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Men wear skills

December 15th, 2011 No comments

With an evening dress suit coat matching jeans and other single product, reveal that the date you value, and can emphasize your extraordinary interest

Tip: 1. With the relatively formal suit jacket, should choose to compare a design feeling shirt.
2. Remove the tie or tie more approachable.
Too grand evening dress is not suitable for any day occasions, such as bodyguards generally appears sure will frighten her turn pale.
Jojo Qian: shirt, dark jeans, leather shoes, straight foot; Simple and clean with some modern, such as article and weave belt, but don’t wear a pair of mess deserve to act the role of, don’t wear what take air cushion pair of boots. Whether basketball shoes in your heart status have much higher, the bottom line is BanXie Converse.
Dinner is not allow to ignore occasions, formal dress is must also is common sense. But a few little detail, such as towel and pocket the choice of tie, etc are very easy to highlight personal taste.
Tip: 1 dinner occasions, a black evening dress is indispensable, the selection of narrow type will bring more young, standard brought type more show is sedate.
2. A simple fashion can watch the whole modelling bring a higher level.
In the magnificent dinner occasions may not need body are James Bond, but too leisure street modelling can make a person to you “sit up and take notice.

LOOK NO. 3 drink coffee talk about feeling
Coffee is very easy leisure dating to choose from, but the candor of boys don’t think wear a sweater to drink coffee, which would follow a beauty who dressed casually in public sit together?
Tip: 1. Cardigan image is very soft, choose design of the detail of the cardigan can make you be in ordinary in see not the ordinary.
2. In the colour of simple cardigan next might as well try to choose a pattern of the shirt.


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3 way choose Men gloves

December 11th, 2011 No comments

The relatively warm and add clothing for dining and at the same time, don’t forget to keep warm hands also implement measures. A pair of gloves is your warm necessary sheet with goods! It not only let you avoid and cold air of contact, but also revealing the clothes of the unique personal taste. You pick the glove of action, reflect the man calmly elegant side. Want to be a gentleman? That you will need at least a good gloves.
Want to keep poise of in the meantime also can keep live warm feeling? It needs the gloves to help! Man is very easy to get too small or gloves, apply during make-up my whole hand gloves is the most appropriate, in the small make up today and teach three little hint, make you relaxed the choose and buy for their own gloves.

1. The comprehensive understanding of your hands
Each man at ordinary times less likely to be observant of your own hands, but the first step of gloves appropriate choose and buy is going to know it, including a long and the width of the palm wai. Understanding these Numbers and memorize them, so he can largely guaranteed not to buy the right size gloves.

2. Paying attention to gloves lined with quality of a material
The gloves inside and outside is as important as, after all lining material direct contact with skin, so comfortable and warm equally important, priority is cashmere quality of a material of lining.

3. Choose won’t make mistake joker color
Gloves as winter sheet is tasted, not necessarily and all clothes absolute matching, but choose a joker color gloves, it can enrich your chest, and offsetting your more modelling, what is there against it?

men gloves

men gloves


Winter cascade collocation show modern

October 26th, 2011 No comments

Viktor & Rolf Monsieur 2011 winter sweater, simple set of head style, but you can choose which kind of decorative pattern, YuShiPing weave, silver piece of four kinds of knitting patterns occur together, also don’t forget the spell of a case grain feather, looks like the super heat preservation, tonal it is unified black ash, but because of the different texture and smooth shadow irregular change appeared, the makings are remarkably.

Paul Smith’s 2011 winter’s shirt, this time not to play the stripe, but acclimatize hot wave point trend. You really think big dot good-looking, or small dot good. You are not in the white ash on the blue blue background between black spots indecision? Paul Smith think nothing good choice, are very good-looking, simply together the body, all kinds of word float or sink various wave point, also became a large collection of various good-looking.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith


Lil Boosie’s clothes collocation

July 19th, 2011 No comments

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Lil Boosie smuggling charges in Prison, wow, I have been quite concern this bad boy, because he’s really very fashionable, freedom,he is a fashion guy.

But Lil Boosie do bad things, we can’t learn.

We can learn his men wear collocation.

Lil Boosie's clothes collocation

Lil Boosie's clothes collocation





Like the pictures like baseball cap collocation, white jacket, or black cap collocation of light green jacket, are very good for the color of his skin.

Of course, don’t forget, he’s very exaggerated necklace.

We discuss Lil Boosie‘s clothes collocation, doesn’t mean I think he is a good man.


When you learn these two points, you will have new men’s clothes style

May 21st, 2011 1 comment

Overall, mens clothing colour collocation is divided into two categories – comparative color collocation and complementary color collocation.

First, comparative color collocation

1, strong color cooperates:

Refers to two far apart, such as matching color with purple, yellow, red and green color more intense this. In dress colour is tie-in, you must first measure which part is to highlight the clothing.

Jil Sander 2011

Jil Sander 2011

The graph is Jil Sander 2011 spring and summer series,How to wear in summer?

Refers to two far apart, such as matching color with purple, yellow, red and green color more intense this. In dress colour is tie-in, you must first measure which part is to highlight the clothing. Don’t put the calm colour, such as: dark brown, purple and black collocation, this will and black shows “rob color” consequences, make dress of a complete set of no importance, and dress the overall performance of also can appear very heavy, dark colorless.

2, complementary color cooperates:

Jil Sander 2011 Phillip Lim

Jil Sander 2011 Phillip Lim

Graph for spring 2011 Jil Sander 3.1 Phillip Lim series

Refers to two opposite color to cooperate, such as: the red and green, blue and orange, black and white, complementary color match can form bright contrast, sometimes get better result. Black and white collocation is eternal classics.

Second, approximate lubricious match

Refers to two close to the color match, such as: red and orange red or purple, yellow and green would match or orange wait suitably. Lower purity color more easily and other color coordination, this makes the interpersonal harmonious kind feeling increased. In addition, can use low purity color to match easily feature that will limited clothing collocation gives abundant combination.

Terronwood blanco 2011ss lookbook

Terronwood blanco 2011ss lookbook

The graph is Terronwood 2011ss lookbook blanco

Not everyone wear green can wear good-looking, green and yellow collocation, give a person a kind of very pure and fresh feeling, integral feeling relaxed, with some holiday feeling of breeze, so casual drifts.

Had said the collocation of clothes, want to become true high street, one step is also need to spend snowboarding progresses, those little idea of special “color” shoes, can also make the finishing point throughout the gear?

So say, then, is not only belongs to women light, today’s men also began to let oneself dress more attractive,and men also can show thigh. Maybe you don’t need a full body bump color or be bright, so, surrounded by local little detail change can really make you add cent oh.

Attention for men clothing, paying attention to the mens skin, all is in my blogs.