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write for men skin care

May 27th, 2011 1 comment

Men and women born of the different structure, skin glands of the sebaceous glands and men than women, skin acidity than women, secrete leather fat and high on their faces and bodies sweat is much, the hair also thick and thick. Besides, men more often than women in terms of hard environment in a variety of hard physical labor, the rugged, especially, the skin more susceptible to pollution, black, become rough. Therefore, men of skin should be more scientific and reasonable care and maintenance.

Man four points winter skin care

Adhere to massage

Massage can make the skin surface aging cells to fall off in time, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin breath, using the sebaceous glands and sweat secretion increased skin nutrition, improve skin cells vigor, which makes skin gloss and elastic.

The method is: first massage face with some massage cream, then fingers down facial skin texture from the bottom on guoquan type massage, everyday early and late when washing a face, massage for every 10 minutes. After massage, rinse the dry, besmear convergence water can.

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