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The man how to buy cosmetics

June 29th, 2011 No comments

1, do homework beforehand

Be sure to understand first his skin condition, know what the problem is, what are the required nursing products, which unnecessary may be omitted. On the one hand had better understand brand, clear which brands have special men skin care products, which is the leading products.

2, please female friend accompanied

If you even the most basic of skincare concept all have no, then please female friend or accompanied by the other half to, after all, female or more attention beauty information, or more or less all skin and experience. On one hand they can give guidance, on one hand, we can free you embarrassment.

3, please “experience” of men friends accompanied

If female friend can’t help you take courage, or you are afraid of being they smile, so best have been directly find the male friend maintenance experience accompanied you to that way, may speed up, malicious, more accurate to find you need products.

4, buy “expensive” buy “than to”

The counter for how many BA all carried sales performance of a lot of responsibility, so sometimes hard to avoid suggest you buy this buy that, help improve performance. A wide variety of special group, limited the new product, the exclusive products may make the “first” you dazzling, finally found a lot of buy to return the product fundamental can’t use. So please be sure to tell you of skin problems now BA is what, ask what products can improve the problem. Buy a lot of bottles useless, are buying a bottle of effective.

men fashion Unable to leave cosmetics.


Man face skin classify

June 14th, 2011 No comments

Man face skin is corneous layer thicker, pore bulky, grease to secrete exuberant, and most men to their skin is don’t care, so more than 80% of male skin is oily. Excessive greasy skin will not only make you in the tip, forehead grow acne, pimples. Not to mention for long-term accumulate in the inner pore dirties, can make your face looks dark heavy, filth.

Man face skin classify

Man face skin classify

Dry skin

The skin looks more exquisite, pore is not obvious, no greasy feeling, but sebum secretion, less lack luster. More vulnerable to external physical, chemical factors, ultraviolet ray and the dust influence, produce allergic reaction. Dry skin to maintain the most important thing is to ensure that the skin get sufficient moisture.

Neuter skin

Neuter skin is the most perfect in all skin, there are the type of skin of men are rare, but perfect skin in the bad environment, and do not pay attention to maintenance will soon be “bad”. The neutral skin protect skin to taste should choose according to season and his surroundings, if you live in the northern climate, dry areas, you should choose a few suitable for oily skin lotions or apply face film, because of the dry weather in large sand, the skin more dirty, so must pay attention to clean, it’s too easy to cause pore bulky oily skin. Living in humid climate region of men can reduce a few protect skin to taste, the local weather is always wet, the skin is not easy to breathe freely, dust also love on the face, so relaxed attached the grandma washing a face and apply so essential.

Oily and mixed skin

Facial often oil and on, pore bulky, rough skin, effectively and cortical thick dark sore acne, not easy the creation wrinkles. The mixed skin central face, forehead, nose, chin have glossy, the rest is dry. Oily skin and mixed key is balanced oil secretion, clean and firm the pores.

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write for men skin care

May 27th, 2011 1 comment

Men and women born of the different structure, skin glands of the sebaceous glands and men than women, skin acidity than women, secrete leather fat and high on their faces and bodies sweat is much, the hair also thick and thick. Besides, men more often than women in terms of hard environment in a variety of hard physical labor, the rugged, especially, the skin more susceptible to pollution, black, become rough. Therefore, men of skin should be more scientific and reasonable care and maintenance.

Man four points winter skin care

Adhere to massage

Massage can make the skin surface aging cells to fall off in time, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin breath, using the sebaceous glands and sweat secretion increased skin nutrition, improve skin cells vigor, which makes skin gloss and elastic.

The method is: first massage face with some massage cream, then fingers down facial skin texture from the bottom on guoquan type massage, everyday early and late when washing a face, massage for every 10 minutes. After massage, rinse the dry, besmear convergence water can.

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4 point for man skin care

May 23rd, 2011 1 comment

Speaking of man skin care, most people pay more attention to the possibility is that various man skin care. But in fact, if you want to reach best man skin care effect, we also need to know some man skin care little knowledge, because they are directly affect the final man skin care effect, such as sunscreen, aerobic exercise, etc.

1, strengthen prevent bask in sunscreen is never a woman thing, more do not think that sunscreen is suntan for fear. In fact, with the emergence of the ozone hole, ultraviolet intensity is more and more big, the damage to human body also more and more serious, or how can have so-called “cancer”? And also by sunlight sunburn has happened. Accordingly, suggest broad male friends must set up the correct prevent bask in view, and bask in the excellent way to fight aging is, let you have a skin more energetic.

2, quit cigarettes although people know that smoking is harmful to health, but the number of smokers is is growing every year. And did you know, smoking is also against man skin care? Because smoking will let your skin to appear slack and wrinkles, color will become worse, therefore, quit cigarettes although seemingly unrelated with man skin care, but actually it’s everybody’s most people should focus on a man skin care little knowledge.

3, sleep is enough many women know after 10 p.m. the sleep time is called “your beauty sleep”, and enough sleep for cosmetic effect plays a very important influence, this point to the man skin care is no exception. Hardresser remind everybody, a good night’s sleep can help skin to normal detoxification and circulation, also can let your face looks more good. Accordingly, the proposal, who like nightlife regular life’d better develop routine, assure enough sleep time, so as to achieve the best man skin care effect, and more than any man skin care both work?

4, aerobic exercise for healthy and slimming speaking, aerobic exercise is an important aspect, and actually insist aerobic exercise, which is very helpful in the same man skin care. Because aerobic exercise can promote the metabolism and blood circulation, help eduction body endotoxin, the face nature also. Therefore, adhere to the aerobic exercise, but very important man skin care little knowledge? Sunscreen, quit smoking, sleep is enough, insist on the aerobic exercise, the four man skin care little knowledge to the man the final effects are skin plays an extremely important role. Although various man skin care are indispensable, but the above four man skin care little knowledge but can let men skin effect more outstanding.

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Man skin care

April 30th, 2011 2 comments


men skin care

men skin care

This article will tell you some ways to better protect man skin.

Recall that in a film footage of the most sexy, except those directly stimulating sensory hot bed scene, many hero bath lens also became people long ponder picture. Bath, also can be very sexy things, even if it does not be given more meaning. Now please follow our actor HuoTong bath process to try his sexy bathing experience it.

Want to let a bathing hot rise, this first step but ten million cannot careless, bath dew choice is very important. In sorching summer, bath product to had better choose clean force, but also contains appease calm skin composition bath product. In the summer of more sweat choose some clean force good product everyone understand, but don’t ignore the summer sunshine relish for skin damage. Some minerals, trace elements and plant essential oil components can be well replenish insolate next lost in nutrients. Now many bath products contain balmy composition, use over these products than the faint scent after perfume come more natural, more attractive.

Use of the absolute body emulsion is an unavoidable step. And because the body skin on the vision and touch in facial ministry skin often good, a lot of people, especially men just natural ignored to body plus this layer nursing. Actually the body skin many problems exist in several times instrumentation amplifier off showed his true colours: weather-shack, pore bulky, dead skin phenomenon, the body skin layer severe water shortages. These problems with the naked eye is it’s hard to watch out, whereas if you insist to use body emulsion, all these symptoms can be solved. A little older men also can use some tight skin effect body emulsion, so they could very well to prevent the body skin flabby and aging phenomenon. Don’t think that use body emulsion is very feminine behavior, skin bad men don’t recruit people like it.