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Euro 2012 fashion clothing

June 11th, 2012 No comments

Euro 2012, has been launched, next we have a full month of time to sit enjoy a football feast. The handsome boy playing on the is all vogue amounts to a person, you know they have to have a special liking what fashion brand?

1, casillas vs El Ganso: real Madrid goalkeeper very nostalgic

Nationality: Spain

In “pretty boy” on the clouds of went, the defending champions Spain absolutely can take up half the handsome boy faction status. However, in this one has a golden child torres, sunshine small method, GaoFu handsome Gerard pique, gas, and other various the patron saint, does the sexy team, people first mentioned the holy Kathy always leader. Wang gas 4 excessive card in a magazine interview west once cuhk talk about fashion theheart sutra, mention your favorite brand of El Ganso.
El Ganso, “goose” Hispanic mean, is by Alvaro and Clemente Cebrain two brother founded Spanish fashion brand, this year just in Paris Marais downtown area set up a new store. Its 2012 chun xia men’s clothing series in bright trousers and grid unlined upper garment is given priority to, and in the light of the office workers launched a wool fabric? The suit, with delicate details to break the traditional design, the price and quality of the big compared with brand also much cheaper. However the neck in stripe and fabric sewing texture can’t be ignored, that is full of youth and simple sense of the dream of the nostalgic breath.
Standing in the top of the world football’s holy Kathy, what will be the old dream is not true?

2, shevchenko vs Giorgio Armani: the prince only wear Armani

Nationality: Ukraine

A nuclear warhead of competitive state had no longer that year, but some people, some things, but I was destined to be your heart forever art-house. Such as shevchenko, such as walking in a grace and contracted Giorgio Armani between.
Armani and many star players are story, cristiano ronaldo and kaka was once it’s spokesperson, shevchenko is no exception. But in addition to business cooperation, shevchenko and Mr Armani occasions I was very good. Armani not only to see shevchenko football stadium, also often invited shevchenko for his design when model. In early October 30, 2002, shevchenko in Kiev, opened the first armani’s stores in Ukraine, this also is the global 11 home armani stores. Mr Armani even or shevchenko’s red niang, he and wife kristin model it is in armani’s a clothing shows the meeting at the first sight, whenever the valentine’s day, shevchenko will wife as a gift for choosing dress to mark the romance between each other and full of fashionable feeling moments.
But no matter the no accident, it will be the last of the euro of andriy shevchenko. In the future in time there will also be new handsome boy after rain leeks crop after chi emerging, but won’t someone can replace you my memory in the warm winter sun pieces of smiling face. I think I will always remember shevchenko said, “whatever you in any occasion, as long as the wear armani suits, will feel like a prince.”

3, fernando torres vs Emidio Tucci: meet you in the best time

Nationality: Spain

Magic mirror magic mirror tell me, the most beautiful blonde young who is it? Is you ah, fernando torres. King of the infant with Chelsea had to the story of absolute can take into a spirit movie, but even in firmly occupy the top of the list is no joke that years ahead, all involved in Spain for the football jin beauty still can present a one-sided PK trend.
From the fashion world will not miss a beauty, Pepe jeans, Racer, Puig Beauty&Fashion group… Now as high as 175000 pounds a week of fernando torres, the account each year of endorsements income amazing. That year of atletico Madrid have like the flowers of a luminous luxury and real grew slowly, but we still used to call him El Nino. For years now, I still in his Emidio Tucci jing in the appearance, but the child said to belong to his best time has not yet come.

%Men clothes Euro 2012 fashion clothing

Euro 2012 fashion clothing

%Men clothes Euro 2012 fashion clothing

The Best Fashion of 2012

January 25th, 2012 No comments

Ok. I know that many with the females who strolled down the Red Carpet with the Golden Globes 2012 are actually endlessly judged on their glittering gowns, but probably not just as much attention may be aimed the most effective and worst dressed men. Since I couldn’t pick just one single “best” and something “worst” to the evening, I were narrow it right down to two in each category.

I thought that Ricky Gervias’s tuxedo was obviously a little abrasive, just like his hosting monologue. Even though it applies that brown and black could be sheik together, not really much however. Colour vacillated from a dull brown plus a rather burgundy beneath the stage lights with his fantastic unbuttoned black shirt just blended in to the dark lapels of his tux. His was not an appearance certainly not becoming of someone that has not been afraid to look from a limb.

Go over the totally opposite end from the spectrum was the arrival of Leonardo DiCaprio. With his slicked back hair, neatly trimmed goatee, and classically elegant black tuxedo he exemplified Webster’s meaning of “flawless” and was definitely a GQ look, easily have ever seen one.
Another guy who I was thinking really missed the mark when it found selecting that “just right” outfit for that Golden Globes was Joseph Gordon. Along with his trim figure, the form-fitting tuxedo and multi-colored bow-tie made a handsome guy appear to be a bad date from “The Dating Game” or like he was an escapee from “Pee Wee’s Fun House”. Sorry to the harshness guy, but whoever helped you decide out that outfit hasn’t been a very pal. And FYI, Nordstrom actually posesses solid number of classy bow ties. Make sure to check for last second deals before appearing the very next time, Joe.

