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Fashion favour men

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The bias in favor of men of discrimination against women in fashion, even Disney failed to escape. As early as A few years ago because of similar incidents contentious Disney company, this year’s two “avengers alliance” T-shirt again criticized, because compared to male T-shirt’s words “BE A HERO,” women style is “I NEED A HERO,” A lot of people think that this message is outdated ideas, think that women are weak, NEED A man to save. Under after more than 9000 people signed a protest, Disney didn’t respond to a few days ago, stop selling the t-shirts, also stressed that will sell again in this summer “Girl Power” T-shirt.
Beyonce sang pep up women beyonce sang songs of incentive
June 1, 2013, London, England. Women’s empowerment movement “change the bell” charity concert on the song of “change”, movement joint sponsors and performers beyonce sang pep up the female’s songs.
Fashion industry concrete “evidence”
The ideal female image
 %Men clothes Fashion favour men
Woman in the heart of perfect female image is what? Clearly is not Plain Jane Homme brand logo features. PJH interpreted return underwear girl “every man wants her, every girl wants to be her” ideal girl, caused a lot of media such as the United States the huffington post.
Plain Jane Homme brand logoPlain Jane Homme brand logo
Washing clothes is the responsibility of women
Look not to understand if the washing instructions, and threw the dirty clothes to give your girlfriend or wife, this is their “job”. Madhouse smart washing instructions to make a lot of consumer to smile not to come out.
%Men clothes Fashion favour men

give it to your woman

%Men clothes Fashion favour men

Fashion godfather TONY fashionable wear

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Milan time on January 14, 2014, Roberto Cavalli AW 2014 with perfect put an end to the freedom, adventure and love milan menswear last four days. Participate in menswear “fashion”, hand in hand for the first time the fashion godfather, TONY, good new Mr Lu in numerous Italian classic brand of men’s elegant demeanor appearance in the show. Mr TONY to the public once again passed his unique fashion taste, make fashionable to wear a popular show, media from home and abroad widely praise.
During the milan menswear fashion godfather, TONY, good new Mr Lu to follow fashion team was invited to participate in the Fendi, Calvin Klein Collection, Roberto Cavalli, Moncler Gamme Bleu, Dsquared2, Tod ‘s, and many other international first-line brand release show.
According to Mr TONY, in fashionable circle, meet fashion week exposure, first should let own dressed in appropriate and decent; Also is to have bright spots on modelling, holds the camera to capture and kill film. Secret for collocation, Mr TONY have their own views, he thinks ten thousand personal wear can have ten thousand kinds of style, but can add different elements for my clothes, can be a manual tie, may also be a silk scarf, so this is unique.
%Men clothes Fashion godfather TONY fashionable wear
%Men clothes Fashion godfather TONY fashionable wear

Man tie ever match rule

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Face type shirt in a wide range of designs, how to choose is suitable for the tie, it can make different color, pattern, line combinations bring different visual impact and personality. Collocation with essence, can easily play peculiar mature men, fashion handsome, energetic demeanor. In other words, if a man want to let oneself become a multivariant ultimate man, then you must learn to tie the “laws”.

%Men clothes Man tie ever match rule

A, elegant gentleman: design elegant texture is light
Height 1 meter 8, have good senses, with his eyes, the empress is nodded and smiled, without too much language, raise your hand is cast sufficient between revealed the characteristic of the aristocratic temperament. Get off the bus, he will slowly opened the door for you; When having a meal, gently pull open the seat, waiting for the happy time to have lunch with you. Such an elegant gentleman, you HOLD?
Recommended options: elegant color and design, lined up small pattern and pinstripe tie suit elegant gentleman, tie texture with light advisable, preferably matte hemp fabrics, burnish feels too strong will be less stable. Gentleman out of the door, exaggerated design and color contrast is too strong ties are not suitable for most, the style of it and gentleman snowboarding progresses.

%Men clothes Man tie ever match rule

B, dynamic tide male: vibrant with comparative and intense
Body proportion, personality features, full of vitality, fancy basketball play your eye, the sunshine is bright smile make you unable to stop. “Hi, beauty, come play!” You are surprised, heartbeat, speechless… Yes, that’s such a big boy standing in front of you, throw away basketball, put on shirt, feast in the PARTY, what are you going to tie for him the tie to reveal his personality?
Recommended choice: contrasting stripes or small grid is very suitable for, color should be bright and clear. Warm and cool color contrast pattern is most appropriate, the greater the jump, character appear more strong. Special taboo to wear popular, color gray tie pattern is too big, young vigor gone, of course, if you don’t mind suddenly middle child at the age of ten, that also can challenge without limit.

%Men clothes Man tie ever match rule

men tie 2

C, hip-hop gens: line clear not stick to one pattern
A wide shoulder, angular face, very easygoing, rich affinity, either words or action, is filled with a sense of humor, and he together is a human comedy, endless happiness. As if the man is have the aura, the aura of his existence is pleasure magnetic field, the people around you will be infected, happiness.
Recommended choice: when choosing a tie that men completely need not constrained by popular designs and colors. Silk luster, cutting geometry, color and pattern color contrast tie can show you the big man temperament, if choose soft a little dot design, can choose bigger dots. But if the blend color, pattern is not clear is just before it is too late to give up, don’t because of a tie and fuzzy character your sense of humor. Silk texture of the tie, long-term wearing is not easy to deformation, silk texture soft, also has good vacuum heat resistance.

