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delete the original address

September 7th, 2011 No comments

Many of the article about fashion clothing and men fashion is the same.

And I was reproduced the original article everywhere, the most let me angry is to delete the original address.

Really want to consider whether to continue to write articles about fashion.

Consider for a long time, I will still continue to adhere to.

Not just for web traffic, the most important is, I will insist on his own practice, can’t let others decided.but I will add this link.

clothing manufacturer




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Men autumn clothing

August 8th, 2011 No comments

Autumn arrived, whether we immediately began to prepare for the autumn clothing?

Say to the autumn fashion clothing, than the summer clothing is more complicated. Autumn is a lovely season, because not too cold or too hot. So choose what kind of clothes must have the means.

When Just enter the autumn , had better choose khaki pants, then with board shoes movement in a hoodie, the collocation is an entrance level.

Some of the more advanced, can choose a pair of jeans, a jacket, again tie-in a pair of boat shoes.

Basically this two kinds of collocation, can satisfy most situations.

Men autumn clothing

Men autumn clothing