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Gap Vintage 1969

October 29th, 2011 No comments

Gap Vintage 1969 limited edition in China for jeans, is after the first time history Gap jeans, for Chinese jeans fans with a special chapter in the place such as the trousers, leather worked in red “1969”, “with special design and the red box packing, the article the Gap Vintage 1969 after carved jeans, from design to production process are done in the us, that is authentic American production jeans.

Gap Vintage 1969

Gap Vintage 1969


More about jeans

August 24th, 2011 No comments

Good jeans its life is very long, and more and more beautiful, wear wash the old more taste, so the choice of fabric is very important. Fabric bad jeans, not only short life, and easy to deformation, fading, wearing also not comfortable. The real jeans is made of 100% cotton cloth, even suture is made of cotton.
And the most commonly used dye is a synthetic indigo, decorative rivets are the copper, each detail is rigorous and orderly in this issue, we introduce you to many style of jeans, and can meet the demand of you.

No gorgeous color, also have no alternative distinctive design, but it can in the fashion industry “young”, this is contracted classic cowboy shirt. In people fanaticism chase those gorgeous piece carry style, we might as well slow pace, look around these design common, maybe have been you pressure tank bottom, cowboy in shirt, we will bring you together, to renew the cowboy eternal classics shirt.

If you get tired of the boring in western dress and leather shoes, if you want to make look strong and handsome size pure, then I want to, you may need a contracted chic kids jeans jacket. It have a type, and handsome perfectly show you very masculine, on collocation a white T-shirt, can break drab, and increase the administrative levels feels. You can be in of the job, put on such a cowboy outfit, about on a few partners, far away from the noisy city, throw away all the working pressure, enjoy easy holiday.


The men’s fashion disaster

July 21st, 2011 No comments

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1. Complex jeans: the choice of the jeans is always less is more, the most obvious identification method is to see the back of the pocket. If two of the hip pocket adornment is extremely complex, the flowery that you can not hesitate to abandon the three style of jeans. Don’t think “elegant” embroidery and modelling peculiar pocket is a form of jeans window, but in fact these are real disaster, many to have lost the key elements of the stack together is even children’s clothing is too childish way, would you like to change them wear upper body?

2. Put the pupil: who is leading up recently and “beauty” trend of the pupil needless to say, but please remember, all men and women are different. To tell the truth and beauty of the pupil is not what senior adornment, it will let your eyes look vent and dull. Science fiction love using it do props. If you have a deep Wesley complex, like playing do not clear where come of an alien, the wear it I’m not against it.

3. Slogan stupid T-shirt: if your English is not so good, so buy slogan T-shirt before had better a little to be careful. If a man wearing a strange slogan written the T-shirt, suffer supercilious look absolutely is small, directly by others is more serious misunderstandings. Remember the star for a T-shirt printed with “I” m a Vamp “message was laughed at. Imagine if the man put on this dress, it may make a person antipathetic. In fact, the appearance of slogan T-shirt is to make people can be the most direct to express their ideas and so stupid content not only, also has nothing to do with men fashion counterproductive.

4. Stand Polo shirt collar: don’t know who is this to the leading of the agitation, why do people think that stand Polo shirt collar would be a “fashionable” practice? Polo shirt from the 19 th century appear so far, the birthplace of the British in it, no one will be so wear, but to our “pursuing new and change” native fashion, was a mysterious man after the invention of the collar stand out of the way. Not mistaken, it is in the domestic first appeared on a TV over the strange demonstration, then our fellow man began to have to follow suit. Have to say, this really celebrating the wearing not advisable.

5. Pick dye hair color: if you don’t know men hair problem asians in the hair color forever at a disadvantage, because literally dye other color can appear very natural. But a little hair Suggestions are applicable to all of the race, and that is 10 million don’t try to pick to dye, because this is probably in the late 90 s just popular of things. No reason for a pile of abrupt yellow, red and even white hair will let you look very funny. A fancy why men want to be like a rebellious young girl as to go to the hair color upside down? However, neat for men is the most important, and the fact is proof of, the most suitable for Asian skin color is black hair.

6. Indoor wear sunglasses: comedian David benchwarmer once said: “do you know who will be in the interior also wore dark glasses? Blind and a fool.” In indoor wear sunglasses as opening umbrellas indoors was as can understand. If you are not a star, if you are not light allergic, if you are not a fool, that 10 million don’t do such a foolish thing. The good news is, people in Asia sunglasses dependence is not high, such habits also let this kind of ridiculous error occurs chance to reduce a lot.

7. Wear leather pants: leather pants is not the most practical, is that where the summer wear can be hot and cold, winter wear. And the most fashionable leather pants don’t place lies in, let a person feel you always dusty hike, from the 1970 s. If you are not Lenny Kravitz, or from leather pants face it.

