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Fashion of Copenhagen

January 16th, 2012 No comments

Fashion plus the economic market is a weird relationship. The style industry sways significantly in line with the markets however , many brands often, for deficit of a better word, triumph while others dwindle painfully. Burberry and Prada are two companies especially which can be doing fantastic as you move the world slides deeper into economic instability amdist others which could barely afford to cling on. Plenty of it has related to the massive markets setting up in Russia and in China. Louis Vuitton is reigning globally and lots of high-end trend-based labels, including Miu Miu (a sister label of Prada) are stored on the up or longer.

Nordic fashion seems to be soaring and the wrap-up from Copenhagen Fashion week lets us know that strict, no frills modernism has taken the spotlight through these troubling times since they  “usually not be dedicated to hyper advanced, technological designs or high-end prices, but instead focused on quality at mid-range price points.”
Although the shows aren’t a lot attracting buyers in the US and France, hoards from through the UK and Scandinavia are flocking to acquire their on the job these designs.

“Spread across 5 days, Spring 2012 Copenhagen Fashion Week included 39 shows, five fairs, plus a slew of events. In a sign that this Fashion Week was focused on a’s up-and-coming talent” (
Exactly what it relies on is European buyers are looking to Danish designs money and this also is starting to trickle into the US. They previously use a firm rooting inside the good reputation for design and that i’m definitely traversing to a avant-garde visiting our humble shores.


More about jeans

August 24th, 2011 No comments

Good jeans its life is very long, and more and more beautiful, wear wash the old more taste, so the choice of fabric is very important. Fabric bad jeans, not only short life, and easy to deformation, fading, wearing also not comfortable. The real jeans is made of 100% cotton cloth, even suture is made of cotton.
And the most commonly used dye is a synthetic indigo, decorative rivets are the copper, each detail is rigorous and orderly in this issue, we introduce you to many style of jeans, and can meet the demand of you.

No gorgeous color, also have no alternative distinctive design, but it can in the fashion industry “young”, this is contracted classic cowboy shirt. In people fanaticism chase those gorgeous piece carry style, we might as well slow pace, look around these design common, maybe have been you pressure tank bottom, cowboy in shirt, we will bring you together, to renew the cowboy eternal classics shirt.

If you get tired of the boring in western dress and leather shoes, if you want to make look strong and handsome size pure, then I want to, you may need a contracted chic kids jeans jacket. It have a type, and handsome perfectly show you very masculine, on collocation a white T-shirt, can break drab, and increase the administrative levels feels. You can be in of the job, put on such a cowboy outfit, about on a few partners, far away from the noisy city, throw away all the working pressure, enjoy easy holiday.


Hope all friends in this autumn can more and more fashionable

August 15th, 2011 No comments

Today the weather is very cool, met on the street for put on real autumn outfit of man.

khaki pants collocation of yellow, and very beautiful black shoes.

Blue long sleeve shirt tie-in white frosted jeans, very fashionable.

Autumn real, we ready?

Choose autumn clothing articles written much, don’t know whether we remember the chosen method?

Don’t care about well-know brand, don’t care about the price, the most important for their own style.

Hope all friends in this autumn can more and more fashionable.

If your friends tell you, “hey guy, you more and more fashionable”.

You can recollect of my this blog.


Versace jeans or Armani khaki pants

August 12th, 2011 No comments

Time really quick, it is autumn.But the weather was so hot, simply can’t feel cool.

I have written a lot article about the autumn clothing , but now I really in trouble.

I have looking for fan versace jeans, and another a khaki pants of armani.

Now I don’t know what to choose.

The jeans color is very beautiful, I like it very much, but I’m afraid of the color of the later it will be more and more shallow.

This article I would like khaki pants, but the price is too expensive, need to $200.

Now I really don’t know what to choose which.

Who can come to help me.


Everyone can create their own fashion

August 4th, 2011 No comments

Fashion is changing every day, maybe we can be left behind.

When you consider whether to buy a hole jeans, maybe you mind already have a potential target, perhaps, or a celebrity like David Beckham, because you want to have the same style of jeans.

But, you need to be aware that at this time Beckham collocation this limited edition hole jeans he wearing is a pair of sports shoes,and it is more expensive than this jeans.Now,you are anxious.
Your budget does not include this pair of expensive shoes, how to do? Maybe you would even give up all these include this trousers.

This is our most people’s psychology.

In fact can not such thinking, in the choice of clothing or trousers, really don’t need to consider who through the same style, or I need it bring me what, as long as you all happy.

Because fashion are not stop, and not only in one direction, everyone can create their own fashion.

beckham jeans

beckham jeans