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Why do we dress boys in clothes that are grey, joyless and dull?

January 22nd, 2019 No comments

hen I asked my eight-year-old son what he would like to wear to a forthcoming wedding, his response was clear and immediate: “A red suit with white spots, a matching hat and gold shoes.” This seemed fair enough to me. Who in their right mind would not want to wear such a fabulous outfit?

We set off for our local shopping centre in high spirits. And yet, within an hour of hitting the high street, depression had set in. There is a unique kind of misery to be found in an eight- to-14-year-old boys’ clothing section: rail upon rail of sludge green, grey and – my son’s personal nemesis – navy blue. He tried on one hideous, Jacob Rees-Mogg-style blazer after another. “It makes me look like a businessman,” he said, examining the stiff, uncomfortable kid in the mirror.

In an entire morning, we found not one item of clothing that was interesting, not one that expressed even the tiniest iota of individuality or creativity. The closest we came to success was some burgundy trousers – and, as my son pointed out, “They are just not red.” To add insult to injury, every time we entered a shop, we had to walk through the girls’ clothing section to get to the boys’ – passing a riot of sequins, flounces, patterns and prints. We found some excellent gold shoes in Clarks, only to be told by a saleswoman that they were for girls, and didn’t come in a big enough size.

I completely understand parents of girls objecting to endless pink and princess dresses. But perhaps the situation is almost worse for boys. At least girls get a bit of choice. What does this weird lack of diversity tell us about what we expect boys to be? Boring, conformist, dull, practical – or worse. Staring at the deathly rows of mini-suits I was reminded of Grayson Perry’s book on gender, The Descent of Man, and in particular his idea of “default man”, the archetype of the wealthy, powerful and besuited white male. Perry – a man who knows a thing or two about clothing – has a lot to say about suits. “The real function of the sober business suit is not to look smart but as camouflage,” he writes. “A person in a grey suit is invisible.”

This is the message high-street fashion is sending to young boys: that they should aim not to express themselves but to don a kind of cloak of invisibility. Why? It’s not as though men are genetically programmed to want to look dull. In many cultures, men’s fashion is as colourful and glamorous as women’s: check out the Sapeurs in Congo-Brazzaville, or any African men’s clothing shop for that matter. Alternatively, go back a couple of centuries or so to when wealthy European men would have worn sumptuous colours and fabrics, jewellery and even high heels.

In his book The Psychology of Clothes, published in 1930, the psychologist and fashion historian JC Flugel explored the culturally enforced plainness of men’s clothing. He noted that in modern western society, unlike in most traditional societies, men dressed less decoratively than women. He dated this back to the end of the 18th century, when there had been a profound shift in the way men presented themselves, which Flugel called the “great masculine renunciation”. Turning away from wearing flamboyant clothes to display their wealth, men increasingly adopted a uniform that reflected Enlightenment values of rationality and practicality. (In doing so, they were also distinguishing themselves from women, who were still encouraged to be frilly, high-heeled and irrational.) Interestingly, Flugel considered women’s fashion to be psychologically healthier, and he advocated a reform of men’s clothing.

Considering the radical shifts in gender relations over the succeeding 200-odd years, it seems remarkable that this is still the dynamic. We’re always being told that men are becoming more “metrosexual” – donning sarongs, and purple satin suits à la Beckham. Well, there’s not much evidence of that on the high street – not in John Lewis, M&S, Zara or H&M.

Fortunately, we now have other options. After a reviving bun in the local cafe, my son and I went home and hit the internet. And there, readers, we found our happy ending: an outfit so outrageous, so loud and silly and glorious, that there was simply no way to resist.

Who knows how long my boy’s commitment to bright red will last – perhaps in a couple of years he will join the navy-blue crowd. But I hope not. Life can be tough, and we all need to find joy where we can. It’s not only girls who benefit from a touch of glitz and glamour.

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Thom Browne 2017 spring summer series

January 7th, 2017 No comments

Early in June last year has been the first in the fashion show 2017 spring/summer series, now back in brand new Lookbook.

This season, as always, show brand exquisite and unique fabric cutting technique, and the brand of commonly used article extends between red, white and black, in clothing on a wide range of use or for different thickness line is presented. Also joined a lot of ocean at the clothing pattern design elements, including wave, whales, turtles, crab, etc., will be more handbag design into the shape of a ship or life buoy.
In addition to the commonly used to cater to the spring and summer, color matching the color such as black, white, ash, more use of pink, pink blue, yellow and other more bright-coloured color.

Thom Browne

Thom Browne

Thom Browne

Thom Browne

Thom Browne

Thom Browne


For Men:Learn to dress at 30-year-old

July 7th, 2014 No comments

Learn to dress at 30-year-old

Said the man began to slowly mature from the age of 25,the 30-year-old is like a
watershed,is also regarded as the beginning of a new style. Inner transformation is
unnecessary to say, but the change of the people is always embodied by something
externalization,so dress is the most reasonable way relatively. New chapter, just
beginning the 30-year-old.

1.Choose the fit size.While you are still in the gym every week to keep fit, but the clothes is too tight or too baggy clothes should not is your choice,only more than 20 years old boy who is keen to hip-hop.So men over 30, the first step is finding your real size is the key.

2.Choose color.For man over 30-year-old,this is a very  pivotal tip.Because too many business people, due to work reasons has to accustomed to “black,gray and white”, occasionally,there are some brown on clothes. Add colors in clothes, such as blue or red, It will give you a whole different wardrobe.

3.Rational use ACC. I’m afraid only watch can wear in the body of the man, a watch can handle almost all look, don’t forget in the workplace, wear a watch will make you look more professional.Of course there are other soft accessories, such as scarf, tie, towel and package.Which one you choose, I believe that will brighten up your model.


How to clean the stained white clothes

July 4th, 2014 No comments

Sometimes, when a white or light-colored clothes that we wore for a long time, these clothes’ color will be yellowing. The main reason of this phenomenon is secretion of oils and fats on people’s body, especially polyester fabric clothing, easier yellowing. Another reason is that residual soap when we clean white clothes (this phenomenon is most obviously in the flax fiber), if there is no clean, residual soap can make large areas of cloth turn to yellow. For this phenomenon, first, we can use a lot of detergent when we wash clothes can use high temperature water to wash. Another traditional way is hanging this clothes in the scorching sun, but before that, you should wipe some fresh lemon juice on the yellowing place and add some salt, then gently rub it for a short time.

Note: Avoid using bleach containing chlorine, because some fabrics, such as silk, wool, will turn more yellow when they contact with bleach containing chlorine.


Men’s Dressing Skills for Different Occasions

July 3rd, 2014 No comments

Men’s dressing skills for different occasions
1.A formal occasion dressing
   Formal occasions — banquets, formal meeting, receptions, wedding,funeral and evening social activities must wear a brunette suit, white shirt and match with a necktie has     regular figure or pattern. Notice the color contrast should not be too strong.
2.Semi-formal occasion dressing
   Semi-formal occasions – work, luncheon, general visit, high-level meetings and more solemn events held during the day, you can wear a medium color, light or dark color suit,with a sober refinement shirt coordinated with the suit.Then tie a elegant monochrome necktie or regular figure or pattern necktie is OK.
3.Informal occasion dressing
   In an informal setting — travel,visit friends,etc.You can be dress more casually freedom,can choose clothes of bright light tone. Gorgeous flowers suits and shirts can be any combination,or not wearing a shirt to wear T-shirts, neckties can freely match too.However,avoid using red and scarlet necktie.