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joint Underwear seniors Beckham

October 12th, 2011 No comments

In 2012 to launch H&M joint underwear seniors Beckham (David Beckham) ZhuanMei in first, and Spain pretty cattle said the tennis player Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) recently exposure for Armani Underwear and the Armani jeans shot of the 2011 qiu dong image as, this group of photographs Armani a continuation of the sexy style, Rafael Nadal used (Rafael Nadal) good figure to make men watched the envy, women see the heart rate.
Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans winter 2011 according to the image remains in the form of black and white, the shooting scene on chosen in the spokesperson Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) hometown Spanish Mallorca shooting, the photographer is looking for to Madonna (Madonna), Lady Gaga and emperor song “Alejandro” MV clapped the mirror as Steven Klein, a cow Rafael Nadal of Spain (Rafael Nadal) the savagery of feeling is shown without involuntary discharge of urine, at the same time we can’t help to fit in, megan Fox (Magan Fox) become Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans new face of the Rihanna (Rihanna) will bring us what kind of a hot Hold live view.

%Men clothes joint Underwear seniors Beckham

men fashion

%Men clothes joint Underwear seniors Beckham

Recommend a few good review article about fashion articles

September 8th, 2011 No comments

Today, through news about fashion,that find women were occupied the top.
Kristin chenoweth
Reese witherspoon
Oh my god, none have fashionable men? Very sad.
Really hope that the men had read my blog, dressing up some of the fashion. And who can list of hot Google.
Here I recommend a few article I think good, also very high rate of the article.
1.Everyone can create their own fashion
2.khaki pants pocket to choose fashionable mens clothing
Well, really very good.

%Men clothes Recommend a few good review article about fashion articles

Kristin chenoweth

%Men clothes Recommend a few good review article about fashion articles

Fashion men David Beckham

August 25th, 2011 No comments

Each age has their idols and star, even today they have old go to, also is regarded as the classic, because they tend to send out that s the established the fashion breath, for example Duran. At present is popular fashion male, some did not consider himself is fashionable, some talk of benchmarking fashion people make and future trend, no matter whether the better become a classic, they all from the aspects of definition of the present.

David Beckham home page on Facebook ahead of the group of Dior exposure in Alexander McQueen, YSL and large areas of the simple, talked about the new season after Los Angeles, he consciously revealed for the family how to the birth of baby girls feel excited, success draws attention from all walks of life, it seems that in the subtle differences, the promotion of Beckham and fashion is no longer know little about.

Jake Gyllenhaal is magazine for Hollywood’s most strong and handsome male seal. No, he can’t afford the earlier as science fiction franchise “source code” of a soldier all fitness, from the start, rock climbing barefoot running to bike. Rare to fitness now unable to stop: “I am not because this is a bad day, so to go for a run, but, this is a bad day, I need to keep the want to know what this is all about.”

French fashion magazine “Citizen K” and founder of Kappauf have been physically, to overturn the aesthetic orientation of the world, the first made his magazine covers, may be afraid of hate him too much influence sale, so special partner a design, and at first glance it thought and rookie in with sex, in fact “popularization still Kappauf favourite for the fashion demon man wind.

The north American champion of the endless box office two starring Bradley, should still cover reach higher, we understand that popularity Cooper starred in “sex and the city” actor is usually enough handsome enough is enough would dress up the flow of a type. When the project is planning magazine date, countless female fans wanted to know the date of requirements, jin chick cooper only talk about how, after all that interested in film is his first film. It&rsquo alone

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Everyone can create their own fashion

August 4th, 2011 No comments

Fashion is changing every day, maybe we can be left behind.

When you consider whether to buy a hole jeans, maybe you mind already have a potential target, perhaps, or a celebrity like David Beckham, because you want to have the same style of jeans.

But, you need to be aware that at this time Beckham collocation this limited edition hole jeans he wearing is a pair of sports shoes,and it is more expensive than this jeans.Now,you are anxious.
Your budget does not include this pair of expensive shoes, how to do? Maybe you would even give up all these include this trousers.

This is our most people’s psychology.

In fact can not such thinking, in the choice of clothing or trousers, really don’t need to consider who through the same style, or I need it bring me what, as long as you all happy.

Because fashion are not stop, and not only in one direction, everyone can create their own fashion.

%Men clothes Everyone can create their own fashion

beckham jeans

%Men clothes Everyone can create their own fashion

three style of jeans

June 22nd, 2011 4 comments

From jeans birth,it swept over the whole fashion agitation, no matter how fashionable change, jeans is always in fashion evergreen tree.

And of course the favor of male star by Europe and the United States. For the star, it is the optimal collocation jeans sheet is tasted, so now with star learn how to play jeans’s supplement

%Men clothes three style of jeans

Wide edition jeans

David Beckham absolutely can be a superstar. The influence not only football but also across to the fashion field,he favorite is simple jeans match. Jeans match pure white sports shoes, pictures T-shirt and a model jacket, it was very classic.

%Men clothes three style of jeans

Hole jeans

Channing Tatum had successful transformation from male model to become a Hollywood actor of the hottest action star. Look at him in the street in London’s hole, the modelling of the have a type that is jeans without “pants” can the enemy. Then the belt and careful attention to his jeans, especially the bottom part of pants and shoes collocation, very good.

%Men clothes three style of jeans

Narrow leg jeans

Chris Pine with <<Star Trek>> become the focus of attention of the recent media. Shirt want what match? suit pants? Then you “OUT” of it. Narrow leg jeans, a test match of the stature, match Ordinary shirts are better than T-shirt.

If you wanna know more about how to wear men jeans?

%Men clothes three style of jeans