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Youthful & Fresh :The Minimalist Men Costume Matching in Summer

July 2nd, 2014 No comments

Youthful & Fresh :The Minimalist Men Costume Matching in Summer

We always said:”Young would show up,young is display of individuality and liberate of vitality energy.”Vitality is not show on the personality, but also show on the clothes.In summer,a slim fashion round neck short sleeve T-shirt match with a cool casual pants that both choose youthful and fresh colors,not only make you become the focus of the crowd,and but also give you naive youth temperament and uninhibited feeling.

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Men’s Grey Shirt

February 11th, 2012 No comments

Not too long ago, our very own Matt Allinson detailed how you could buy some new winter shirt collection with the addition of khaki and burgundy hues, together with monochrome tones of navy, black and grey.

The last one caused a bit of a stir, as grey is not typically a colour you would associate with a shirt; some thought it looks a bit “dirty”, whilst others compared it to something a priest might wear. This sort of reaction was expected, as grey can be somewhat bland and uninspiring in comparison with the plethora of patterns and colours you can buy available on the market.However, this season it seems a will be here we are at basics. Recently, men’s fashion saw a large influx of colour, except for 2012 the monochromes and neutrals are back with a bang (blue is the one other major colour trend for spring/summer) – with an increased emphasis on tone and texture that allows someone to wear multiple shades of the same colour, nevertheless look assembled and well dressed.

The Grey Shirt: FormalWhen you should be aware, the grey suit is a vital bit of menswear for virtually every stylish male. This coming year, the grey shirt becomes its perfect partner; available in shades, patterns and textures than in the past, it becomes increasingly versatile and capable of make a contrast when associated with your existing tailoring.In addition to that, grey also works wonderfully with blue – so that it might be teamed with all your staple navy blazers and existing tie collection.The Formal Grey Shirt LookbookRead the lookbook below for inspiration in respect of the way you could such as a grey shirt in your current formal/work looks in 2010.

Men's Grey Shirt

Men's Grey Shirt


More and More about men fashion

January 14th, 2012 No comments

Former England cricket whiz Freddie Flintoff will be the latest sports star to turn his focus to the concept of fashion. No, he’s got not stripped into his smalls a la Beckham, nor is he launching something through an Olympic twist. Instead she has developed a choice of clothes intended for the bigger gentleman. Flintoff, who’s himself broad and tall, has joined forces with Jacamo, a brandname that specialise in this kind of area.

Immediately the fruits with their labour continue on sale. It is a masculine range that has denim, hooded jackets and suits – one of the items which Flintoff personally finds essentially the most tough to buy. It isn’t really groundbreaking, edge-of-your-seat fashion by any stretch – but that is the idea. It’s built to use a broad appeal, tick the affordability box and slot easily into men’s wardrobes.

Simon Chilvers asked Flintoff about her own clothing proclivities, past fashion solecism, and current style inspiration.


Stussy x Creepy

October 27th, 2011 No comments

The street is always too much emphasis on the brand Stussy T-shirt design of artistic conception, the taste is dense also let part of its tide friends praised, of course, the fun Halloween terror but also managed Stussy creation infinite eyes, the latest Stussy x Creepy series special invited to terrorist comic magazines Creepy across the intention of the knife cooperation also again but obvious, every single product is made special treatment, the effect of denial under fluorescent light is strong, ghosts of the theme from a thriller movie-each is exciting, think otherwise crazy all not line, admire Stussy exaggeration deduce at the same time, they let a person can’t help associate is not only life must dress, or a release emotional the best platform.

Stussy x Creepy

Stussy x Creepy



Men shirt match

September 5th, 2011 No comments

The shirt is essential to the man, but the same clothes every day suit shirt although very insurance, but it is drab. See every year fashion week looking at don’t have a of men’s clothing show, but the exaggerated wear and take it away from real far too. So, why don’t we use the existing clothing do some collocation, make you look fashionable but not exaggeration.

Today’s men’s shirts, join many popular elements become colourful, is no longer the face before inflexible. Flax ZhouBu, such as fine linen let men’s shirts to become more soft and comfortable, white, cream-colored, paler mantle, blue, yellow… Build a city full of fashionable man world. The men wear take a change provides conditions.

So, how are we going to specific wear take a just and is? Social situations in the work of a man or men hope shapes elegant, grave, easygoing image, that should choose top quality, well-made neuter color, and the shirt soft, gorgeous, personalized shirt is should be left in leisure occasions appeared.

1, do not forget to wear leisure shirt tie-in khaki, thin canvas on the same leisure style of pants and recreational shoe, the choice of the color of the bold and don’t have to get bogged down in the black, gray and insurance is.

2, the skin black yellow people wear green and gray attune shirt will look more black more huang and will cause some dirty feeling; Skin white people wear bright beautiful shirt can foil very white skin, but this will often make men appear too feminine stereotypes, lack, which, of course, is the fashion tide neutral surge of this summer’s place.

3, fat people wear small party brought shirt can appear some liberal, cramped, should choose to take the big brought type shirt pointed more appropriate.

4, tall and dignified man wear a shirt don’t choose the collar buttons with adornment the shirt, though there are popular.

5, wear take shirt must avoid take a lot of gold and silver ornaments, people will think you are a small traders put stall in gorilla.

Of course, look so DuoTiao rules of inside and outside, up and down, you still don’t grasp the collocation of clothing, then remember a: white shirt no matter what are appropriate. Match

Basic collocation points:

1, black suit: wear is given priority to with white shirt, can match the light color of ash, blue, green, etc and shirt color coordination tie, add a brown bag.

2, gray suit: wear is given priority to with white shirt of light color, can match grey, green, yellow or brick color tie.

3, blue suit: wear pink, fraction, silver or bright blue shirt, can match a dark blue, grey, yellow tie.

4, brown suit: wear white, grey, silver or bright brown shirt, can match anhe, gray tie.

men shirt

men shirt