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How to wash down coat

March 7th, 2012 No comments

Experience 1: be sure to wash.

Down in the inside, all have a sewing with maintenance and cleaning the small labels that, people will be careful, found that 90% of marked down to wash, avoid by all means is dry cleaning, because the dry cleaning the potions can affect with warmth retention property, also can make cloth aging. And machine wash and dry rejection, stir screwed the down jacket, vulnerable to filler bao hou differentials, make clothes ZouXing, affect beautiful and warmth retention property.

Experience 2:30 degrees Celsius temperature of the water rinse.

First in cold water down for 20 minutes, let down full moisture inside and outside. Will dissolve detergent 30 degrees in warm water, then soak a quarter down into it, and then using a soft bristle brush lightly brushing. Rinse with warm water to, can dissolve in water to scour fully, can make a down jacket rinse more clean.

Experience 3: use the washing powder concentration too much.

If you must use washing powder cleaning down jacket, usually two water into a basin of 4 to 5 TBSP washing powder advisable, if concentration is too high, and it is hard to rinse clean down the residual washing powder, can affect the down volume, and greatly reduce warmth retention property.

Experience 4: had better use neutral detergent.

Neuter scour the down and feathers of cloth of the least damage, use alkaline detergents, if not rinse clean, the residue of detergent will cause damage to down jacket, and easy to leave white dress surface in trace, the influence is beautiful. Remove residues alkaline detergents, can be in rinse after twice, in the warm water to join two small spoon vinegar, for a little while longer to rinse the feather, vinegar can be counteracted alkaline detergents.

Experience 5: can’t twist dry.

After being washed down, cannot twist dry, should water extrusion, again tile or hung to dry, banned insolate, also do not pressing, in order to avoid scald clothing. After dry, can gently stroking down jacket restore fleeciness softness.
BianHouYu: the above methods experience you may as well try, all in all, as long as you elaborate maintenance, winter comes, you can take the lead in put on new down jacket, enjoy a comfortable and warm!

%Men clothes How to wash down coat

How to wash down coat

%Men clothes How to wash down coat

The Best Fashion of 2012

January 25th, 2012 No comments

Ok. I know that many with the females who strolled down the Red Carpet with the Golden Globes 2012 are actually endlessly judged on their glittering gowns, but probably not just as much attention may be aimed the most effective and worst dressed men. Since I couldn’t pick just one single “best” and something “worst” to the evening, I were narrow it right down to two in each category.

I thought that Ricky Gervias’s tuxedo was obviously a little abrasive, just like his hosting monologue. Even though it applies that brown and black could be sheik together, not really much however. Colour vacillated from a dull brown plus a rather burgundy beneath the stage lights with his fantastic unbuttoned black shirt just blended in to the dark lapels of his tux. His was not an appearance certainly not becoming of someone that has not been afraid to look from a limb.

Go over the totally opposite end from the spectrum was the arrival of Leonardo DiCaprio. With his slicked back hair, neatly trimmed goatee, and classically elegant black tuxedo he exemplified Webster’s meaning of “flawless” and was definitely a GQ look, easily have ever seen one.
Another guy who I was thinking really missed the mark when it found selecting that “just right” outfit for that Golden Globes was Joseph Gordon. Along with his trim figure, the form-fitting tuxedo and multi-colored bow-tie made a handsome guy appear to be a bad date from “The Dating Game” or like he was an escapee from “Pee Wee’s Fun House”. Sorry to the harshness guy, but whoever helped you decide out that outfit hasn’t been a very pal. And FYI, Nordstrom actually posesses solid number of classy bow ties. Make sure to check for last second deals before appearing the very next time, Joe.

The person who absolutely stole the show, in terms of unique fashion style, should be Johnny Depp. His “under traditional” half shawl lapel and half standard cut lapel tuxedo jacket was perfectly accented by his open collar white shirt. Johnny’s vest was obviously a trendy pop of green, in a very sea of dark tuxes and suits. Also, he completed his unique style with a long necklace, rings and old fashioned-looking pocket watch, whose chain hung elegantly below his jacket. Looking that is only befitting of what we should expect from Johnny Depp.

%Men clothes The Best Fashion of 2012

Best fashion of 2012

%Men clothes The Best Fashion of 2012

Deal with party dress

December 18th, 2011 No comments

children wish New Year, now adults more hope! At the end of can easily so a little, at least, is psychological. Christmas has no day off, also want to go out to hi skin once, New Year’s day is short, can also calculate a vacation, and perhaps not Sue over of annual leave this year, wanted the NianGen in before it away! Various parties and dinner suddenly more up, again not making the money the company will have a meeting right, this holiday psychological and slow don’t come over. How will the most important year-end bonus palm in hand, after the fifteenth day again by the end of next bonus wondering how much can rise. And the dinner party, activities, suddenly increased, how many will require the invitation a dress, don’t bother, more don’t be afraid of, this is a game rules, how to play or watch yourself.

