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Youthful & Fresh :The Minimalist Men Costume Matching in Summer

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Youthful & Fresh :The Minimalist Men Costume Matching in Summer

We always said:”Young would show up,young is display of individuality and liberate of vitality energy.”Vitality is not show on the personality, but also show on the clothes.In summer,a slim fashion round neck short sleeve T-shirt match with a cool casual pants that both choose youthful and fresh colors,not only make you become the focus of the crowd,and but also give you naive youth temperament and uninhibited feeling.

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Autumn winter fashion elements

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Did not go the summer, autumn winter has grand opening of the show. In the milan fashion week ended shortly before and the New York fashion week, men’s clothing of extraordinary splendour. Light and crisp fabric, straight cut big popular, bright-coloured colour looked up again.
It just confirms fashion guru Giorgio Armani’s point of view: “the laws of men’s fashion at this period, the innovation didn’t make much sense. It is important to comply with the material and the effect of technology progress, make clothes, have contemporary feeling.”

And each big brand for modern also have different emphasis. That makes this season in many wonderful and fact wear sheet is tasted, let men to choose collocation. Whether a velvet suit, luxury warm shearling fur coats, jackets or handsome have a type of knight, it is quite in fashion choice. Exquisite taste if managers can capture the wonderful clips of his personality, can be found in different styles of clothing the real yourself.
Giorgio Armani: velvet show showily

Armani fashion in people’s minds is synonymous with elegance, it always gives people a relaxed, free of feeling, is the natural language of the advocate self style. Armani men’s biggest characteristic, is a special design to suit hang down feeling, make the man wearing it even if there is no perfect figure, still appear straight, fine, provides excellent modification effect on the shape.
Armani love soft and shiny velvet material, the colour and lustre like a bitter chocolate and dark blue velvet suit, continue to send out the classical charm. 2007/2008 season launch of the velvet suits, shirts, vests, and pants, shows the gentle leisure style, such as light brown velvet suit and a specially designed round collar, the lining in black trousers, ponder and never too far, coordination of blossom extraordinary splendour, shape without the label image, taste is absolutely Armani style.

Is known as the “king of the jacket” Giorgio Armani, the launch of the senior velour printing long jacket, leather for men’s sexy and elegant free and easy, broke out in a flash. The entire series of clipping emphasis on comfort, line is flush, let in the people in the business of natural and unrestrained reveal a showily temperament, more confident and so special.
Oracle CEO larry? Ellison is Armani suit fans, its unruly personality and advocate self style implied the Armani’s charm. Ellison was the famous American magazine voted one of the most decent people “” ten dress, believe that Armani clothes really won him the points.
Dunhill: custom tailoring to fresh air

“Wearing a good suit, he enjoyed a pleasant experience.” In order to make men suits more fit, Dunhill over the control of garments to customer. The 2007/2008 season new offers 220 kinds of colorful fabric produced in England and Italy, 16 kinds of clothing styles, full lining or half lining, bags or bags, according to the requirements of customers customized. Every set of clothing are required to pass through 165, and by skilled professional tailors. In line with the principle of the Dunhill: self-construal, custom service, help urban gentleman to express themselves. Under the guidance of the concept, Dunhill design team from classic Savile Row tailors street inspiration in the prototype, with a more slender garment body, waist line break, tall chest, succinct shoulder and armhole, present a disruptive new clipping fashion in the 21st century.
Dunhill stylist is good at in English into the noble style of modern elements. Such as design of modern business people like to cultivate one’s morality, Dunhill brand new design of the double-breasted Bespoke tailored to Fit a suit version and the body type single breasted version, then happen to coincide to use more capable concise way of cutting.

Roberta di Camerino: color for dress
With many design awards, and Armani and Mrs Camerino Valentino eponymous Italian national design masters, vinay its the painting by famous Italian Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronese inspired the three master of art, in red, green, blue three primary colors, for inspiration, for Roberta di Camerino men’s clothing three series, that fully culvert is the success of pay attention to life grade men a full range of clothing requirements. Tintoretto series: blue is low-key, elegant is the best interpretation of the commerce style, spell able administrative suits and all kinds of basic dress, refined design draws the outline of this series of the main line.
Veronese series: the green symbol of vitality fully embodies in leisure series, combining movement, business travel, holiday and other elements, through interesting brand totem, and the pragmatic style in artistic expression.
Tiziano series: gorgeous red brand personality, with special fabric and craftsmanship, is an important occasion to reveal individual grade design series.

