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Youthful & Fresh :The Minimalist Men Costume Matching in Summer

July 2nd, 2014 No comments

Youthful & Fresh :The Minimalist Men Costume Matching in Summer

We always said:”Young would show up,young is display of individuality and liberate of vitality energy.”Vitality is not show on the personality, but also show on the clothes.In summer,a slim fashion round neck short sleeve T-shirt match with a cool casual pants that both choose youthful and fresh colors,not only make you become the focus of the crowd,and but also give you naive youth temperament and uninhibited feeling.

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Kmart guarantee support Bangladesh’s garment manufacturers

July 7th, 2013 No comments

Discount retailers kmart company vowed to support Bangladesh’s garment vendors, kmart company said, they offer a chance to get rid of poverty to people of Bangladesh, the sun herald reported on Tuesday.

Luo Shujia kmart company’s general manager, said in supplier internal assessment of Bangladesh found that they are in “high risk”, after the company cut off earlier this year with 20 contact of the factory.
, says Mr Luo Shujia kmart will continue to work with 30 garment manufacturing unit, the unit employs thousands of workers.

Luo said: “for us to abandon their makers have invested is a disaster, the unit employs thousands of workers, mostly women to support her family.”

In April this year, the planar square in Bangladesh factory collapsed, killing more than 1100 people, the dire conditions of many of Bangladesh’s garment industry workers be pushed to the front desk.

In recent years, most of the Australian retailers turn to Bangladesh, many stores like cheap goods, because of China’s rising labor costs.
Media reports last month accused retailers, including kmart, Rachel voss, coles and target despise their order clothing factory safety standards. Luo Shujia declined to comment.

Last month, kmart signed a fire and building safety protocol in Bangladesh, and require its suppliers must pay workers wages higher than the minimum wage standard.


Spring summer flower shirts

March 16th, 2012 No comments

Throughout 2012 Spring summer men’s clothing release trend, “color” and “printing” of the two elements of this season is no doubt be popular leading.
Interpretation of the shirt printing style extremely use up and not some nifty elegant, very suitable for young man wearing.

Many people think “printing” design is too loud, hard to master. Indeed, the more exaggerated design, the wearer of their own shape and style of the greater the requirements. Therefore, specially chosen 3 kinds to low-key not make public printing design shirt let you be in after trend at the same time, can according to the characteristics of relaxed collocation.



Dark blue dress up with white broken flower is very “show thin” and brunet is suitable for formal office occasions. khaki pants and the blue of the whole match colors of tie-in guarantee no risk at all.

Richard James

Richard James

This type of white gradient blue dot shirt, looks very lively, more suitable for young men wearing some. Take the shirt is one of important laws of the collocation with the matching trousers to try to design is simple, a set of wear take a only one a focus are sufficient, avoid by all means is lily oh!

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Bunches of printing design makes this shirt can completely replace the suit jacket of pure color shirts, and more young energetic.



DKNY clothing conference

September 11th, 2011 No comments

DKNY 2012 spring summer’s clothing conference in New York, the first time for you to transfer from New York fashion week 2012 chun xia men’s clothing show the latest DKNY photos. Let you stand on the cutting edge of fashion, enjoy and appreciate to 2012  men’s clothing to the forefront of New York fashion trends.

Donna Karan DKNY, in fact is the abbreviation of New York, it is also the designer Donna Karan to her daughter of mature Gabby create the young board, in 1988 officially launched. Because daughter lifestyle and in the city, the influence of natural will also be New York independent DKNY the spirit of freedom in the design works, and joined a stream of special young vigor, gradually evolved into pop, representatives of the international metropolis style.

DKNY clothing

DKNY clothing

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man’s summer clothing

August 21st, 2011 No comments

The weather seems to don’t like autumn cool, as more and more heat.

Don’t I just buy the man of the autumn outfit can’t wear?

Still need to put on the summer clothing.

In here to remind friends, this kind of hot and cold weather and sick easily, be sure to protect his own body.

Well, since the weather was so hot that we continue to discuss man’s summer clothing.

Also good in this blog has a lot articles about summer, it was not hard to find it.

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