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Men shaving tips

February 1st, 2012 No comments

In case you’re considering how to improve quality of your respective shave, the online world will just confuse you. Not only may be the advice offered often conflicting, even so the variety of products that different sources recommend is difficult to recognise rather than cheap to test out.
All the same, I’ve tried virtually everything in recent times. Like the majority of guys, I commenced which has a can of Edge gel, then a can of Barbasol. When i got older, I tried branching out, first buying more costly cans, then graduating to pricey tubs and tubes of ointment.

The situation wonderful these was that there is no discernible difference in the quality of my shave. Which was, until I took the easiest advice anyone had given me: Utilize a bar of soap and a brush.Shaving BasicsBefore you shave, you must know the usual rules from the game. Each goes like this:

1. You might need a good razor which has a fresh, sharp blade. The multi-blade cartridge razors are excellent, nevertheless , you could obtain a great shave which has a disposable should you choose it right.

2. You will need a shaving brush, preferably one made of badger’s hair, because that’s the sole fiber that could carry water through the sink around see your face to provide you with the top lather.

3. You’ll need difficulties, that you just apply at that person for some time before starting shaving. The best way to do this should be to wash see your face in the shower, then soak your mind that has a hot, moist facecloth for any few minutes before shaving. You also need a bowl of trouble to refresh your razor while you go.

4. You need to shave with all the grain to put it briefly strokes of only an inch or two, between you wet your razor in hot water.

5. You should always reduce friction involving the razor plus your face approximately you can. Even if you must not hold your razor hard against the face, the most effective shave will leave you feeling as though the razor is gliding effortlessly across nice hair follicles — being a Lawn-Boy as opposed to a push-mower. This last rule explains why we use shaving cream, just about all explains why most shaving creams, foams and ointments why don’t we down. If you can feel the razor rubbing against see your face, your shaving cream has failed in the singular task — to lubricate your skin.

The result of getting the best shave is, in my experience, counterintuitive. It’s the most affordable method, but has remained for me the most reliable. Even as each year I research a different cream or gel to discover basically can improve upon it, nothing exceeds old reliable. My magic pill? A bar of Ivory soap. Other soaps are very effective, too. In my opinion, they each supply a superior shave, because soap, of course, is slippery as hell, of course , if you will want a quality shave, you will need slippery skin.


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Taiwan nabiis brand

January 10th, 2012 No comments

Taiwan nabiis brand with its and fixed gear movement closely linked with the unique brand design item, once roll out to obtain the wide attention, the first complete launch after series of 2011 autumn winters, recently nabiis hawking for us on a spring 2012 ChanPinXing latest record.Taiwan nabiis brand with its and fixed gear movement closely linked with the unique brand design item, once roll out to obtain the wide attention, the first complete launch after series of 2011 autumn winters, recently nabiis hawking for us on a spring 2012 ChanPinXing latest record, the whole large-investment film with black and white photos appear, build a brand concise, functional strong style, of which the main a protection for the military coat prototype of improved even cap charge clothes, choose high sexual waterproof cotton canvas fabrics vehicle production, chest and air side zipper design more show brand to detail requirements. Clothing arm place and cuffs of article glances at 3 M material for going out at night movement brought convenience, like friends may be careful.


Men’s skin problem

December 19th, 2011 No comments

Men’s skin problem is not less than women, if just use ordinary protect skin to taste, the lack of special care, such as mask nursing, want to achieve the ideal effect that protect skin, is far from enough.

Experts think, man can never take lady mask use casually, also can’t because of preference rip pull masks stirring feeling and only use such products. Because male, female the skin has quite big difference, and use the purpose of face film is not identical also, so men should be the exclusive oneself use mask products.

First of all, men use face film, best choice can remove the oil. Men don’t with the skin delicate, but in time to remove the grease of exuberant face, avoid pimples and inflammation of the skin wounds which is the most important. Now, many international famous brands are introduced a male special face film, its efficacy.

Secondly, in the use of face film, men don’t like women so careful, might as well according to their own skin condition to adjust: just started when use face film to concentrate on nursing, 1 to 2 times a week best, every time for 15 to 30 minutes. After a period of aftercare, men will feel skin condition improved, not an afternoon the oil situation, will become moist, can be changed to two weeks or even once a month.
Finally, the skin coarse is not equal to the resistance is strong. Some men’s skin looks rough, but in fact is a sensitive type, if choose not suitable for your skin face film, can cause skin irritation. Such men under the guidance of the best doctors in, select natural products, such as yogurt and honey, mask.