Ermenegildo Zegna: intelligent lead movement trend
For those who are tired of the formal dress, intended to seek comfort, creative integration of new designs for men, ermenegildo Zegna Elements is a new experience.

Elements of intelligent clothing is unprecedented, can in any climate, through open closed membrane structure, make human body temperature automatic adjustment to adapt to the environment. It using a revolutionary new fabric, this fabric of inspiration, from the nature of the cones, as pine cones can open and close with different climate change, and this fabric lining attached to the film on the surface of the pores will be as the climate changes in the expansion or contraction, thus can adapt to various weather conditions. Elements not only unique style and functionality, which greatly improves the business people in inclement weather, outdoor clothing layers.
Elements series jacket, on the shoulder design, ergonomic clipping, pocket can open or lateral, deerskin Material of the gloves can ensure more complete windproof cuffs and zipper. Hidden within the jacket can be placed inside the bag has a larger space personal belongings every day, such as keys, mobile phone, glasses, and even a blackberry. A mixture of shearling jacket within the activity type detachable collar of wool, hides a nylon hood. On the choice of colors, mainly blue or black color in winter.

According to the article: Chinese gentleman’s suit
Famous fashion mogul Ms. Kan asked an expert: if the economic conditions of men only enough to buy a suit and a tie, then should buy what color? She got the answer is: the first set is navy blue, tie is red; If buy again, dark grey, dark grey is ok.
Insight into China’s business elite precisely this pursue low-key style, implicative inside collect, Chinese local brands according to the article of clothing this season more attention to detail. In do not change original intention in navy blue, blue, grey, green color at the same time, in accordance with the article of the designers in the suit in the warm color such as brown, yellow, red, overall feeling strewn at random have send, in which contains silk woolen fabric navy blue suit is the most compelling. The smooth lines, outline the natural stretch, feel smooth, fabric because of the existence of hidden patterns and show high gloss. Due to more through the mechanism of fabrics, leisure series of simple lines, partial natural colors to give the wearer build a kind of elegant and spell able sense.


2013 autumn winter weeks

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From just shortly after the 2013 autumn winter weeks, men’s wear trends appeared in a more strong stance, designers do not seem to be afraid of challenge the audience’s expectations. Pioneer or traditional, designers is to open up a new field, will continuously re-evaluated, to design and manufacture of all strive for perfection. Men’s wear this should become the leader of the fashion industry, it the fertile land is perfect for creative play. 2013 autumn and winter there are a lot of hook: bold coloring, striking design, Scottish tartan and loose coat and let’s find the answer from one of the best show!

In milan, there is no doubt that Prada is dominated the agenda. Although this is not the most groundbreaking Muccia season, but still continue her usual impeccable style. Draw inspiration from the sixties, this season have crombie, asymmetric tailored trousers, etc. We love this eclectic, but more love the color and pattern formed by the mixture of subtle relationships – Prada fanatical followers will appreciate this intense and thorough clipping. Then, we look forward to next season as usual, she will make men’s wear trends point to where.

Another typical versace, is the world of a man will wear lace underwear and shorts in the winter. Anyway, it really works. Burberry coat as we initially expected to be – especially the original PVC coat, let a person happy. Jil Sander’s menswear finally returned to her own hands, although this season also well-regarded but not best. Will sell this season and sought, but not when the Raf as interesting and challenging. Also have to mention is Dolce & Gabbana ultra-loose T-shirt and embroidered coat, Neil Barratt near perfect capsule wardrobe, Moschino good-looking of Scotland, tartan, and Etro and Gucci and bold colors.

