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Men’s Dressing Skills for Different Occasions

July 3rd, 2014 No comments

Men’s dressing skills for different occasions
1.A formal occasion dressing
   Formal occasions — banquets, formal meeting, receptions, wedding,funeral and evening social activities must wear a brunette suit, white shirt and match with a necktie has     regular figure or pattern. Notice the color contrast should not be too strong.
2.Semi-formal occasion dressing
   Semi-formal occasions – work, luncheon, general visit, high-level meetings and more solemn events held during the day, you can wear a medium color, light or dark color suit,with a sober refinement shirt coordinated with the suit.Then tie a elegant monochrome necktie or regular figure or pattern necktie is OK.
3.Informal occasion dressing
   In an informal setting — travel,visit friends,etc.You can be dress more casually freedom,can choose clothes of bright light tone. Gorgeous flowers suits and shirts can be any combination,or not wearing a shirt to wear T-shirts, neckties can freely match too.However,avoid using red and scarlet necktie.

%Men clothes Mens Dressing Skills for Different Occasions

Men trousers knowledge

February 7th, 2012 No comments


Even as really should have all realised at this point, menswear may be steadily progressing in a considerably more refined and generally ‘smarter’ direction. Tailoring and sharp classic pieces have become crucial purchases for the 21st century male as a way to create a successful and versatile wardrobe – helping create a nearly chameleon capability to spice up or down instantly.This informative article was inspired by this new strategy to dressing. Most guys are in possession of not a problem integrating a blazer of their everyday outfits – pairing all of them with casual basics for instance jeans, tees and chinos – and bringing the encompassing items up a notch instantly. However, many males will not consider utilising trousers such as, due to strict formal connotations they promote.Admittedly, it really is easier to wear down a blazer as opposed to a set of smart trousers – but that’s why they’ll cause you to be stand out for all you right reasons.

Wool Trousers

Wool trousers are not a fashion ‘trend’ in and of itself – we haven’t seen them pushed individually around the runways and there hasn’t been some major menswear movement surrounding them – but we’ve noticed a progressively great deal of editorials and retailer lookbooks that integrate textured wool trousers inside a wide variety of looks (while you will spot below). On the personal note, my grey wool trousers is one of the best pieces inside my wardrobe right now; they are a lot more versatile that you would first think, all of which will take your smart casual looks to the next level.Wool trousers are something you may already own, whether or not they come as part of your winter suits otherwise you have simply invested in the most recent tweed/herringbone type fabrics for heritage inspired trends. These are suitable for autumn/winter, because the thick wool construction means they are both practical and classy – another key buying principle we’ve been wanting to install in your soul in 2010.Any type of trouser which are being promoted within the industry are textured (natural for 100% wool) or flecked/mottled types. This shouldn’t come being a surprise, as textures have played a vital part within every major menswear trend this autumn/winter, whilst simultaneously adding natural depth to any outfit you create.

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cold winter clothing

November 13th, 2011 No comments

Want to resist the cold winter and not imagine clumsy bear that massiness, what should I do?

Valentino 2011 qiu dong Lookbook men’s clothing for you to solve the problem.

This one season by design fact wear Valentino men’s clothing out sheet is tasted, whether new material black leather jacket, wide version of camel’s hair coat, suede woolen cloth coat is concise low-key style, again tie-in a classic khaki pants, have a type and the method of cold so fix, you still waiting for?

%Men clothes cold winter clothing

men winter wear

%Men clothes cold winter clothing

Today the weather is cold

September 21st, 2011 No comments

Today the weather is cold, finally put on the long sleeve clothes and trousers.
While writing a lot article about fashion, but the man always feel dressed up enough now fashion.
Careful went through his article, every story is essence, but again very broad, not a standard way to let what you do.
You were wearing khaki pants, whether the collocation below a pair of black leather shoes? God also don’t know.
The weather is cold, people also become lazy, he wrote so many it, and hope that tomorrow can warm some, I continue to wear t-shirts.

%Men clothes Today the weather is cold

Today the weather is cold

%Men clothes Today the weather is cold

Recommend a few good review article about fashion articles

September 8th, 2011 No comments

Today, through news about fashion,that find women were occupied the top.
Kristin chenoweth
Reese witherspoon
Oh my god, none have fashionable men? Very sad.
Really hope that the men had read my blog, dressing up some of the fashion. And who can list of hot Google.
Here I recommend a few article I think good, also very high rate of the article.
1.Everyone can create their own fashion
2.khaki pants pocket to choose fashionable mens clothing
Well, really very good.

%Men clothes Recommend a few good review article about fashion articles

Kristin chenoweth

%Men clothes Recommend a few good review article about fashion articles