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autumn mens fashion clothing match

June 12th, 2011 No comments

autumn “less is more” simple dress the practical application of the theory of the law, autumn mix of the latest men’s fashion trends of Mens clothing.

Men’s shirts detail mix requirements

autumn mens clothing match

autumn mens clothing match

1. On design should choose to fit the shirt of cultivate one’s morality or cut out, and in color according to the personal temperament and schedule will have more choices. But colourful color and big case grain will let people show fat, bloomy spring season, in black also too too heavy.

2. shoes design shall be based on your day schedule to decide, general brown and coffee is you and I all appropriate. Another boat shoes and doug shoes also is right choice.

3. The morning sweater should pay more attention to detail design, these details are often as a whole on the main elements increase simple sense.

4. Evening suit in the upper part of the traditional should adhere to the requirements, and the lower half suit collocation are more free some, as long as the overall not appear too abrupt will do.

Autumn is the season of effect can reflect dress, although it’s summer, but very soon we will have fall.

Hope friends in this autumn can fully display the autumn men’s fashion clothing match.


2010 men’s fashion trend review

May 30th, 2011 1 comment

For those outside of  fashion industry’s gentlemen,  you wouldn’t know what a “brand traditional genes”. So, you need to know is that in 2010, the men’s fashion trend is: thin type suits, grid pattern, suiting, of canvas sneakers and man handbags, let’s go back to Asia’s most popular 2010 fashion trends of men’s clothing collocation what are now.

1. The grid pattern and decorative pattern: 1990s grid pattern again returned to the fashion, we see the grid shirts and pattern of the waistcoat match absolutely, highlights the man’s mature flavour and handsome, suiting although appear for a long time, but far from the so strong this year, the streets you almost can see men’s body will be dressed in at least one suiting suit or waistcoat.

2. Men with sex handbag: this single shoulder bag probably many people will think that not enough men masculinity,but in Europe not same it,in Paris this fashionable city you will see many men would like do choose LV bag similar to women .

3. Beauty drama “advertising maniac” innuendo of male leading role: due to the influence of American play caused an upsurge of men’s clothing boom in the 1960s, the film we saw a rich man, pian-pian’s give us demonstrates a 1960s most fashionable people, including designers, retailers, especially fine tie, thin type three-piece suit jacket and ultra-thin this year have become the best men fashionable tide sheet is tasted, if everyone Don Draper, like the every guy looks more gentleman.