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Kmart guarantee support Bangladesh’s garment manufacturers

July 7th, 2013 No comments

Discount retailers kmart company vowed to support Bangladesh’s garment vendors, kmart company said, they offer a chance to get rid of poverty to people of Bangladesh, the sun herald reported on Tuesday.

Luo Shujia kmart company’s general manager, said in supplier internal assessment of Bangladesh found that they are in “high risk”, after the company cut off earlier this year with 20 contact of the factory.
, says Mr Luo Shujia kmart will continue to work with 30 garment manufacturing unit, the unit employs thousands of workers.

Luo said: “for us to abandon their makers have invested is a disaster, the unit employs thousands of workers, mostly women to support her family.”

In April this year, the planar square in Bangladesh factory collapsed, killing more than 1100 people, the dire conditions of many of Bangladesh’s garment industry workers be pushed to the front desk.

In recent years, most of the Australian retailers turn to Bangladesh, many stores like cheap goods, because of China’s rising labor costs.
Media reports last month accused retailers, including kmart, Rachel voss, coles and target despise their order clothing factory safety standards. Luo Shujia declined to comment.

Last month, kmart signed a fire and building safety protocol in Bangladesh, and require its suppliers must pay workers wages higher than the minimum wage standard.


The River 2012 autumn winter clothing

May 10th, 2012 No comments

So dense British style of believe that many readers will mistakenly think that this is The Europe and America brand, actually otherwise, The River is a pretty interesting Japanese brands.

This brand is not yet formally enter the international market, but in Japan with their own unique fan group. The style of The British wind keep The River with The perfect combination of Japanese delicate, plus cultured materials choice for us to bring 2012 qiu dong season in new products catalog.

This type of error in qiu dong is tonal whole gray as the main present form, very strong British style. Products other than more set, jacket, shirt primarily. Like friends can watch this series of listed.

The River 2012

The River 2012


Men’s first article

April 20th, 2011 No comments

I am very happy that I finally have my first own website.
5 minute quick WordPress installation, I did not realize that after half an hour of effort, the results still not bad.

I will try to update the blog every day, although tired, not as comfortable as microblogging.
But I still like the feeling of writing.

Introduce it to my site, the title should say a lot, I will write many articles of Mens Clothing, including shoes, ties, pants, and so on, of course, about men’s fashion.If encounter good men store, I will also introduced to everybody.
I have to go to rest, hoping to have a good day.

I’ll into spring, summer, autumn, winter, four columns to introduce four seasons men clothing, and dress collocation. Can bring you the most information, is my wish.