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Send a man the most appropriate wrist watch gifts

January 7th, 2012 No comments

To a man, choose what kind of gift the most appropriate, and most insurance? If you ask us, I would say wrist watch.

There are four reasons: first, the wrist watch no size problem is, won’t make the other side feel inappropriate and can’t change, most adjust strap is good; Second, wrist watch is suitable for both personal friends, also suitable for business partners; Third, wrist watch basically does not exist outdated problems, especially male table; Fourth, every man should have a good table, whether low-key person or used to be a focus of the people are not the exception.

Shine beautiful giftEarl (Piaget) Emperador Coussin platinum diamond wrist watch calendarIn 136, the earl of history, how many Piaget list is the name of the birth? The answer is only 1 million. In order to commemorate this record, earl through his first men’s clothing series “Emporador”, launched platinum set auger pincushion calendar wrist, special shows the two big professional attainments count: the first is exquisite calendar process (can properly count to 2100 years); The second is “ultra-thin machine core traditional” : watch the 856 P to be automatic winding machine, thickness of just 5.6 mm. At the same time configuration many functions: such as at four o ‘clock position have small the second set, 12 o ‘clock position in a leap year and instructions, week instructions for “inverse jump” way. In addition, in nine o ‘clock position of double time zone instruction function, marking the day when dial position, night time to show, let it is different from the common market of the calendar watch money. As for appearance has needless to say-how is a “flash” word get.

%Men clothes Send a man the most appropriate wrist watch gifts

Emperador Coussin

Movement of native giftProduct home (Jaeger LeCoutre) Master Compressor Extreme LAB wrist watchIn the fall of 2009 product launched a house called “Expedition Antoine LeCoultre” Expedition, three good climber will climb the Himalayas have not yet been conquered a seat mountain peaks. The mountain not far from mount Everest, 6589 metres. The gap of temperature difference, the earth strong magnetic field, climbing the collision of the inevitable, to interfere with the normal operation of the machine weather…… All problems for wrist watch are huge challenge. And product ExtremeLAB wrist watch home did cope: in order to reach 50 degrees below zero movement can also the normal operation of the ability, wrist watch all the parts in have PVD coating, the key parts are made of silicon material to capture the. Not only need not lubrication (to prevent violent cold conditions (oil), still can withstand 150 gauss inner magnetic field (prevent being magnetic walking after error), in addition is also reduced the weight of the machine. Ultralight titanium metal case very solid, plus the plan of ceramic case and let it to have a strong ability of the knock against.

%Men clothes Send a man the most appropriate wrist watch gifts

master compressor Extreme LAB


%Men clothes Send a man the most appropriate wrist watch gifts

CASIO watch

December 21st, 2011 No comments

Life lies in sports, and whether the hot summer or winter is cold, there are always could not stand for the fun of sports quick-tempered fanatic. In order to help them in all kinds of harsh natural environment or adventure game in a smooth travel thorns breakthrough, CASIO is its brand PRO TREK to launch applications in new watch PRW-2500-1 BDR, and help outdoor sports lovers.In the table with black for fundamental key, the big table ring and punch shape to present, immediately strengthen the central table circle of operation. The rotation of the clutches of circle can test the position, have a compass function, convenient in remote mountains, forest and natural environment determine the orientation steep, found the correct road. The black strap soft resin production, more soft more tough, let a person feel not wear tight and hard, greatly improved wear comfort.

And the exterior of cruel feels dye-in-the-wood is matching PRW-2500-1 BDR more with a powerful function. 200 meters of waterproof, ease with waterfall rock climbing and high strength PiFaTing water pressure environment; Air pressure tendency function, as one of the most important function of new, whether to stay in the mountains or the sea, even highly did not change, also can be induced to air pressure changes, and get a weather forecast information. For climbing, skiing or to sea, such as sea fishing sport very practical, cooperate with temperature, height measurement, and other functions, let you can take timely measures, reduce unnecessary trouble and dangerous.

Low temperature resistance (ten below zero), dual LCD display, automatic electronic fluorescent lighting, and other functions, let you in the low temperature or insufficient light, all can easily access time and other required data. Have the light into electrical energy solar drive system, ensure that watch the functions of maximum limit and stable operation.In addition, PRW-2500-1 BDR also have six innings waves receive function, through the built-in antenna waves of standard time signal, make watch keep accurate time. The moon material, the tides can meet in outdoor plan or white-water adventure mountain nocturnal demand, according to the tides, change and change the arrangement of the trip. 48 city world time, accurate to 1/100 second, the countdown, alarm, and power indicator, automatic calendar, and other functions, it can realize the most basic requirements of users. The incomparable in application, let PRW-2500-1 BDR become professional outdoor enthusiasts new pet.

%Men clothes CASIO watch

CASIO watch

%Men clothes CASIO watch

Knitting watch

April 29th, 2011 1 comment

Bottega Veneta, high-quality handcraftsmanship is famous, is a luxury life signs. It recently Girard Perregaux with Swiss watch tycoon cooperation, of its own first watch — BVX.

This wrist watch for both men and women wear, special temperament and practical function sets at a suit, Bottega Veneta low-key costly always implement the philosophy. This kind of neuter wrist watch has grind arenaceous deep titanium color solitary form buckles, dial for brown; And cigar color alligator strap. Full of nature of quiet feeling relaxed loomed figure, at the same time reveals elegant temperament.

%Men clothes Knitting watch