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Men’s skin problem

December 19th, 2011 No comments

Men’s skin problem is not less than women, if just use ordinary protect skin to taste, the lack of special care, such as mask nursing, want to achieve the ideal effect that protect skin, is far from enough.

Experts think, man can never take lady mask use casually, also can’t because of preference rip pull masks stirring feeling and only use such products. Because male, female the skin has quite big difference, and use the purpose of face film is not identical also, so men should be the exclusive oneself use mask products.

First of all, men use face film, best choice can remove the oil. Men don’t with the skin delicate, but in time to remove the grease of exuberant face, avoid pimples and inflammation of the skin wounds which is the most important. Now, many international famous brands are introduced a male special face film, its efficacy.

Secondly, in the use of face film, men don’t like women so careful, might as well according to their own skin condition to adjust: just started when use face film to concentrate on nursing, 1 to 2 times a week best, every time for 15 to 30 minutes. After a period of aftercare, men will feel skin condition improved, not an afternoon the oil situation, will become moist, can be changed to two weeks or even once a month.
Finally, the skin coarse is not equal to the resistance is strong. Some men’s skin looks rough, but in fact is a sensitive type, if choose not suitable for your skin face film, can cause skin irritation. Such men under the guidance of the best doctors in, select natural products, such as yogurt and honey, mask.




Autumn is coming take care yourself

September 14th, 2011 No comments

Autumn is coming.

The men of choose and buy clothes to pay attention, recently many friends say with me, buy clothes look good, but wash after a single is out of shape.
Buy clothes or need to carefully distinguish.

About man skin, the fall weather very dry, appropriate chooses to protect wet protect skin to taste, is good for the skin.

About men hair care, also, the weather is dry, choose moist series of shampoo, if need to use to protect hairs vegetable, everything will become perfect.

Autumn is coming

Autumn is coming


Do not do smelly man

September 13th, 2011 No comments

The woman is the most can’t stand man dirty, and men because grease to secrete exuberant and sweat, and with more careless behavior, can be in a very short time become worthy of the name “smelly man”. Although not denying that women will feel extremely individual smelly man very sexy, most women still hope to see clean man stood in their side, so, please ask the lens is pulled every day, I face relaxed enough? My hair clean? My body have different flavor son? And my nails tidy? …… To clean, these habits you must form.

A, please remember to wash your hands often, because black nails will let you look very seam sloppy and lack of education.

B, every morning and evening two official, wash your face, and use some accord with his skin property, protect skin to taste after lunch can water to wash the face a little, because the glossy face to look very uncomfortable.

C, please hair every day. 10 million don’t think that trouble, it will greatly add cent for you. Men often the oil to the more serious hair hair every day, not only, and can prevent trichomadesis health, and let the image more relaxed. Especially those who will use hair modelling product men, 10 million don’t take hair gel to go to bed, you don’t want to see his girlfriend painted with every day sootiness makeup to sleep.

D, had better take a bath every day. After the end of a busy day, a nice hot bath can take away a sweat, and odor and tired. Although most women think bath twice a day to a little cleanliness suspected, but they still hope male partners take a bath once a day. Don’t they hope you a week fantasy take a shower.

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10 way make you get whelk

August 30th, 2011 No comments

If you are a Fashion men,you can not get whelk.


Often contact sunshine will make sweat glands, and the secretion of sebaceous glands, block pore, accelerate the active inflammation, appropriate to put on a hat.

2, drinking

JiuLing blood to weak acidity, indirect cause acne problem, patients drinking can accelerate blood circulation, detonated acne.

3, swimming

The pool of disinfectant and bacteria will stimulate the skin, avoid swimming born acne.

4, eat food containing iodine

Heavy food containing iodine volume (such as laver), in the dark sore outbreak period should avoid eating less.

5, massage

Massage promote blood circulation, inflammation and worse, so will dark sore acne don’t do well with massage la!

6, to eat Fried food

Fried food, if oil in the process of grease is secreted by blocking or bacterial infections, a dark sore of!

7, hair keep out

Hair easy with filth and grease, cover face will make facial oil on gas.

8, make up with thick powder

Cosmetics will block pore breathing, and powder will mix with grease bacteria, make acne worse.

9, sauna

Sauna helps blood circulation, will accelerate acne outbreaks.

10, taping keep out

If acne inflammation was closed will make the situation worse, if acne has purulent, tore come unglued stick a wound and will leave a scar.

Fashion men can not get whelk

Fashion men can not get whelk

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Care men skin before sleep

July 1st, 2011 No comments

Besides daily necessary cleaning outside, in all kinds of social occasions, he may carry will carry paper of oil absorption face, at any time a suck, namely can make facial recover fresh. This, of course, things you can’t see it, have absolute charm him, do these things is absolutely will avoid the person finds everything

Men skin is extremely important, therefore, should maintain the use of more than before the morning of usage moisturizing products cover complete face.

For the man before bedtime, mixed skin should be in T area on areas other than wet. If you have against skin aging demand, in complete moisturizing steps later should be aimed at frequent wrinkles regional suit the remedy to the case.

The skin to absorb nutrition ability is limited, when the men skin slants oil, attention shall be paid to unfavorable excessive blotted out. In the use of cream (especially the quality of a material is rich) shall first products in the palm will even push, slightly more tepid evenly in the face of pat appropriate area. In addition, it is important to note that: one hour before bed, lest the next day drink less as far as possible eyes dropsy.

Men Wear fashion

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