8. Mesh unlined upper garment: when you wear connect the mesh unlined upper garment, you are trying to tell people it’s so hot that put on clothes may be normal body spontaneous combustion? If your body all normal, then please with the fastest speed away in this fabric made of any clothes. Unfortunately, this summer the men’s individual brand design outlets T-shirt and vest. But for sure, it completely belongs to no practical items.

9. A white: unless you are to go to the beach or go on holiday, or I think was wearing a white out really is funny, such not only enough to wear won’t let a person feel you clean, but stupid impression multiply. If it is summer still can barely bear with me, but connect body to white also really is not necessary, wear white trousers and white shoes word is best of different colors computerize its control T-shirt, if must adhere to the “a white, that also the end” the best black belt or something to break the routine. If you put on a suit in winter are forced the white, is not only I have a problem too, believe that everyone can see you won’t agree with you this kind of “action snowman” modelling, as for the invisible, may have been the white body to sway you dizzy.

10. Suit + jeans (how to wear men jeans?) + basketball shoes: although is a stereotype, but don’t look down upon this, suit, basketball shoes and jeans all right, grouped together are completely wrong. His most important comfortable to wear, yeah, but think about it, wearing a suit to play basketball will really comfortable?


three style of jeans

June 22nd, 2011 4 comments

From jeans birth,it swept over the whole fashion agitation, no matter how fashionable change, jeans is always in fashion evergreen tree.

And of course the favor of male star by Europe and the United States. For the star, it is the optimal collocation jeans sheet is tasted, so now with star learn how to play jeans’s supplement

Wide edition jeans

Wide edition jeans

David Beckham absolutely can be a superstar. The influence not only football but also across to the fashion field,he favorite is simple jeans match. Jeans match pure white sports shoes, pictures T-shirt and a model jacket, it was very classic.

Hole jeans

Hole jeans

Channing Tatum had successful transformation from male model to become a Hollywood actor of the hottest action star. Look at him in the street in London’s hole, the modelling of the have a type that is jeans without “pants” can the enemy. Then the belt and careful attention to his jeans, especially the bottom part of pants and shoes collocation, very good.

Narrow leg jeans

Narrow leg jeans

Chris Pine with <<Star Trek>> become the focus of attention of the recent media. Shirt want what match? suit pants? Then you “OUT” of it. Narrow leg jeans, a test match of the stature, match Ordinary shirts are better than T-shirt.

If you wanna know more about how to wear men jeans?


How to wear men jeans

May 17th, 2011 1 comment

Thin men – optional straight cylinder jeans, upper body matchs loose shirt, then fasten belt, can appear elegant.

The waist and hips are larger men – appropriate chooses straight tube jeans and note upper-body adornment, can be worn with printing t-shirts or lengthy coat. If not, the lower abdomen is outstanding, hip upper loose, may choose the medium, in subdued colors worn with jeans, upper body of bright color coat, make visual focus, reduce abdominal moved to the bottom protruding feeling.

Hip flat men – optional hip have seams or have pockets pattern such as jeans, shirt in the trousers to increase the beam hips heft, and fasten belt to round the hips. These practices applies equally to the hips thin.

Waist of men — unfavorable choose decorate a pair of jeans. Shirts should be put in their pants don’t bundle into trousers, upper body can wear jeans within upload or vest, to hide thick waist.

The collocation of a man’s clothing wear pants of wang 8s 2

Leg fine men – optional pant leg slightly wider jeans, but should avoid, and unfavorable trouser rolled worn with hard shoes. Otherwise, will be more exposed thin legs defects.

Leg thick men – appropriate chooses line loose straight canister or made larger jeans, dark blue or black can and will fasten belt, upper body clothes should be appropriate exquisite some; But unfavorable wear pants mouth or trouser leg narrow two-lane jeans, so that a visually decrease as far as possible to the attention of the legs.

Short legs men – appropriate chooses straight cylinder long to ankle jeans, but don’t have pants up such as horizontal cylinder, otherwise, it will make the adornment of leg appear shorter.

The collocation of a man’s clothing wear pants trick

Hip hypertrophy of men – appropriate chooses dark, fit and smooth jeans, trousers before had better have pockets, can let hip seems not so large. Don’t buy hip pocket, have the kind of big passage jeans, and tight jeans narrow legs nor appropriate, because these patterns can make hip appears larger.

Hip little men – can wear any form of jeans, but if you want to make hip appears have type, had better choose and buy a big bag behind the jeans, a horizontal line.

O-shape leg of men or is short of men — can choose the side adornment line straight cylinder pants, or from top to bottom, the legs gradually narrowed to conceal the leg jeans defects. add