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Spring summer flower shirts

March 16th, 2012 No comments

Throughout 2012 Spring summer men’s clothing release trend, “color” and “printing” of the two elements of this season is no doubt be popular leading.
Interpretation of the shirt printing style extremely use up and not some nifty elegant, very suitable for young man wearing.

Many people think “printing” design is too loud, hard to master. Indeed, the more exaggerated design, the wearer of their own shape and style of the greater the requirements. Therefore, specially chosen 3 kinds to low-key not make public printing design shirt let you be in after trend at the same time, can according to the characteristics of relaxed collocation.

%Men clothes Spring summer flower shirts


Dark blue dress up with white broken flower is very “show thin” and brunet is suitable for formal office occasions. khaki pants and the blue of the whole match colors of tie-in guarantee no risk at all.

%Men clothes Spring summer flower shirts

Richard James

This type of white gradient blue dot shirt, looks very lively, more suitable for young men wearing some. Take the shirt is one of important laws of the collocation with the matching trousers to try to design is simple, a set of wear take a only one a focus are sufficient, avoid by all means is lily oh!

%Men clothes Spring summer flower shirts

Paul Smith

Bunches of printing design makes this shirt can completely replace the suit jacket of pure color shirts, and more young energetic.


%Men clothes Spring summer flower shirts

milan fashion week

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Earlier this year the milan fashion week, with color out of the 70 s show atmosphere of Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, all the lively tonal in recent big comeback, instead of 2011 autumn winters Evening Wear is more signs quarter the gentleman style appears.

Worth mentioning is that, with European heavyweight model including Guy Robison, Adam Senn, Sam Webb, Sacha M ‘Baye, Sebastian Lund, Antonio Navas, Philip Huang and Nikola Jovanovic, etc. And please to a prestigious photographer Mariano Vivanco to fencing, long coat, such as dust coat suit is dressed up, highlights the strong competitiveness in the formal occasions, velvet the missing element for a long time this year qiu dong is expected to hit the patron saint again also roll ring, and survivors squad, send out the strokes imposing manner, climaxing in the second half of the upcoming degree.

%Men clothes milan fashion week

milan fashion show

%Men clothes milan fashion week

This week are not busy

June 28th, 2011 No comments

Focus on men fashion, focus on men clothes.

Recently discovered a things in Google, enter site:, found that the website homepage is not in the first place. Mean the, what reason is this?

Have a lot of friends and I say this means that site has been punished!!!!!

But I’m still believe that Google’s, after all, every day it bring me a lot of a lot of visitors.

The recent week is dull, in addition to PRADA 2012 milan spring show, other place no more grand fashion show, so this, to me, is like a holiday similar!

Hope to work up next week.

%Men clothes This week are not busy

PRADA 2012 milan spring show

June 21st, 2011 1 comment

In 1913, in the centre of the Italian milan Prada founded the first boutiques,the founder Mario Prada design of fashionable and excellent quality of handbags, luggage, cortex fittings and cosmetic box, etc. Series of products, from the royal family and society’s favor and popular. Today, this still very exciting and popular shops still in Italy with the social high reputation and fame, Prada the value of products has been regarded as a daily life in the special enjoyment.

Just yesterday in milan, PRADA held PRADA 2012 milan spring show. Mens clothing
The following pictures are reporters to track the first-hand data.
Let us enjoy today’s most fashionable mens clothing.

%Men clothes PRADA 2012 milan spring show

PRADA 2012 milan spring show

%Men clothes PRADA 2012 milan spring show

PRADA 2012 milan spring show 2

%Men clothes PRADA 2012 milan spring show

PRADA 2012 milan spring show 3

%Men clothes PRADA 2012 milan spring show