The person who absolutely stole the show, in terms of unique fashion style, should be Johnny Depp. His “under traditional” half shawl lapel and half standard cut lapel tuxedo jacket was perfectly accented by his open collar white shirt. Johnny’s vest was obviously a trendy pop of green, in a very sea of dark tuxes and suits. Also, he completed his unique style with a long necklace, rings and old fashioned-looking pocket watch, whose chain hung elegantly below his jacket. Looking that is only befitting of what we should expect from Johnny Depp.

%Men clothes The Best Fashion of 2012

Best fashion of 2012

%Men clothes The Best Fashion of 2012

Armani changeless should

October 24th, 2011 No comments

Giorgio Armani figure nightIt is still dark tonal, still don’t interfere with the grain of the case develop.

No absolute Giorgio Armani printing to make public, but by dark tone geometrical design to extension. Jagged, case grain, striped and so on the different form different size in Giorgio Armani to matting Mr Favourite light material, and sometimes obvious, sometimes faint. Inclined pleated pants money is this season in the pants outfit key look, plait jian inclined to his waist, increase the space of the haunches loose quantity at the same time, in order to narrow in mouth ending leg, seems over allfunction proportion. Accessories, sunglasses and framed design for collocation dot eyeball, restore ancient ways of the box shape, the lens and transparent plate of dark brown apply, and the whole tonal collocation properly.

Summer Emporio Armani greyThe Emporio Armani season than to love of fashionable motion feeling, the series will focus on urban atmosphere relaxed, in addition to the brand representative Armani blue, grey of the whole will cream-colored, gray, such as the color of camel’s hair sand mixture together. Silk of the material being used in a lot of single product, build the flow of feeling of feeling. Throughout the series of loose pants money suggested that this one season Emporio Armani to describe the outline of the plane is not line, but stereo space, loose and lightsome manner. Bag Bag with the echo of the shoes, light material combination technique to joining together into different capacity of the Tote Bag, agile and practical. Shammy material is widely used in the design of the shoes, of the whole series of color and texture of the most profound echo.

%Men clothes Armani changeless should

Armani changeless should

%Men clothes Armani changeless should

Man perfume introduce

September 28th, 2011 No comments

Man perfume also has a lot of different sweet tone, so that the different needs or the use of the occasion. But for men, woodiness adjustable perfume is a mainstream, is also one of the most varieties of perfume. In fact, the perfume, woodiness is refers to the fragrance of wood gives priority to tone, appeared in the more, after usually contain ebony borders, cedar and vetiver grass and various resin, and in the mix by them as leading role. Of course, now is for each men, recommend several sections from the top brand of perfume, the man woodiness to meet clear autumn arrival.

Chanel man movement cologne
Soft western fir quality adjusted, complete the integrative before the pure and fresh, attune of citrus in white musk attune of continuous hills and spicy plants are simple, send out a pure and simple breath.

DSquared2 water margin to wood man perfume
Bright sweet tone, deep and tight. Full of Marine breath before the tone gives a person with vigor, the smell of the tide in the delicate and pure and fresh, as a fundamental key wood sweet contains sweet root grass, smoked beans, patchouli and cedar wood, let perfume more close to nature.

YSL favored perfume
The unique HuaMuXiang adjustable give you seem in cool water bath of cool and refreshing shu shuang after the artistic conception, sweet lemon is pure and fresh and let a person enchanted, violet, basil leaves the flowers with spicy allure, and musk, Haiti vetiver grass and cedar wood, let the public have sexy and broad characteristics.

Male sweet BVLGARI gentleman
Will bergamot, violet lotus leaf and integrated harmoniously before the move, give people clear incomparable feeling. And full of charm of the BaiMu sweet sweet mix, sandalwood soft, send out a warm and Oriental gas real perceptual taste.

Armani Jane drill man perfume
Fusion exciting and pure and fresh, bergamot, match again with cedar, let the lasting appeal and masculine temperament, cacao more bring with gentle feelings, finally, with tea are sweet incense, and the precious wood interweave irresistible woman lingering fragrance, send out a thick sexy breath.

%Men clothes Man perfume introduce

Man perfume Armani

%Men clothes Man perfume introduce

Versace jeans or Armani khaki pants

August 12th, 2011 No comments

Time really quick, it is autumn.But the weather was so hot, simply can’t feel cool.

I have written a lot article about the autumn clothing , but now I really in trouble.

I have looking for fan versace jeans, and another a khaki pants of armani.

Now I don’t know what to choose.

The jeans color is very beautiful, I like it very much, but I’m afraid of the color of the later it will be more and more shallow.

This article I would like khaki pants, but the price is too expensive, need to $200.

Now I really don’t know what to choose which.

Who can come to help me.

%Men clothes Versace jeans or Armani khaki pants