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The handsome boy away from strawberry nasal pay attention to details

April 26th, 2012 No comments

Men skin love give oil, easy to form horn produce black head bolt. Sometimes the little details is, to you caused unnecessary “loss”, actually simple a few action will easily be able to fight black head.

First recruit: basic cleanEvery morning and evening men must seriously clean skin, choose texture mild cleanser, help decomposition of the extra skin oil and dirt, unclog pores.

The second recruit: the second regulateAfter cleaning the composition such as using contains salicylic acid bright skin water or essence, thorough skin strong play effective toning effect, remove excess aged cutin, dissolve black head, and recover skin smooth and fine.

Three recruit: regular care Weekly regularly use the clean face film or nasal stick, help improve the skin quickly with black hair and Angle bolt problem.

The fourth recruit: daily and moist Daily for the second regulate skin or face film, should use contain pore refirming ingredients nourish the emulsion, help supply the water for skin, adjust the water oil balance of skin, contract pore, present zero pore water embellish health muscle.

men skin care

men skin care


Men’s skin problem

December 19th, 2011 No comments

Men’s skin problem is not less than women, if just use ordinary protect skin to taste, the lack of special care, such as mask nursing, want to achieve the ideal effect that protect skin, is far from enough.

Experts think, man can never take lady mask use casually, also can’t because of preference rip pull masks stirring feeling and only use such products. Because male, female the skin has quite big difference, and use the purpose of face film is not identical also, so men should be the exclusive oneself use mask products.

First of all, men use face film, best choice can remove the oil. Men don’t with the skin delicate, but in time to remove the grease of exuberant face, avoid pimples and inflammation of the skin wounds which is the most important. Now, many international famous brands are introduced a male special face film, its efficacy.

Secondly, in the use of face film, men don’t like women so careful, might as well according to their own skin condition to adjust: just started when use face film to concentrate on nursing, 1 to 2 times a week best, every time for 15 to 30 minutes. After a period of aftercare, men will feel skin condition improved, not an afternoon the oil situation, will become moist, can be changed to two weeks or even once a month.
Finally, the skin coarse is not equal to the resistance is strong. Some men’s skin looks rough, but in fact is a sensitive type, if choose not suitable for your skin face film, can cause skin irritation. Such men under the guidance of the best doctors in, select natural products, such as yogurt and honey, mask.




How to keep the sleepless nights bright

November 3rd, 2011 No comments

Although sleep the foot eight hours of idea already thorough popular feeling, but you occasionally play all night even after go to work, but you don’t imagine walking corpse as there is in the office, what should I do? Never go to sleep? No problem!!!!! As long as you follow the following method to do, you can be as bright.

A,face problems
The truth: don’t think that sleep a your beauty sleep is women’s patent, actually sleep less man is as difficult as see look on his face. This is because sleep be helpful for human body endotoxin eduction, and stay up late, can make the skin toxin slow metabolism, so you look of course face such as menu.

Remedy: wash face can remove the part of any signs of fatigue, and a good cleaning face not only can go cutin, and can increase the skin micro circulation, after washing with nutrition for the skin essence can quickly replenish nutrients and energy, there is another necessary, you can also use the girlfriend’s eye frost to cover your black rim of the eye, so you look much better start soon.

B,stay awake
The truth: don’t form to stay up late habit, because go down for a long time you will owe many “sleep debt”, in the long run, price is high blood sugar and cholesterol, heart disease rates rise. And your sympathetic also prone to disorders that affect the brain function of you during the day.
Countermeasures: suggest that you can use his morning and subway crush time appropriate activities bones and muscles, because motion can release your adrenaline, make you more spirit. Use cold water washs a face or go out jogging 5 minutes also can make you more alert. If the weather is good, can be looked up at the blue sky white cloud, because blue spectrum than any other color more easy to wake the god, because it can reduce melatonin secretion, and deep sleep produced a great number of people experience of melatonin. In addition to want to keep you awake lunch can’t eat too many, digestive food needs a large amount of blood to flow into the stomach, can lead to your brain ischemia temporarily, oxygen transmission capacity is insufficient, you will feel more crazy. Also, listening to their favorite music also is right choice, beautiful music can make your brain central nerve excitement, and release a kind of special material stimulate the nerve, make you more concentration, information processing speed is faster.

C,creative inspiration
The truth: why do we need to spend a third of the time life in sleep? The latest issue of the journal psychological science magazine gives new explanation. A new study has found that, even in the state of sleep, your brain and no real rest. In the human brain will automatically of sleep during the day to day to clean and classified information, and can produce fresh creative good idea, this explains why some problem in the wake up after the problem disappears. So sleep like a same bank, savings ability of in the meantime also can bring you creative value, if the next time you have a problem think impassability, tube he, first sleep and then speak.

