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In mild forms, narcissism might help men succeed. More unhealthy forms make a difference to relationships and cause aggression. Around one percent on the population has narcissism severe enough to get classified as being a personality disorder.The end results that narcissists wear those around choices easily noticeable. Less clear, though, may be the damage that they can do in order to themselves. A new study of 106 undergraduate students in the U.S. demonstrates that unhealthy narcissism in men is strongly related to raised levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Women tops

This connection was 2.half a dozen times in excess of the thing that was observed in women with the exact same kind of personality.Cortisol—area of the fight-or-flight response—primes one’s body to respond to potential threats.

When threats are really the—for example within a fire or physical attack—cortisol is quite useful. Chronically elevated levels can increase the risk of countless conditions, for instance cardiovascular disease or depression.Researchers feel that gender may play a role inside different responses noticed in narcissistic women and men. “We presume what’s taking place is, there’s some sort of especially toxic relationship between both being male and creating a sense of masculinity or threat with a masculine identity,” co-author Sara Konrath of the University of Michigan told CNN.And so the next occasion you make payment for over one hour preening before the mirror before a single night out, remember you’re stressing out more than simply your pals who definitely are wondering what’s taking you so damn long.

%Men clothes Narcissism


%Men clothes Narcissism

2011 Europe and America man popular hairstyle

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2011 Europe and America man popular hairstyle is recommended, and South Korea of cruel cruel boy hairstyle sunshine or feminine different, European and American male hairstyles in the little boy in May and don’t have much popularity, but they are more suitable for mature and responsible man, make elegant gentleman image.

1. The hair finalize the design product be make a chicken male head feeling, little messy more show individual character, this type of hair style is especially suitable for dynamic young gentlemen fashion.

%Men clothes 2011 Europe and America man popular hairstyle

men hair 1

2. Low-key hair color, not clear short hair line, broken the inclined bang cut hair and hairstyle outline, contracted and have a type of men hair style.

%Men clothes 2011 Europe and America man popular hairstyle

men hair 2

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%Men clothes 2011 Europe and America man popular hairstyle

How to care men soft hair

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According to the survey, 10 Asian man, have a is soft hair. The proportion is not big, but know the hair soft to vogue spend damage but huge, so we decided to this 1/10 of the man operation this theme. Just to tell you, don’t need to soft hair distress, do not easily FuRuan, fine hair also have shows up strength!

Oil dirties vacuum cleaner

1. Fu green, relaxed and wash hair film accuse oil’s
Mud mask now turn up in men fire, it can be to be sucked annoying grease, the pore sundry clean. And this kind of hair film, is hair “mud mask,” special joined a kind of oil absorption of clay, give oily scalp a great of a thorough cleaning. After washing them root root hair like a fiddle, hair amount more appear many.
A comb can make hair amount more

2. N.b. Satin Hair? Combs
If you usually comb my hair cut hair and often drop hair, advise you to switch to the magical combs, it’s the comb tenoning and ordinary comb different, can avoid and delicate hair to pledge friction, every time combing their hair as long as a quarter of the efforts at ordinary times, reduce soft hair cut hair and hair loss, by a protective coating. Special technology also can release the bright hair ion, let a hair looks more healthy.
One fixed tender hair silk

3. Pan ting CLINICARE fine the damaged hair repair embellish hair essence of
If found more hair soft and weak, also comes with a withered and yellow, probably is hair core out the problem. This type of specifically for the repair hair core products, use is a WeiDiao surgery, like in pencil head carving out cernet palace so difficult that, it will further to the hair root, “foster” you weak hair, the strong will come soon.
For horse hair kill chickens, ability more dishes

4. Julie Kou sandalwood shampoo
If you are not only oil head, with itchy, scalp hardening, eighty percent is very common now your sensitive scalp. Because of the increasing pressure for life, sensitive scalp to flourish. This product contains plants composition, have antiseptic effect, help you control all kinds of fat and discomfort, let the scalp more relaxed, so the hair also will have even more type.

%Men clothes How to care men soft hair

soft hair

%Men clothes How to care men soft hair

More about men hair

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Comb making is in rolling shear, wash hair hind, is the male hairstyles last procedure. Comb general is made in small comb hair dryer with use, also called blowback comb. Through the hair drier comb, and make the hair after shampoo dry and wet according to request molding, keep hairdo hairdo for long. Comb making is combing technology and modelling with the combination of art skill, has the strong technical, hairdo can forming, can meet the design requirements, will last hair, comb all depends on the process. Some long hair, long hair style, need to use brush instead of comb productions. Use all sorts of conditioner, make the hair drier time reduced, this also is combed the new development of production.

Hair combed the man making method is simpler, is to use a hair dryer with small comb (or brush), one hand and small hair drier, comb with one hand, hot comb hair dryer small with various action, make a hair according to requirements and shape modelling hairdo. Comb of comb the method: comb hair dryer in small with this model. In making use of comb out basic methods have pressure, don’t, pick, pull, pushing DuoZhong etc.


With the comb is with the palm or hair with hair drier, pinned to soothe the basic methods of hair. Comb hair comb to insert after back pressure, small hair drier to live the hair with hair pinned back and forth to blow, blow with moving heat and pressure, make the comb the hair partially used in flat on both sides of the jobs and hairdo contour edge. With the palm (or encase towel) pressure live in hair hair tip and appropriate hair tip, small to leave blowback hands and hair space, two-thirds of the hot air will blow points in the palm, palm will immediately on the heat to the hair, pressure pressure slightly curved, makes the palm creates hair tip slightly arc. General pertaining to outline parts, the contour fruity and full hair.

%Men clothes More about men hair

more about men hair

%Men clothes More about men hair

Autumn is coming take care yourself

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Autumn is coming.

The men of choose and buy clothes to pay attention, recently many friends say with me, buy clothes look good, but wash after a single is out of shape.
Buy clothes or need to carefully distinguish.

About man skin, the fall weather very dry, appropriate chooses to protect wet protect skin to taste, is good for the skin.

About men hair care, also, the weather is dry, choose moist series of shampoo, if need to use to protect hairs vegetable, everything will become perfect.

%Men clothes Autumn is coming take care yourself

Autumn is coming

%Men clothes Autumn is coming take care yourself