Heavy snow in Paris is very timely, seems to be tough to menswear trends point to the practical, layer cascade folds to keep warm. Up and down the discussion around Paris Hedi Slimane in Hedi Slimane debut, mixed reviews. Slimane this season’s design seems to be rock and roll wind down style, but also not completely become a mediocre, there are still some great items will sell well. But with the whole of today’s men’s fashion is out of step.

Raf Simons quiet show him one of the best men’s clothing design series. His namesake brand seems to be a refuge, he can stay away from the show in front of the the line of sight of the celebrities as well as first-class designers. But his menswear collection is always challenging and worth waiting for. This one season, patterned high round collar into the color shirt, shaking shine under the collar in the absence of sleeve head unlined upper garment of mismatch – this one season is divided, but thought provoking.


Work wear – “fashion” of enterprise culture

November 22nd, 2012 No comments

Once upon a time, with a set of clothes, work necessary, everyone to wearing overalls proud. In recent years, the disaster area donation for the poor, employees work wear also become a member of the donations. “At home is put, donate out, quite good.” What is more, will conveniently send people. As a result, streets, dressed in overalls there, but non-enterprise employees.

In fact, the clothing is the enterprise staff uniforms. As we all know, soldiers wear uniforms, students have uniforms, enterprises and workers also have corresponding uniform. Although, jumper dress up no popular fashion good-looking, some even doesn’t fit, but the author want to say, clothing is not only his clothes, in our petrochemical enterprise, jumper is the worker work protective clothing, safety clothing. In our brother enterprise happened such a thing: because by careless operation, the device suddenly caught fire, a employee the whole were wrapped around the fire, the fire is very fierce, although effective measures taken, the employee clothes almost burn out. Can be surprisingly: him but almost no damage. – the original, this worker according to labor insurance dress, was dressed in overalls. If don’t wear this dress, how can imagine the consequences? !

Work clothes, not only only labor protection a function, it is the enterprise culture of “fashion”, our enterprise is an important element of image. Wal-mart, IBM, the public, the world top 500 multinational company, also with its employees all dressed in a standardized system work clothes and affect people’s attention. Into the large supermarket shopping mall store, also everywhere uniform dress. McDonald’s, KFC in these restaurants, see is all wear uniforms. Why there are so many departments enterprise, they all chose to work clothes this form, requiring uniforms? Because, this is, to initiate work clothes, help forging enterprise discipline, and strengthen enterprise culture cohesion, enhance staff’s enterprise sense of belonging, and build a good enterprise order. Overalls, condensed the enterprise standard and norm, coordinated and harmonious team spirit, foreign transfer the enterprise dignity and business confidence.
Perhaps, clothing in custom there exist defects shortage. But the most important is, as members of the enterprise, how to real identity of our enterprise, our enterprise culture, which agree with our own uniforms, work clothes? No cultural moist enterprise organization is not always long the towering trees. Perhaps, the urgent task, is set up by the staff of the real identity of the enterprise culture…
Cleaner changed into the stewardess costume, this is really something fresh. Because in our impression, dry cleaner is dirty work, the dress is difficult to give a person with “clean” feeling.

Working without your practice of points, cleaner work clothes and stewardess uniform similar, or than its good are understandable. Cleaner is a respectable profession, also should give him (her) improve the image. However, I concern is not whether they wear beautiful, but they work whether comfortable?
In my opinion, clothing is work wear, its essential significance should be “convenient work”. As is known to all, cleaner work is to clean the garbage, this work was doomed to they may not like white-collar workers that can anywhere at any time keep work clothes clean degree. Clothing is beautiful, if you want to clean the workers always pay attention to their own image, maintain its clean, I’m afraid work cannot be opened.

Cleaner work clothes wear into stewardess sample, convenient work? Is really for cleaning workers consider? From the report is not difficult to discover, they do this starting point, is to let cleaner become beautiful scenery line of erqi plaza, erqi plaza zhengzhou city is because of the window, the periphery have the existence of erqi commercial circle. In the final analysis, this is the image engineering. And not really from convenient cleaner point of view.

