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more about men shave

July 15th, 2011 No comments

Some people like on the old razor, but more men willing to use embed have a knife safety shaving knife, sharp blade will blow very clean skin, smooth, won’t keep the beard chi handle. In recent years, the electric razor grew in popularity up.

Shaving can enhance the electricity tremors involves the vitality of the area around and cheek, a tremor massage, clear the meridians blood role. But after a few people use a mouth, skin itch week for a while, out of a little better, to disappear. This may contact with electric razor contain nickel relevant. Nickel is the most common allergens, in broken skin ( how to care man skin ), bacterial infections, too much friction could increase the absorption of nickel. At this time, should stop using electric razor.

mens shave

mens shave

Note the, someone like by hand or tweezers beard, this is out of a bad habit, bacteria, cause wool bursa invasion to inflammation, the furuncle and other skin diseases.


Face the growth of beard direction different, first to understand your beard texture and down under, it can scrape grain shaving beards of 80%, then reverse direction; Finally, check the reach of the wind, the following palate, laryngeal tuberculosis, etc. Note the sensitive skin, the people better use the more, so that can reduce razor blade clean-shaven time is reduced, allergy can. To shave steps usually from both sides of the cheek on start, and then is the upper lip beard, then is the face of the edges, the principle of general parts from the sparse beard the parts of the most dense parts, began in the end. Because the shaving cream stay long, some HuGen can further softening.

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mens shave

May 6th, 2011 No comments

Shaving such as dinner, is a man has to do something every day. HeLianNa lady once said: no ugly women, only lazy ones. This man is the same, used farewell lazy, together understand about shaving 10 a big occasion!

Choose in the early morning shave

Morning is the best time to shave, sleep because of the metabolism, sebaceous glands to secrete exuberant, make hair grows quickly. After a night “crazy” long, morning it is best “cut” opportunity. And the skin is more relaxed, shaving can also reduce scrape probability.

Taboo from different directions to shave

The beard is long, once every scrape out. However, you also need not from all directions to the beard, and it launched storm, the beard is only shaved too short, and finally form a pour beard.

Don’t bathe in the former shaving

Just after shaving skin has a lot of invisible minimally invasive, more sensitive, then immediately bath, bath, shampoo and hot water stimulation, easy cause shaving parts of discomfort, even aglow.

Don’t shave before exercising

When motion is accelerated circularly, the blood of the body, a large amount of sweat will stimulate you just wind skin, causing discomfort and even infection.

26 degrees shaving law

Shaving should tighten skin, to reduce the razor running on the skin of resistance. Then right amount daub shaving cream, first from driving the, two buccal and neck to blow, and the second is the lower jaw, ideal Angle is 26 degrees or so and, if possible, to reduce back to scrape.

Don’t shave hair removal grains

Although shave wool grain will shave more clean, but easily stimulate skin formation pour beard.

Don’t pull the endogenous long beard to

Don’t use tweezers pulled it should be careful to pull it out, a razor scrape, next reoccupy aftershave and after-shave milk moist skin.

Care is more important than shaving

“Beard” area than other parts of the skin are more likely to dry, everyday shave even gimmick skillful, action again carefully again, is inevitably produce stimulation, then after-shave nursing are particularly important. The correct shaving program is: basic shaving process, after shaving nursing (aftershave), basic skin care program (toner, facial moisturizing lotion, sunscreen).

Aftershave indicates a toner

Never will “aftershave” and “toner” concept confusion, although all water, but the effect is different. Aftershave is used in after shaving, the main nursing part is beard regional skin. And toner is used in after clean face, for the whole facial jie is after nursing care.

Use relaxed skin care products

Male sebaceous glands and developed, corneous layer CuHou, so look more masterses son. The men from chun xia began on the glossy face fell, then use relaxed lotion or moisturizing gel, can regulate calm after shaving skin with water, oil, improve the oil inhibitory phenomenon.

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