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prada men golf shoes

November 4th, 2011 No comments

In the prada 2012 spring summer men’s milan show, stylist MiaoXiYa · prada (Miuccia prada) brought her latest film–to golf for inspiration prada (prada) 2012 spring summer men’s clothing are the prada (prada) 2012 spring summer men’s clothing show’s climax, stylist MiaoXiYa .

prada (Miuccia prada) will brock shoes (Brogue) with many match colors plan to reflect, pure and fresh and blue and yellow color matching, composed of brown color matching, and gorgeous orange tonal, these colorful multicolored high shoes with the fashionable element and practical for an organic whole, suitable for love golf fashionable men. At the same time, this season’s shoes and can not miss man diamond shoes, suitable for like bright the magnificent jewels men.

prada golf shoes

prada golf shoes


Balmain launched a character tide boots

September 19th, 2011 No comments

Balmain launched a character tide boots, work boots from fashion from the essence, the thickness of the sole design more increased tide lasting appeal, senior shammy making shoes body in colour niv formative earth look of echo, tall canister shoe LACES part of the design is very has the tough military boots, means that the zipper is convenient shoes in sex. At present the boots sold for $1943.

Today’s French fashion brand baal ord Balmain, who is set to star Michael Jackson the dress code, but time always one of the list to cycle, fashion also hard to avoid escape s baptism, in through a setting sun rays, thanks to Christophe Decarnin after the designer to join as creative director for the French fashion brand, injection of new design new blood, second definition brand route, like to get through them again Balmain as the chakras.

This did not last long, five years experience of the governor’s position, final in May this year announced departure, but 2011 years to become the “accept qiu dong quarter furnace” series. The man of the series, each season one of the few shoes single product would become the focus, and emphasizes the street, workers modelling is this season is the mainstream of the modelling of screening and shoes, boots, etc and naturally heavy shoes have hook, like this season 2 Boot drive Up one of the Race, choose the ancient the feels dye-in-the-wood of deerskin and cork make and become, in the more traditional tools against the Boot practices to bind the shape of the long for accessories to make an ornament shoes, with details feels dye-in-the-wood.

As Christophe Decarnin in baal’s last sheet is tasted, the absolute is special collection value, but going to personal try of fans, and also might as well reference when fashion workers as modelling.

Balmain launched a character tide boots

Balmain launched a character tide boots


New Fashion men mix

September 3rd, 2011 No comments

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British nightclubs Kirk: Norcross grade not common, overall modelling contains only two types of color, rust red pants outfit and tomato red canvas shoes formed a clever bump color contrast.

Dsquared2 double group Caten Dean And Dan Caten is fashionable go-between, upper body is unified white shirt, lower body is jeans and orange leisure trousers, bright-coloured colour very denounce happy event.

New York modelling division Goreski dotes on various popular trend Brad. In this model, shrimp powder, orange, citric yellow three color sweater collocation, multiple hit RongKu wick goose yellow color is to force.

Wine red is the colour of 2011 autumn winters are popular trend, U.S. Kellan Lutz after 85 male knows well greatly this way, used to ordinary style of jeans that can be very modern, tooling shoes to strengthen the straightforward feeling.

Justin Timberlake recently fascinated by Simon Spurr, in various occasions its apparel, in this is not exceptional also, deep suit sedate and do not break of camel’s hair suit young temperament.

This year in cannes film festival only wear Salvatore Ferragamo Gosling, recently with field marking of a Gucci living spokesperson, 2012 chun xia’s deep suited his suit of camel’s hair suit.

The colourful color is marked in the whole of 2011, one of the most important trends famous modelling division Brad Goreski practice it very clever, will orange shorts collocation British double platoon to buckle suit, comparative effect is very good.

Popular American drama “Gossip Girl” with Matthew Settle with the dress so meaning type style, gray case grain shirt is white collocation with LeFu olive green under the jeans, shoes, fashion and art.

