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Men fashion and NBA

July 28th, 2011 No comments

The NBA stopped, people now turned their attention to the NFL.

Well, we have to discuss the NFL.
Today there are several headline news:
1,Kyle orton salary problem
2,Reggie bush transfer problems
3,Sidney rice ‘s up
4,Donovan McNabb ‘s make

So many of the news show? I just want to say, NFL also can’t compete with the NBA.

In the NBA is not only the great game, is more of his industry chain, the derivation of industry. One of the most important is the men fashion.Stars wear clothes are sponsors, whether on the pitch to provide or the pitch, but it has many relationship of interests?

If Bryant not to wear NIKE shoes, so he annual income may reduce a third. At the same time, the company will also reduce part of NIKE income.This is the male stars and the relationship between well-know fashion brand company.Although I hate sports mingled with the fashion brands, but fashion brand advertising money is sports support, must support.



Now the NBA stopped, NFL came to us, some men fashion brand would break into this market?
If I were President, I will drive up the NFL threshold, because in the United States, now the NFL is the most powerful.


Fashion men of NBA

July 22nd, 2011 No comments

NFL will be lockout more than four-month.This is a bed news!
Not only this,until now,NBA now lockouting…
In this summer I don’t know if I can enjoy the NBA,and NFL.What a pity.
Let memories some  Fashion men of NBA.

1:Shaquille O’Neal
I like his big ASS,and his smile.When the more than 300 pounds body jump,the ball must be goal.
All well and good,O’Neal are retired before NBA lockout.
He’s wear is ok,but until now,I did not saw he wear a jeans.

2:Yao Ming
Different with O’Neal,Yao is very very tall.more than once I think,which style centre forward are top,Tall? or Strong?
Same as O’neal,Yao retired yesterday.
Maybe Yao too tall,I think whatever which men clothing he wear,not very good.

Great player,don’t need more words,I think everyone know this great player.
Kobe’s interpretation the men fashion.especially when he wear pants….
In fact,there are so many great player in NBA,or NFL.
Those nice sports give us happy,we must be thanks for the players,and pay attention to them.