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Fashion of Copenhagen

January 16th, 2012 No comments

Fashion plus the economic market is a weird relationship. The style industry sways significantly in line with the markets however , many brands often, for deficit of a better word, triumph while others dwindle painfully. Burberry and Prada are two companies especially which can be doing fantastic as you move the world slides deeper into economic instability amdist others which could barely afford to cling on. Plenty of it has related to the massive markets setting up in Russia and in China. Louis Vuitton is reigning globally and lots of high-end trend-based labels, including Miu Miu (a sister label of Prada) are stored on the up or longer.

Nordic fashion seems to be soaring and the wrap-up from Copenhagen Fashion week lets us know that strict, no frills modernism has taken the spotlight through these troubling times since they  “usually not be dedicated to hyper advanced, technological designs or high-end prices, but instead focused on quality at mid-range price points.”
Although the shows aren’t a lot attracting buyers in the US and France, hoards from through the UK and Scandinavia are flocking to acquire their on the job these designs.

“Spread across 5 days, Spring 2012 Copenhagen Fashion Week included 39 shows, five fairs, plus a slew of events. In a sign that this Fashion Week was focused on a’s up-and-coming talent” (
Exactly what it relies on is European buyers are looking to Danish designs money and this also is starting to trickle into the US. They previously use a firm rooting inside the good reputation for design and that i’m definitely traversing to a avant-garde visiting our humble shores.


The men’s fashion disaster

July 21st, 2011 No comments

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1. Complex jeans: the choice of the jeans is always less is more, the most obvious identification method is to see the back of the pocket. If two of the hip pocket adornment is extremely complex, the flowery that you can not hesitate to abandon the three style of jeans. Don’t think “elegant” embroidery and modelling peculiar pocket is a form of jeans window, but in fact these are real disaster, many to have lost the key elements of the stack together is even children’s clothing is too childish way, would you like to change them wear upper body?

2. Put the pupil: who is leading up recently and “beauty” trend of the pupil needless to say, but please remember, all men and women are different. To tell the truth and beauty of the pupil is not what senior adornment, it will let your eyes look vent and dull. Science fiction love using it do props. If you have a deep Wesley complex, like playing do not clear where come of an alien, the wear it I’m not against it.

3. Slogan stupid T-shirt: if your English is not so good, so buy slogan T-shirt before had better a little to be careful. If a man wearing a strange slogan written the T-shirt, suffer supercilious look absolutely is small, directly by others is more serious misunderstandings. Remember the star for a T-shirt printed with “I” m a Vamp “message was laughed at. Imagine if the man put on this dress, it may make a person antipathetic. In fact, the appearance of slogan T-shirt is to make people can be the most direct to express their ideas and so stupid content not only, also has nothing to do with men fashion counterproductive.

4. Stand Polo shirt collar: don’t know who is this to the leading of the agitation, why do people think that stand Polo shirt collar would be a “fashionable” practice? Polo shirt from the 19 th century appear so far, the birthplace of the British in it, no one will be so wear, but to our “pursuing new and change” native fashion, was a mysterious man after the invention of the collar stand out of the way. Not mistaken, it is in the domestic first appeared on a TV over the strange demonstration, then our fellow man began to have to follow suit. Have to say, this really celebrating the wearing not advisable.

5. Pick dye hair color: if you don’t know men hair problem asians in the hair color forever at a disadvantage, because literally dye other color can appear very natural. But a little hair Suggestions are applicable to all of the race, and that is 10 million don’t try to pick to dye, because this is probably in the late 90 s just popular of things. No reason for a pile of abrupt yellow, red and even white hair will let you look very funny. A fancy why men want to be like a rebellious young girl as to go to the hair color upside down? However, neat for men is the most important, and the fact is proof of, the most suitable for Asian skin color is black hair.

6. Indoor wear sunglasses: comedian David benchwarmer once said: “do you know who will be in the interior also wore dark glasses? Blind and a fool.” In indoor wear sunglasses as opening umbrellas indoors was as can understand. If you are not a star, if you are not light allergic, if you are not a fool, that 10 million don’t do such a foolish thing. The good news is, people in Asia sunglasses dependence is not high, such habits also let this kind of ridiculous error occurs chance to reduce a lot.

7. Wear leather pants: leather pants is not the most practical, is that where the summer wear can be hot and cold, winter wear. And the most fashionable leather pants don’t place lies in, let a person feel you always dusty hike, from the 1970 s. If you are not Lenny Kravitz, or from leather pants face it.

8. Mesh unlined upper garment: when you wear connect the mesh unlined upper garment, you are trying to tell people it’s so hot that put on clothes may be normal body spontaneous combustion? If your body all normal, then please with the fastest speed away in this fabric made of any clothes. Unfortunately, this summer the men’s individual brand design outlets T-shirt and vest. But for sure, it completely belongs to no practical items.

9. A white: unless you are to go to the beach or go on holiday, or I think was wearing a white out really is funny, such not only enough to wear won’t let a person feel you clean, but stupid impression multiply. If it is summer still can barely bear with me, but connect body to white also really is not necessary, wear white trousers and white shoes word is best of different colors computerize its control T-shirt, if must adhere to the “a white, that also the end” the best black belt or something to break the routine. If you put on a suit in winter are forced the white, is not only I have a problem too, believe that everyone can see you won’t agree with you this kind of “action snowman” modelling, as for the invisible, may have been the white body to sway you dizzy.

