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men fashion bag

March 22nd, 2012 No comments

Winter what bag back, is a man recently in the thinking of a problem. In fact with a soft hand bag of cortical burnish is first selection, the wool coat with very well, and can avoid too thick clothes to the decline of the shoulder straps. Again a bit cold caught in the alar, both hands direct chuai pocket. But haven’t find a good…… The man who is in his hand, see the look is a water hearts. But whether the charm like? Seems to also don’t necessarily, knead in hand may also have more sense.

Design sweater and brown coat, blue trousers combination youthful. Add a long scarf, modern up right away. Most of the large area scarf is tonal and consistent coat basic, so look not burdensome feeling, this method can learn up immediately, and save money and ease of use.
If you also have this kind of blue suit or coat, look for a gentle camel’s hair or naked color of wool scarf! Naked color fastens objects, more show tender and loving.

Obviously everybody in winter are like wearing in black, walking in the street, looked up all black and gray, set off with all kinds of glass glance of strange building, the heart is very easy to produce discomfort. To a rich in color saturation scarf, turns heads high, and not abrupt.
If can in heavy fact and beautiful between one transition, will feel more natural. Many men have a pair of red shoes, might as well also so try, with black jeans than direct will have idea.

Don’t look down upon this row sleeves buttons. Woman is easy to be attracted to the details of this childish, leading to a flood of love. And immediately the man will imagine wearing unlined upper garment heart has a lively child so cute, together with such a man must live a happy life and… And no matter what somebody else is like a man or like a woman. But button is ultimately a cent.
For many men, if not the fashion industry practitioners, the right of the dress is a bit OVER. But the left can follow suit. A clean, simple, not too much figure but very spirit. The key lies in the ocean of running attitude, still have to depend on life can help the accumulated knowledge.

men fashion bag

men fashion bag


Fashionable man Cm punk

July 18th, 2011 No comments
cm punk win WWE

cm punk win WWE

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Cm punk win the WWE!

He is a strong man, it is also a know fashionable man.

Search his usual photos can be found, he’s really good, whether figure wear a suit, or leisure T-shirt, is so handsome.

The most important I like his long hair, don’t know whether he saw my article: men how to maintain hair?

About PUNK, you know he CM of the tattoo on his left arm is what design?