Countermeasures: coffee can refresh, take a nap can wake the head, these are you save a sleepless night the most simple solution. You can be combined with this solution: the noon to find a quiet place, find a comfortable chair, take a nap 15 minutes, and then wash adjust yourself up to a strong cup of coffee, so that you will be enough to cope with an afternoon of pressure of work. But remember nap not more than 15 minutes, or you will fall into a deep sleep, so you’re not only not easy to wake up, even wake up you will also feel didn’t sleep enough, more not spirit.

sleepless nights

sleepless nights


More and more about shave

August 22nd, 2011 No comments

1. Ready?

If you compare thick hard long mustaches, unless you use a dry wet amphibious model razor, otherwise you if with an electric razor to shave will have a better result. But in use electric razor, first make sure you skin dirt and leather fat has been completely clear, you can use alcohol before apply, most of the products shall be of such products contain vitamin E composition, it can protect your skin, will shave stimulation reduced to the minimum.

2. Angle correct?

In the use of electric razor, shaving Angle is very important, according to different parts of the face you adjust your hand from the point of view of the razor, let the beard and the surface of the razor with a 90 degree Angle, vertical another hand can and are shaving this part of the skin and taut, so as to make the most of the large area razor contact with the skin, can shave more thoroughly clean. For rotary electric razor should also according to face made corresponding circular motion.

3. Be careful razor fever stimulate the skin

Because the electric razor operation for a period of time, so the fever after shaving process likely to stimulate to just shaved skin, serious can cause allergies. For such a sensitive area, neck in razor began to shave, another before fever don’t shave same part again and again.

4. Regular maintenance maintenance it carefully

Electric razor and your car same, need often maintain and maintenance, any little wrong with in time to repair, such as regular cleaning the beard slag in the razor, so can let the razor moment best operation condition and will become more saving. Pay attention to cleaning the dust on the blade with soft brush, don’t use hard tools to scrape a touch, the more advanced electric razor, so the precision laid hands on him must gently. If you are using a metal foil razor, aluminum foil needs every 1-2 years update once, this depends on your long mustaches toughness. Most men neglect to do this. In manual replacement parts must be detailed instructions to read, not damaged other parts.

5. Insist to use more and more good feeling

If you have been used to manual razor, may be just started to use the electric razor it can be a bit does not adapt, no relationship, you need to do is hold to a few days, about a week later you will fall in love with your electric razors, it in absolute safety of circumstances, can let you enjoy the pleasure of modern high-tech brings the shaving feel, and it bring you than manual stimulation of the blade much smaller.

more and more about shave

more and more about shave


Do this make you fashion

August 18th, 2011 1 comment

Around the alar, T word parts of the sebaceous glands to secrete exuberant, so more easily than parts of the morning, the oil to protect skin to taste the oil in the afternoon is glossy beat how line?

In a lunch break of time, quietly ran to the bathroom to wash a face in it, with cotton apply adequate amount of fresh water, dab greasy place, can effective convergence pore, reduce the sebum secretion; Or in easier to makeup parts with a thin layer of oil or moisture essence, can regulate sebum secretion, keep effective moisture, but avoid greasy trouble!

Remove facial grease, “wash” is very important first step, choosing the grandma must be able to wash the face clean oil, because of the remainder of the grease can plug the pores, but be sure not to because the oil and many, wash your face, every morning and evening each, with warm water, wash your face, choose foam, with more water good clean the grandma.

Out skin oil from small and large. A start may only be secreted exuberant, compared the sebaceous glands the oil a little bit more, later capillary blood hole be blocked acne million come out, and again he get bacterial infections began to inflammation, and acne into acne, situation spiralling out, if have properly care, always cannot help ShouYang squeeze, scar will more and more.

Because the sebum secretion of the sebaceous glands and sweat the mixture will into the sebum membrane is skin natural protective film, is not suitable for excessive clean, oily skin or to take gentle maintenance way, especially have long blain blain more avoid excessive stimulation, oily skin best can choose neutral or weak to grandma and about 37 degrees of lukewarm water to wash my face.

Regularly use the deep clean face film and chamfer simple product deep clean face film, in principle, once a week to two, the skin special oil can increase to three times, of oily skin cutin layer is CuHou moderate chamfer can let maintenance component is absorbed better, can use contains salicylic acid, tartaric acid component products gently cutin.