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10 point for men shave

June 3rd, 2011 2 comments

Man can not love, but not shaving, everyday shave such as dinner, is a man will do.

Beard every day in growth, you may one day to ignore, two days to ignore, but don’t you dare week ignore? Crazy throughout his chin, unless you go wild pie route, otherwise is to you at a respectful distance.

men shave 1

men shave 1

1, time to choose to the early morning shaving is first selection

People in sleep metabolism will accelerate, sebum secretion exuberant, after a night of retirement, hair “crazy” long, so the morning is the best shaving time. Moreover the time skin will more relaxed, shaving can reduce the scratches on the skin.

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men shave 5 knack

May 26th, 2011 1 comment

General men will choose in the morning shave, and it is with an electric razors in a hurry, but this has brought the shaving methods on the skin is not only the benefits, but also not easy shave clean. However the patron saint of the treat yourself shaving work is very serious, you have to learn it.

men shave

men shave

For shaving this matter, many buddy is every day is “in a hurry to and hurried to”, slovenly treat? Or with an electric razor edge scrolling shaving, edge thinking about just the mess of things? Many times, female people beauty & skin care, except pursue the perfect results besides, more important is that they enjoy the process, so men why not enjoy the daily shave with this wonderful process? Hey, don’t put shaving as routine, also don’t evade said there was no time! As long as you spend 10 minutes, you can also will shave into your life five-star enjoy!

In this day and age, from west to east are to blow a cold wind “, “videotape when these men a lot attention you look collocation, focused on their skin care, to oneself facial skin care, fast like a woman! But up the weak-weak to say, even if it is the delicate “pretty boy”, also is not capable of shaving way! But for ordinary men, that even more miserable, especially for business male gens, they thought they had the schedule of filled in every day, where there are other full time to so-called “enjoy” shave?

So below I just to tell you, how will you every day in the ten minutes before the lavatory became five-star enjoyment. As long as you remember the following five steps, you can do it! Read more…