10. Suit + jeans (how to wear men jeans?) + basketball shoes: although is a stereotype, but don’t look down upon this, suit, basketball shoes and jeans all right, grouped together are completely wrong. His most important comfortable to wear, yeah, but think about it, wearing a suit to play basketball will really comfortable?


Little detail ascend a man taste

July 5th, 2011 No comments

The grade of the dress is a kind of life attitude, is also a kind of invisible wisdom and wealth. The seemingly simple clad way, actually all-encompassing. In some special occasions, appropriate clothing will let you get some communication preferential. Men’s shirts, shoes DuoNian to have been the main fashionable classical, but as the workplace of the white-collar you, still please pay more attention to detail, you just need some more attentively will close to perfect, let you taste to upgrade. Delicate deserve to act the role of a your overall modelling add cent, reveal fashionable taste.

mens shirt

The choice of the colour of a shirt with wider range, white, shallow blue, shallow gray and other single series, avoid and choose to go up DaGongDaLu colourful color, and you should consider and tie design, color coordination. Remember, than the coat sleeve shirt sleeves long out of 1 ~ 2 centimeters, collar were 1 ~ 1.5 centimeters suit collar, to show the level of clothes.


The summer, belt will on the stage of the fashion puts glorious greatly!

This season, although the belt is without any change, law but position, but changes. You need to take it “equipment” in the dust coat, coat, cardigan, or other clothes outside. Can use the same color in the belt of the clothes, also can use and clothes color contrast belt. In short, show your belt, is this summer, you need to used to it!


No matter what kind of professional, you engaged in appropriate bag is your contact card. For men, have a very simple sense bags is the most basic equipment. The colours in the package, or should to classic black and brown is given priority to, they are easy and any things collocation. Particular attention is, if fat people don’t use small size of the package, it will not only make you look more fat, still can let a person feel very XiaoGuZi gas. And vice versa, a thin body also should not be too big bag. Match Therefore, in the selection process to consider their size and the proportion of the bag. Don’t bother, also don’t said he pressed for time, more try, you can find suitable for their choice.


Panama sun hat is 100% of the absolute popular style, also popular, and wide of the Latin style big along the straw hat. They can not only help you to block out the sun, it is to be your part of the overall modelling, make you appear more leisure, more natural!


Sorching summer, let sunglasses let you more add claims, “cool” summer a whole season. Choose a suitable his sunglasses, not only can decorate a face model, has also played the role of summer bask in, is absolutely necessary.


How can add cent men wear when interview

June 30th, 2011 No comments

Detail 1: color

White, black, cream-colored these 3 kinds of color is called “the joker color”. Man is the colour of the pack is brunet department should be. Light color suit to clean, fresh and though, fashionable impression, but light color suit collocation is very exam work force. The first is to note is that light color suit can’t match the same color of the shirt and tie, should be difference between color inside. Second, it is difficult to fixed size, light color suit choose as far as possible stripe fabrics, spin visual. Finally remember, in a formal business activity, had better choose dark suits, bright light color suit will be difficult to get the boss or customer trust.

add cent men wear

add cent men wear

Detail 2: of line and hem shoulder

Decided to suit if it fits you two key elements in the shoulder line and tail. Suit shoulder line should be reasonable position of the natural fell on the shoulder and upper arm in cohesion. Because most of today’s suit, so the built-in shoulder pads shoulder line should be better than a few longer, shoulder pads the hem of the suit should be long and hip, also is the natural lop hands when the position of the thumb tip.

Details 3: socks

Every man needs to have the match with a suit classic shoes, it can make you deal with any formal occasions are not polite. Of course, with the same shoes photograph collocation is not a trivial socks. If is tie-in dress style suits, black silk socks would be a gentleman, and to choose the length and crus, avoid the embarrassment of casual show sox edge.

Detail 4: mens bags

No matter what kind of professional, you engaged in appropriate bag is your contact card. For men, have a very simple sense bags is the most basic equipment. The colours in the package, or should to classic black and brown is given priority to, they are easy and any things collocation. Particular attention is, if fat people don’t use small size of the package, it will not only make you look more fat, still can let a person feel very gas. And vice versa, a thin body also should not be too big bag.

Details 5: the collocation of the shirt and tie

Shirt and tie collocation is an art. Wear white shirts in each men are very, very good, applicable to the occasion, white or light blue shirt matchs monochrome or have bright pattern of the tie is never antiquated collocation. The shirt and tie collocation to a certain extent on reflects your communicating sophisticated level. Every professional man should have at least a white or light blue get a department buckle buckle shirt. In ties, at least there is a pure or wine red tie for use during the day, still should have a silk knit a flower tie or pure black tie in to a formal dinner for use when instead of neckties.


mens knitting belt

April 24th, 2011 No comments

Men’s frequent recent show many style knit belt, Fine processing all show man charming elegant image.

Knit belt can bring a more eye-catching outfit plain bright spot, immediately improve people keep returning.

But you need to be aware that not all of the clothes are suitable for knitting waistband, must choose a color is tie-in appropriate, and style similar pants. Don’t put a formal pants collocation the men’s knitting belt.

knitting waistband mix