Cleaner work clothes wear into stewardess sample, convenient work? Sure it is not convenient to work. After all, the flight attendant and cleaner nature of work and working way is not the same. In other words, cleaner work clothes not suitable for a flight attendant, same stewardess work clothes also is not suitable for cleaner. Despite the appearance of beautiful is the same. But smock obviously not will be beautiful in the first place, work clothes the most critical is “convenient work”, beautiful it is next.
The cleaner in such work clothes every day work, there will be more tired! Every day they have to spend much time washing. Cleaner is steadfastly work, not show! Take good care of cleaner than the actual point, increase cleaner treatment, labor insurance and work safety!

Our concern is cleaner supply of dedication out clean degree, rather than in their own appearance in overalls to our senses beautiful. Because the uniform of the essential significance is “convenient work”.

work wear

work wear


Euro 2012 fashion clothing

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Euro 2012, has been launched, next we have a full month of time to sit enjoy a football feast. The handsome boy playing on the is all vogue amounts to a person, you know they have to have a special liking what fashion brand?

1, casillas vs El Ganso: real Madrid goalkeeper very nostalgic

Nationality: Spain

In “pretty boy” on the clouds of went, the defending champions Spain absolutely can take up half the handsome boy faction status. However, in this one has a golden child torres, sunshine small method, GaoFu handsome Gerard pique, gas, and other various the patron saint, does the sexy team, people first mentioned the holy Kathy always leader. Wang gas 4 excessive card in a magazine interview west once cuhk talk about fashion theheart sutra, mention your favorite brand of El Ganso.
El Ganso, “goose” Hispanic mean, is by Alvaro and Clemente Cebrain two brother founded Spanish fashion brand, this year just in Paris Marais downtown area set up a new store. Its 2012 chun xia men’s clothing series in bright trousers and grid unlined upper garment is given priority to, and in the light of the office workers launched a wool fabric? The suit, with delicate details to break the traditional design, the price and quality of the big compared with brand also much cheaper. However the neck in stripe and fabric sewing texture can’t be ignored, that is full of youth and simple sense of the dream of the nostalgic breath.
Standing in the top of the world football’s holy Kathy, what will be the old dream is not true?

2, shevchenko vs Giorgio Armani: the prince only wear Armani

Nationality: Ukraine

A nuclear warhead of competitive state had no longer that year, but some people, some things, but I was destined to be your heart forever art-house. Such as shevchenko, such as walking in a grace and contracted Giorgio Armani between.
Armani and many star players are story, cristiano ronaldo and kaka was once it’s spokesperson, shevchenko is no exception. But in addition to business cooperation, shevchenko and Mr Armani occasions I was very good. Armani not only to see shevchenko football stadium, also often invited shevchenko for his design when model. In early October 30, 2002, shevchenko in Kiev, opened the first armani’s stores in Ukraine, this also is the global 11 home armani stores. Mr Armani even or shevchenko’s red niang, he and wife kristin model it is in armani’s a clothing shows the meeting at the first sight, whenever the valentine’s day, shevchenko will wife as a gift for choosing dress to mark the romance between each other and full of fashionable feeling moments.
But no matter the no accident, it will be the last of the euro of andriy shevchenko. In the future in time there will also be new handsome boy after rain leeks crop after chi emerging, but won’t someone can replace you my memory in the warm winter sun pieces of smiling face. I think I will always remember shevchenko said, “whatever you in any occasion, as long as the wear armani suits, will feel like a prince.”

3, fernando torres vs Emidio Tucci: meet you in the best time

Nationality: Spain

Magic mirror magic mirror tell me, the most beautiful blonde young who is it? Is you ah, fernando torres. King of the infant with Chelsea had to the story of absolute can take into a spirit movie, but even in firmly occupy the top of the list is no joke that years ahead, all involved in Spain for the football jin beauty still can present a one-sided PK trend.
From the fashion world will not miss a beauty, Pepe jeans, Racer, Puig Beauty&Fashion group… Now as high as 175000 pounds a week of fernando torres, the account each year of endorsements income amazing. That year of atletico Madrid have like the flowers of a luminous luxury and real grew slowly, but we still used to call him El Nino. For years now, I still in his Emidio Tucci jing in the appearance, but the child said to belong to his best time has not yet come.

Euro 2012 fashion clothing

Euro 2012 fashion clothing