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Autumn winter fashion elements

March 21st, 2013 No comments

Did not go the summer, autumn winter has grand opening of the show. In the milan fashion week ended shortly before and the New York fashion week, men’s clothing of extraordinary splendour. Light and crisp fabric, straight cut big popular, bright-coloured colour looked up again.
It just confirms fashion guru Giorgio Armani’s point of view: “the laws of men’s fashion at this period, the innovation didn’t make much sense. It is important to comply with the material and the effect of technology progress, make clothes, have contemporary feeling.”

And each big brand for modern also have different emphasis. That makes this season in many wonderful and fact wear sheet is tasted, let men to choose collocation. Whether a velvet suit, luxury warm shearling fur coats, jackets or handsome have a type of knight, it is quite in fashion choice. Exquisite taste if managers can capture the wonderful clips of his personality, can be found in different styles of clothing the real yourself.
Giorgio Armani: velvet show showily

Armani fashion in people’s minds is synonymous with elegance, it always gives people a relaxed, free of feeling, is the natural language of the advocate self style. Armani men’s biggest characteristic, is a special design to suit hang down feeling, make the man wearing it even if there is no perfect figure, still appear straight, fine, provides excellent modification effect on the shape.
Armani love soft and shiny velvet material, the colour and lustre like a bitter chocolate and dark blue velvet suit, continue to send out the classical charm. 2007/2008 season launch of the velvet suits, shirts, vests, and pants, shows the gentle leisure style, such as light brown velvet suit and a specially designed round collar, the lining in black trousers, ponder and never too far, coordination of blossom extraordinary splendour, shape without the label image, taste is absolutely Armani style.

Is known as the “king of the jacket” Giorgio Armani, the launch of the senior velour printing long jacket, leather for men’s sexy and elegant free and easy, broke out in a flash. The entire series of clipping emphasis on comfort, line is flush, let in the people in the business of natural and unrestrained reveal a showily temperament, more confident and so special.
Oracle CEO larry? Ellison is Armani suit fans, its unruly personality and advocate self style implied the Armani’s charm. Ellison was the famous American magazine voted one of the most decent people “” ten dress, believe that Armani clothes really won him the points.
Dunhill: custom tailoring to fresh air

“Wearing a good suit, he enjoyed a pleasant experience.” In order to make men suits more fit, Dunhill over the control of garments to customer. The 2007/2008 season new offers 220 kinds of colorful fabric produced in England and Italy, 16 kinds of clothing styles, full lining or half lining, bags or bags, according to the requirements of customers customized. Every set of clothing are required to pass through 165, and by skilled professional tailors. In line with the principle of the Dunhill: self-construal, custom service, help urban gentleman to express themselves. Under the guidance of the concept, Dunhill design team from classic Savile Row tailors street inspiration in the prototype, with a more slender garment body, waist line break, tall chest, succinct shoulder and armhole, present a disruptive new clipping fashion in the 21st century.
Dunhill stylist is good at in English into the noble style of modern elements. Such as design of modern business people like to cultivate one’s morality, Dunhill brand new design of the double-breasted Bespoke tailored to Fit a suit version and the body type single breasted version, then happen to coincide to use more capable concise way of cutting.

Roberta di Camerino: color for dress
With many design awards, and Armani and Mrs Camerino Valentino eponymous Italian national design masters, vinay its the painting by famous Italian Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronese inspired the three master of art, in red, green, blue three primary colors, for inspiration, for Roberta di Camerino men’s clothing three series, that fully culvert is the success of pay attention to life grade men a full range of clothing requirements. Tintoretto series: blue is low-key, elegant is the best interpretation of the commerce style, spell able administrative suits and all kinds of basic dress, refined design draws the outline of this series of the main line.
Veronese series: the green symbol of vitality fully embodies in leisure series, combining movement, business travel, holiday and other elements, through interesting brand totem, and the pragmatic style in artistic expression.
Tiziano series: gorgeous red brand personality, with special fabric and craftsmanship, is an important occasion to reveal individual grade design series.

Ermenegildo Zegna: intelligent lead movement trend
For those who are tired of the formal dress, intended to seek comfort, creative integration of new designs for men, ermenegildo Zegna Elements is a new experience.

Elements of intelligent clothing is unprecedented, can in any climate, through open closed membrane structure, make human body temperature automatic adjustment to adapt to the environment. It using a revolutionary new fabric, this fabric of inspiration, from the nature of the cones, as pine cones can open and close with different climate change, and this fabric lining attached to the film on the surface of the pores will be as the climate changes in the expansion or contraction, thus can adapt to various weather conditions. Elements not only unique style and functionality, which greatly improves the business people in inclement weather, outdoor clothing layers.
Elements series jacket, on the shoulder design, ergonomic clipping, pocket can open or lateral, deerskin Material of the gloves can ensure more complete windproof cuffs and zipper. Hidden within the jacket can be placed inside the bag has a larger space personal belongings every day, such as keys, mobile phone, glasses, and even a blackberry. A mixture of shearling jacket within the activity type detachable collar of wool, hides a nylon hood. On the choice of colors, mainly blue or black color in winter.