%Men clothes Man tie ever match rule

men tie 3

D, gentle otaku: pure color tie’s affable but low-key
Otaku, few words, but not busy. Curtilage at home should have plenty of time to think about how to face the life, also can understand the slow rhythm life more fun. Is the appearance of a carefree forever, but there is a strong logical thinking, can extrapolate, purpose, sexy and gentle little eyes can realize the truth of life. Huh? The said is not me?
Recommended choice: due to the mild personality, strong color contrast, design, strong and rigid tie lines is not otaku “food”. Had better choose hemp pure color tie, comfortable wear feeling, portable, leisure joker, there is a natural texture but also has good heat resistance, even in the summer wear also won’t feel hot!

%Men clothes Man tie ever match rule

Kmart guarantee support Bangladesh’s garment manufacturers

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Discount retailers kmart company vowed to support Bangladesh’s garment vendors, kmart company said, they offer a chance to get rid of poverty to people of Bangladesh, the sun herald reported on Tuesday.

Luo Shujia kmart company’s general manager, said in supplier internal assessment of Bangladesh found that they are in “high risk”, after the company cut off earlier this year with 20 contact of the factory.
, says Mr Luo Shujia kmart will continue to work with 30 garment manufacturing unit, the unit employs thousands of workers.

Luo said: “for us to abandon their makers have invested is a disaster, the unit employs thousands of workers, mostly women to support her family.”

In April this year, the planar square in Bangladesh factory collapsed, killing more than 1100 people, the dire conditions of many of Bangladesh’s garment industry workers be pushed to the front desk.

In recent years, most of the Australian retailers turn to Bangladesh, many stores like cheap goods, because of China’s rising labor costs.
Media reports last month accused retailers, including kmart, Rachel voss, coles and target despise their order clothing factory safety standards. Luo Shujia declined to comment.

Last month, kmart signed a fire and building safety protocol in Bangladesh, and require its suppliers must pay workers wages higher than the minimum wage standard.

%Men clothes Kmart guarantee support Bangladeshs garment manufacturers

How to correctly choose the acid overalls

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Laborer is engaged in production, handling, dumping, modulation, acid and alkali, repair or cleaning chemical plant in the occupational activities that are likely to cause by the strong acid, strong alkali, phosphorus and hydrofluoric acid and so on caused by chemical burn, wearing appropriate work wear, can effectively cut off harmful chemicals such as inorganic acid, alkali, so can’t contact with the skin, can maximize the protection of the personal safety of operators.

Qualified the requirement of acid overalls is everything must have a product certificate and note there are production producer name and address, product name, product grades, trademarks, specifications, production date of products; Product packaging should be factory name and address, product name, level, production date, article number, dressed in considerations, production license number; After the implementation of special labor protection supplies safety sign, the requirement in the obvious position and special labor protection supplies safety sign of strong and durable.

Ideal chemical protective clothing should be as protective, durability and comfort. When selecting protective clothing related risk analysis should be made for the work environment, such as staff will be exposed to what kind of dangerous goods (category), these dangerous goods have any damage on health, their concentrations, in what form (gas, solid, liquid), workers may in any way contact with such dangerous goods (continuous, accident), according to the above analysis to determine the kinds of protective clothing, protective level, considering protection, durability, comfort and cost factors, choose the appropriate protective clothing. Acid in acid pollution lighter, discontinuous contact of the workplace, can choose and acid proof overalls; And severe acid contamination, continuous contact with acid, the workplace should be protection requirement, choose good protective airtight type acid overalls. Choosing acid overalls, should ask for test report to suppliers, check the test report of the product characteristics, production batch, production date, paste the fabric sample is consistent with the supplied product, and ask supplier for a piece of material sample for future reference. When choosing acid overalls should be paid attention to:

1, to prevent acid from between clothing and the combination of body parts, clothing, clothing and other individual protection in between.

2, in order to prevent the accumulation of acid splash intrusion, acid proof clothes in general should not have pocket. Airtight acid proof coverall for sweat to regulate body temperature and keep the vent hole should be in your arms, back, hip inside, so as to avoid external foreign body or acid into. As far as possible to reduce unnecessary decoration, such as, stumble so as to avoid the fold place accumulate acid or interfere with the work.

3, hands pulling on seam on both sides of the clothing material, joint should not be pulled off, and acid proof work clothes should not be broken off, the stitching, airtight acid proof coverall seam should not come unglued.

4, in combination with other individual protective equipment, such as resistance to acid and alkali and acid proof gloves shoes to try on, both to ensure the acid proof between the blouse and trousers, blouses and acid proof gloves, pants and acid proof shoes (boots), between the collar of his coat and acid proof cap combining site is reasonable, can prevent acid splash into, and to ensure the easy, easy to wear off. With the other individual protective equipment must also have acid proof function.

5, and simulation using the best places for simple test acid overalls.

%Men clothes How to correctly choose the acid overalls
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