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2011 Europe and America man popular hairstyle

January 5th, 2012 No comments

2011 Europe and America man popular hairstyle is recommended, and South Korea of cruel cruel boy hairstyle sunshine or feminine different, European and American male hairstyles in the little boy in May and don’t have much popularity, but they are more suitable for mature and responsible man, make elegant gentleman image.

1. The hair finalize the design product be make a chicken male head feeling, little messy more show individual character, this type of hair style is especially suitable for dynamic young gentlemen fashion.

%Men clothes 2011 Europe and America man popular hairstyle

men hair 1

2. Low-key hair color, not clear short hair line, broken the inclined bang cut hair and hairstyle outline, contracted and have a type of men hair style.

%Men clothes 2011 Europe and America man popular hairstyle

men hair 2

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%Men clothes 2011 Europe and America man popular hairstyle

Man hair five improper

June 4th, 2011 1 comment

Summer arrived, sweating, the oil and alopecia problems plagued many male friends. So, your hair method actually effective? Come and see here, never was careless accidentally wounded your hair.

%Men clothes Man hair five improper

how to clean hair

1: everyday shampoo can damage hair.

Actually, clean sanitation scalp environment can be born healthy hair. Every day shampoo can ensure that the scalp hair follicle were not sebum jams. But we use daily use shampoo can only do clean scalp surface, especially long-term don’t change shampoo scalp the roots accumulation bilge, hinder the normal growth, even hair cause hair loss. Therefore suggest that if conditions allow, can consider to go regularly parlor do scalp nurses, guarantee the deep-seated cleanness, from inside to outside make a fresh man.

2: long-term not shampoo can prevent trichomadesis.

Many patients with hereditary trichomadesis even bald male friend, in order to protect the head this piece of sparse grass, often can choose relatively long time don’t shampoo. They think that frequent shampoo can aggravate the hair loss. In fact, the correct procedure contrary! The men have trichomadesis phenomenon must adhere to everyday early, late each were completely shampoo time, timely remove sweat be soiled, grease, such ability maintain hair follicles and relaxed. Insist for a long time will delay the hair loss.

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%Men clothes Man hair five improper