According to the article: Chinese gentleman’s suit
Famous fashion mogul Ms. Kan asked an expert: if the economic conditions of men only enough to buy a suit and a tie, then should buy what color? She got the answer is: the first set is navy blue, tie is red; If buy again, dark grey, dark grey is ok.
Insight into China’s business elite precisely this pursue low-key style, implicative inside collect, Chinese local brands according to the article of clothing this season more attention to detail. In do not change original intention in navy blue, blue, grey, green color at the same time, in accordance with the article of the designers in the suit in the warm color such as brown, yellow, red, overall feeling strewn at random have send, in which contains silk woolen fabric navy blue suit is the most compelling. The smooth lines, outline the natural stretch, feel smooth, fabric because of the existence of hidden patterns and show high gloss. Due to more through the mechanism of fabrics, leisure series of simple lines, partial natural colors to give the wearer build a kind of elegant and spell able sense.


More and More about men fashion

January 14th, 2012 No comments

Former England cricket whiz Freddie Flintoff will be the latest sports star to turn his focus to the concept of fashion. No, he’s got not stripped into his smalls a la Beckham, nor is he launching something through an Olympic twist. Instead she has developed a choice of clothes intended for the bigger gentleman. Flintoff, who’s himself broad and tall, has joined forces with Jacamo, a brandname that specialise in this kind of area.

Immediately the fruits with their labour continue on sale. It is a masculine range that has denim, hooded jackets and suits – one of the items which Flintoff personally finds essentially the most tough to buy. It isn’t really groundbreaking, edge-of-your-seat fashion by any stretch – but that is the idea. It’s built to use a broad appeal, tick the affordability box and slot easily into men’s wardrobes.

Simon Chilvers asked Flintoff about her own clothing proclivities, past fashion solecism, and current style inspiration.


3 way choose Men gloves

December 11th, 2011 No comments

The relatively warm and add clothing for dining and at the same time, don’t forget to keep warm hands also implement measures. A pair of gloves is your warm necessary sheet with goods! It not only let you avoid and cold air of contact, but also revealing the clothes of the unique personal taste. You pick the glove of action, reflect the man calmly elegant side. Want to be a gentleman? That you will need at least a good gloves.
Want to keep poise of in the meantime also can keep live warm feeling? It needs the gloves to help! Man is very easy to get too small or gloves, apply during make-up my whole hand gloves is the most appropriate, in the small make up today and teach three little hint, make you relaxed the choose and buy for their own gloves.

1. The comprehensive understanding of your hands
Each man at ordinary times less likely to be observant of your own hands, but the first step of gloves appropriate choose and buy is going to know it, including a long and the width of the palm wai. Understanding these Numbers and memorize them, so he can largely guaranteed not to buy the right size gloves.

2. Paying attention to gloves lined with quality of a material
The gloves inside and outside is as important as, after all lining material direct contact with skin, so comfortable and warm equally important, priority is cashmere quality of a material of lining.

3. Choose won’t make mistake joker color
Gloves as winter sheet is tasted, not necessarily and all clothes absolute matching, but choose a joker color gloves, it can enrich your chest, and offsetting your more modelling, what is there against it?

men gloves

men gloves


HongKong brand ADLIB

November 14th, 2011 No comments

HongKong brand ADLIB between this week published 2011 autumn winter wear take a new image LOOKBOOK PART

1, can see AD this year still continues the American campus wind, after enters autumn winter or an IVY AD will the IVY modelling style combined with American leisure and some tannins wind, it also strengthens the functional sex of the single product itself, but also with the British cycling brand STRiDA cooperation project, this season’s AD not only let you see past noble campus atmosphere, also give you the recreational function of the new LOOK.




2012 men’s clothing trends

August 1st, 2011 No comments

2012 men’s clothing trends

There will always be a few brands each quarter complicity to choose the same kind of element, the youth stylist and affect many people, after everyone and media coincide with spare no effort to cheer for its, so that the elements of the rapidly in fashionable circle spread.

Wear skirt outfit in Scotland man is like a long out of the same nature, even so, wear skirt outfit in contemporary man still is an amazing thing. But since skirt outfit pass on, he didn’t disappear. In the 2012 Paris spring and summer  men clothing of the week on beautiful field, all kinds of style of skirt outfit frequent flash, and different, this season launched man than traditional Scottish type skirt outfit more easily acceptable pleated skirts, this after deconstruction process after the skirt outfit, little “gentle and lovely” simple sense, through the emphasizing an unfinished in accord with a man of hale state appearance and broad Outlines.

men wear skirt

men wear skirt