I have seen the most unusual dress code is years ago a brand of a dinner invitation card, impressively to brand their LOGO hit the dress code behind. Don’t wear your clothes can’t go to, you when it is CheYouHui ah! Now the spectrum of things without no, pattern is more. Don’t know from which it began to, friends birthday dare to dress for the requirements, pink, uniforms, black wire, this all who want to come out, you are the mean don’t want a present, let me a big masterses son feeling why Campbell. In the current situation, is not too far wedding outfit requirements, it seems the threshold of the member’s money is really low! If you get an invitation, top write “dress code: is installed”, that’s the most simple requirements. Basically, is body suit to be able to be achieved requirements. Attention, is suit, not a, such requirements are not with jeans, also can’t match T-shirt, sweater and so on. You have to perfect chest muscle also can’t wear a deep v-neck T-shirt went, the shirt button, also match on tie. You can’t wear sports shoes, unless you are a rap star, or basketball player. “Being installed” is a rule, not to make a mistake easily, also not easy to give prize. You want to put in are to the fore, only can spend large amounts of money on more have a type of business suit. Believe me, version to the stand or fall of fabrics and decided to installing quality, also determines your grade. If you were not sure of this, that can use the money to grasp. Such request give prize is not easy, there are a few quick way: first, to add a pocket that use cheap; Second, choose carefully suit color, if is dark purple can definitely eye-catching; Third, the color of a shirt and luster to be able to attract the attention of others; Fourth, the quality of the leather shoes is a man the most should pay attention to, the more important socks; Fifth, long a handsome handsome face it. Now most of the dress code is “dresses up at”, this difficult, because there is no standard is dressed up. As if treat eat “dinner”, French snail is dinner and 100 clusters of meat muscle is dinner, the key is to participate in activities with the man who is, in which to find common ground, and then find the window of self. If the activity that is Oscar, “loading” will become the dress, with a silk dress suit collar black, white, chest with plait jian shirt, tie, patent leather shoes. Watch the Academy Awards for so many years, also didn’t see several male stars wear a flower to ah. Relatively relaxed environment of “loading” is not that simple, if is fashionable tide people ZaDuiEr place, that would not be here a two sentences of can make clear, the spell is “internal”.

Anyhow should note is nothing more than so when: first, do I have to to suit way to express “loading”, to some occasions it can not wear suit; Second, the colour of clothing and material are abnormal important, don’t always choose the safety of the black; Third, more party cases, accessories are often more easily than clothes to power; Fourth, if you wear a black suit and tie may make you look inflexible, the tie easy like waiter, want to choose carefully; Fifth, costumes not complete, tie-in skill most important; Sixth, want to consider you of female the companion dress; Seventh, really don’t know what to wear, see magazine., hand didn’t magazines, listen to you of female the companion? Finally, the strange dress code, if you see “pink” such requirements, don’t go to the clothes to, shirt also not line. Then play a pink tie?

You think this is how strange. Every heart to bear the gorgeous colour, pocket towel to think, this is not the most easy to affect your whole body is tie-in, can add window for you. “Uniform temptation” is a problem, but as long as with clothes are to have “uniform” characteristic, as to “lure” well, all by temperament. “Black silk” such idea must be hard men use of the woman, I can think of filar socks and the relationship is the only man robbed a bank can be set in his head. Take a black silk scarves right, at least to get past. Dress code can be a kind of etiquette, also may be a drinking rules, have to make sure that occasion and the environment. Meet the etiquette is very important, as the rules also can make your more time. All meet can’t accept the dress code, as far as possible inside details to think, can always find solved successfully do not break again “decent” way. Wish all have the naked body all have a good time.

%Men clothes Deal with party dress

men clothing

%Men clothes Deal with party dress

grid clothing

December 3rd, 2011 No comments

The European and American advocated classic, also be good at using classical reflect tide, a lot of people can be found in the closet grid factors, grid is a fashion rubik’s cube, transform unfathomable, but always let people praise, as bright red grid, the representative of the sun as many Europe and the people like tide, generous grid of fresh red income bursa, the extension of incisively and vividly the beauty, in addition to the grid is a red fussy kid, for all kinds of people c. As long as you’re not dense phobic people quickly with red grid to a romantic moments!

%Men clothes grid clothing


%Men clothes grid clothing

HongKong brand ADLIB

November 14th, 2011 No comments

HongKong brand ADLIB between this week published 2011 autumn winter wear take a new image LOOKBOOK PART

1, can see AD this year still continues the American campus wind, after enters autumn winter or an IVY AD will the IVY modelling style combined with American leisure and some tannins wind, it also strengthens the functional sex of the single product itself, but also with the British cycling brand STRiDA cooperation project, this season’s AD not only let you see past noble campus atmosphere, also give you the recreational function of the new LOOK.

%Men clothes HongKong brand ADLIB


%Men clothes HongKong brand ADLIB