How to keep the sleepless nights bright

November 3rd, 2011 No comments

Although sleep the foot eight hours of idea already thorough popular feeling, but you occasionally play all night even after go to work, but you don’t imagine walking corpse as there is in the office, what should I do? Never go to sleep? No problem!!!!! As long as you follow the following method to do, you can be as bright.

A,face problems
The truth: don’t think that sleep a your beauty sleep is women’s patent, actually sleep less man is as difficult as see look on his face. This is because sleep be helpful for human body endotoxin eduction, and stay up late, can make the skin toxin slow metabolism, so you look of course face such as menu.

Remedy: wash face can remove the part of any signs of fatigue, and a good cleaning face not only can go cutin, and can increase the skin micro circulation, after washing with nutrition for the skin essence can quickly replenish nutrients and energy, there is another necessary, you can also use the girlfriend’s eye frost to cover your black rim of the eye, so you look much better start soon.

B,stay awake
The truth: don’t form to stay up late habit, because go down for a long time you will owe many “sleep debt”, in the long run, price is high blood sugar and cholesterol, heart disease rates rise. And your sympathetic also prone to disorders that affect the brain function of you during the day.
Countermeasures: suggest that you can use his morning and subway crush time appropriate activities bones and muscles, because motion can release your adrenaline, make you more spirit. Use cold water washs a face or go out jogging 5 minutes also can make you more alert. If the weather is good, can be looked up at the blue sky white cloud, because blue spectrum than any other color more easy to wake the god, because it can reduce melatonin secretion, and deep sleep produced a great number of people experience of melatonin. In addition to want to keep you awake lunch can’t eat too many, digestive food needs a large amount of blood to flow into the stomach, can lead to your brain ischemia temporarily, oxygen transmission capacity is insufficient, you will feel more crazy. Also, listening to their favorite music also is right choice, beautiful music can make your brain central nerve excitement, and release a kind of special material stimulate the nerve, make you more concentration, information processing speed is faster.

C,creative inspiration
The truth: why do we need to spend a third of the time life in sleep? The latest issue of the journal psychological science magazine gives new explanation. A new study has found that, even in the state of sleep, your brain and no real rest. In the human brain will automatically of sleep during the day to day to clean and classified information, and can produce fresh creative good idea, this explains why some problem in the wake up after the problem disappears. So sleep like a same bank, savings ability of in the meantime also can bring you creative value, if the next time you have a problem think impassability, tube he, first sleep and then speak.

Countermeasures: coffee can refresh, take a nap can wake the head, these are you save a sleepless night the most simple solution. You can be combined with this solution: the noon to find a quiet place, find a comfortable chair, take a nap 15 minutes, and then wash adjust yourself up to a strong cup of coffee, so that you will be enough to cope with an afternoon of pressure of work. But remember nap not more than 15 minutes, or you will fall into a deep sleep, so you’re not only not easy to wake up, even wake up you will also feel didn’t sleep enough, more not spirit.

sleepless nights

sleepless nights


A minute fast skin care way

October 17th, 2011 No comments

1. Use hot water can thoroughly clean the face every day, and comfortable.
If you often use hot water to wash the face, the “protective film” will be washed away, had better be to use boiled water clean face. Because natural cooling water to the 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, dissolved in one of the gases than before boiling about half reduced, at this time of water quality and skin cells of water in the very near to penetrate into the skin, and more.

2. Use alkaline wash a face clean face to taste to oil.
The skin has the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, is a layer of natural protective film, were slightly acidic, a strong sterilization effect that protect skin. Alkaline clean face product will destroy it and stimulate the sebaceous glands of “oil”. So proposal men generally choose quality of a material of mild scrub.

3. Wash a face with a towel, can wash clean.
Towel circle cloth with soft nap than pore to big several times to hundreds of times, it is difficult to go into the pore dirt, deep in the oil will be clean. It is beneficial to the wet towel for all kinds of microbes, wash a face to brush breeding wet towel face to face a daub all sorts of bacteria. The best is the clean face with soft cotton, wash your face, and often air basks in disinfection.

A minute fast skin care way

A minute fast skin care way

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