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The handsome boy away from strawberry nasal pay attention to details

April 26th, 2012 No comments

Men skin love give oil, easy to form horn produce black head bolt. Sometimes the little details is, to you caused unnecessary “loss”, actually simple a few action will easily be able to fight black head.

First recruit: basic cleanEvery morning and evening men must seriously clean skin, choose texture mild cleanser, help decomposition of the extra skin oil and dirt, unclog pores.

The second recruit: the second regulateAfter cleaning the composition such as using contains salicylic acid bright skin water or essence, thorough skin strong play effective toning effect, remove excess aged cutin, dissolve black head, and recover skin smooth and fine.

Three recruit: regular care Weekly regularly use the clean face film or nasal stick, help improve the skin quickly with black hair and Angle bolt problem.

The fourth recruit: daily and moist Daily for the second regulate skin or face film, should use contain pore refirming ingredients nourish the emulsion, help supply the water for skin, adjust the water oil balance of skin, contract pore, present zero pore water embellish health muscle.

men skin care

men skin care


Men’s skin problem

December 19th, 2011 No comments

Men’s skin problem is not less than women, if just use ordinary protect skin to taste, the lack of special care, such as mask nursing, want to achieve the ideal effect that protect skin, is far from enough.

Experts think, man can never take lady mask use casually, also can’t because of preference rip pull masks stirring feeling and only use such products. Because male, female the skin has quite big difference, and use the purpose of face film is not identical also, so men should be the exclusive oneself use mask products.

First of all, men use face film, best choice can remove the oil. Men don’t with the skin delicate, but in time to remove the grease of exuberant face, avoid pimples and inflammation of the skin wounds which is the most important. Now, many international famous brands are introduced a male special face film, its efficacy.

Secondly, in the use of face film, men don’t like women so careful, might as well according to their own skin condition to adjust: just started when use face film to concentrate on nursing, 1 to 2 times a week best, every time for 15 to 30 minutes. After a period of aftercare, men will feel skin condition improved, not an afternoon the oil situation, will become moist, can be changed to two weeks or even once a month.
Finally, the skin coarse is not equal to the resistance is strong. Some men’s skin looks rough, but in fact is a sensitive type, if choose not suitable for your skin face film, can cause skin irritation. Such men under the guidance of the best doctors in, select natural products, such as yogurt and honey, mask.




Man skin care

April 30th, 2011 2 comments


men skin care

men skin care

This article will tell you some ways to better protect man skin.

Recall that in a film footage of the most sexy, except those directly stimulating sensory hot bed scene, many hero bath lens also became people long ponder picture. Bath, also can be very sexy things, even if it does not be given more meaning. Now please follow our actor HuoTong bath process to try his sexy bathing experience it.

Want to let a bathing hot rise, this first step but ten million cannot careless, bath dew choice is very important. In sorching summer, bath product to had better choose clean force, but also contains appease calm skin composition bath product. In the summer of more sweat choose some clean force good product everyone understand, but don’t ignore the summer sunshine relish for skin damage. Some minerals, trace elements and plant essential oil components can be well replenish insolate next lost in nutrients. Now many bath products contain balmy composition, use over these products than the faint scent after perfume come more natural, more attractive.

Use of the absolute body emulsion is an unavoidable step. And because the body skin on the vision and touch in facial ministry skin often good, a lot of people, especially men just natural ignored to body plus this layer nursing. Actually the body skin many problems exist in several times instrumentation amplifier off showed his true colours: weather-shack, pore bulky, dead skin phenomenon, the body skin layer severe water shortages. These problems with the naked eye is it’s hard to watch out, whereas if you insist to use body emulsion, all these symptoms can be solved. A little older men also can use some tight skin effect body emulsion, so they could very well to prevent the body skin flabby and aging phenomenon. Don’t think that use body emulsion is very feminine behavior, skin bad men don’t recruit people like it.