaps table without fresh oysters or the three points of your Australia small steak, some just fleeciness dry bread and sweet mango butyl, but with a meal to a light type of cigar, assurance you can rip it the most pure flavor. Of course you can want to take out of time, a pure smoke Cuban cigar can give you??????? As Kennedy, he refused to have as Cuba, but never refuse to cigar.

A cigar, perhaps can raise many of your thoughts and feelings, is perhaps the breath of autumn day after the rain forest, is perhaps the Caribbean beaches are perhaps. Although it is always a relaxed appearance, was modeled after the Cuban use palm leaves the two sailors cigarette may never thought of, drifted across the sea over the cigar, and experienced people strange think of clever want, it has already far beyond the creator to give it the value. Fame and fortune on the field of the people more like to put it and wealth, power together tightly. A whiff of, you will understand why we would be so love it. So, Cuba’s those heroes, can always kept a firm hold their hand, let the scepter of people know, most of the time, the dollar will also take cigar is helpless.


I recommend the

August 11th, 2011 No comments

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