The United States with Jason Lewis in older starts to go after mature man, give up low bosom line shirt, into cotton T-shirt match grey knitting cardigan conservative modelling, can provide reference for ordinary men.

When the then makes a vacation XuanChuanQi, Justin Timberlake of a mirror, frequently case grain shirt, ma3 jia3, newsboy cap, single product mix into an English charm of the modelling of restoring ancient ways.

Lawyer to the Scottish actor Gerard Butler cuts like a tough guy appearance of, and bring a high white shirt show different past is rigorous, the paint is also exposed the prodigal son leather shoes feelings.

New Fashion men mix

New Fashion men mix


At the end of the s to the early

September 2nd, 2011 No comments

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At the end of the s to the early s, the pursuit of individual character begins to be people highly, the men tried to use different fabrics to demonstrate their personal style. Inspired by the s, Bally2012 chun xia men’s clothing series the selection of frivolous fabrics is comfortable, hold concurrently fashion appearance: from simple random wind recreational shoe, soft island knitting unlined upper garment, the wind to easy to carry the bags accessories, each one works are perfect showed a languid is lazy and costly summer recreational amorous feelings.

In addition to new leisure shoes series, Bally outside has introduced a new “Scribe Legere” light shoes series. This series of shoes, the Goodyear shoes body design structure change in the 50 s design, make its have extremely light qualities, very suitable for summer dress. In addition to Bally this season sports shoes offer wider design, material and color choice. New recreational shoe styles, reveal the series to the simple costly feeling.

Bally type element to join the nifty, very soft leather bags and accessories and practical design feeling and the colour combination increased the men’s bags series visual impact. Punch leather and Bally landmark trainspotting with stripes the whole series presents unique contracted costly feeling.

Coat the outline of the outline of cultivate one’s morality, on collocation a hale article clipping cultivate one’s morality hang down suitable trousers, cool and have a type. The garment fabric chooses is wool mohair, design and soft loose also extremely delicate stereo feeling, suitable for all the year round, Bally man wearing a garment characteristic is its use of the acme of quality of a material soft cotton, leather, leather leather fabrics. Straight canister, asymmetric clipping fifty s style jacket, the islands and soft cotton unlined upper garment jacket all form a unique Bally type style. This series of tonal: yellow, red, blue, green, the overall feeling of the youth and be full of spark.


comprehensive care men leather shoes

July 9th, 2011 1 comment

men fashion is comprehensive, can not leave a pair of beautiful leather shoes.

Men leather shoes maintenance note the following points:

men leather shoes

men leather shoes

1, each pair of shoes in consecutive time shoulds not be too long, don’t wear shoes should be in fine dry place. skin avoid submerged in water, if dipped into the excessive moisture appear YanShuang, and impact of the extensibility of leather and strong resistance to wear sex, when the feeling of stiff, shoes yi deformation.

2, leather shoes, and others can’t pay in, or you will have obvious deformation, because the person namely differs in time, shoes and foot to converge.

3, leather shoes, collection should be used when moist leather, shoes face shoeshine cavity into finalize the design paper and desiccant put in ventilated place, trying to keep the air temperature in 18 ~ 20 ℃.

maintain little common sense men leather shoes

1, leather shoes, such as the discovery of the frost, usable cotton gauze or with a few warm water, wipe the white frost, put in the shoes, and then clean air ventilated place on a few shoeshine preservation.

2, leather shoes, the soft cloth or should use soft brush wipe gently with special shoeshine, cleaning and maintenance, lest shoeshine and leather face happen reaction, cause color or damage to the cortex.

3, USES vamp do not brush, brush, application shoeshine water special cleaner, along with the brush brush or use the special direction light rubber XieFen clean.

4, oil leather shoes surface is soaked in oil after the, maintenance can be used when dry cloth or special products for vamp clean.

5, banana skin decontamination method: take a few bananas skin, and use it to brush try leather shoes the grease, can make the leather face clean and pure and fresh, because the banana skin contains tannin content, can remove grease tannins.