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Kmart guarantee support Bangladesh’s garment manufacturers

July 7th, 2013 No comments

Discount retailers kmart company vowed to support Bangladesh’s garment vendors, kmart company said, they offer a chance to get rid of poverty to people of Bangladesh, the sun herald reported on Tuesday.

Luo Shujia kmart company’s general manager, said in supplier internal assessment of Bangladesh found that they are in “high risk”, after the company cut off earlier this year with 20 contact of the factory.
, says Mr Luo Shujia kmart will continue to work with 30 garment manufacturing unit, the unit employs thousands of workers.

Luo said: “for us to abandon their makers have invested is a disaster, the unit employs thousands of workers, mostly women to support her family.”

In April this year, the planar square in Bangladesh factory collapsed, killing more than 1100 people, the dire conditions of many of Bangladesh’s garment industry workers be pushed to the front desk.

In recent years, most of the Australian retailers turn to Bangladesh, many stores like cheap goods, because of China’s rising labor costs.
Media reports last month accused retailers, including kmart, Rachel voss, coles and target despise their order clothing factory safety standards. Luo Shujia declined to comment.

Last month, kmart signed a fire and building safety protocol in Bangladesh, and require its suppliers must pay workers wages higher than the minimum wage standard.


How to correctly choose the acid overalls

May 29th, 2013 No comments

Laborer is engaged in production, handling, dumping, modulation, acid and alkali, repair or cleaning chemical plant in the occupational activities that are likely to cause by the strong acid, strong alkali, phosphorus and hydrofluoric acid and so on caused by chemical burn, wearing appropriate work wear, can effectively cut off harmful chemicals such as inorganic acid, alkali, so can’t contact with the skin, can maximize the protection of the personal safety of operators.

Qualified the requirement of acid overalls is everything must have a product certificate and note there are production producer name and address, product name, product grades, trademarks, specifications, production date of products; Product packaging should be factory name and address, product name, level, production date, article number, dressed in considerations, production license number; After the implementation of special labor protection supplies safety sign, the requirement in the obvious position and special labor protection supplies safety sign of strong and durable.

Ideal chemical protective clothing should be as protective, durability and comfort. When selecting protective clothing related risk analysis should be made for the work environment, such as staff will be exposed to what kind of dangerous goods (category), these dangerous goods have any damage on health, their concentrations, in what form (gas, solid, liquid), workers may in any way contact with such dangerous goods (continuous, accident), according to the above analysis to determine the kinds of protective clothing, protective level, considering protection, durability, comfort and cost factors, choose the appropriate protective clothing. Acid in acid pollution lighter, discontinuous contact of the workplace, can choose and acid proof overalls; And severe acid contamination, continuous contact with acid, the workplace should be protection requirement, choose good protective airtight type acid overalls. Choosing acid overalls, should ask for test report to suppliers, check the test report of the product characteristics, production batch, production date, paste the fabric sample is consistent with the supplied product, and ask supplier for a piece of material sample for future reference. When choosing acid overalls should be paid attention to:

1, to prevent acid from between clothing and the combination of body parts, clothing, clothing and other individual protection in between.

2, in order to prevent the accumulation of acid splash intrusion, acid proof clothes in general should not have pocket. Airtight acid proof coverall for sweat to regulate body temperature and keep the vent hole should be in your arms, back, hip inside, so as to avoid external foreign body or acid into. As far as possible to reduce unnecessary decoration, such as, stumble so as to avoid the fold place accumulate acid or interfere with the work.

3, hands pulling on seam on both sides of the clothing material, joint should not be pulled off, and acid proof work clothes should not be broken off, the stitching, airtight acid proof coverall seam should not come unglued.

4, in combination with other individual protective equipment, such as resistance to acid and alkali and acid proof gloves shoes to try on, both to ensure the acid proof between the blouse and trousers, blouses and acid proof gloves, pants and acid proof shoes (boots), between the collar of his coat and acid proof cap combining site is reasonable, can prevent acid splash into, and to ensure the easy, easy to wear off. With the other individual protective equipment must also have acid proof function.

5, and simulation using the best places for simple test acid overalls.

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Hospital white and pink nurse meaning

May 18th, 2013 No comments

People going to the hospital all know , the staff in hospital wearing different costumes representing the different positions , such as the white gown , says a doctor , wearing a pink dress with a hat is the nurse , in the hospital wearing different clothes patients is very convenient to be able to identify what position the staff , which can be good for patients to find people who need help . Doctors and nurses dressed in civilian clothes to work , in that case , the hospital will be chaos , visible Hospital requirements dress Doctors clothes and nurse, how important it is to work hard to imagine , although it is a detail but for the actual meaning of work is very large the . That the overall significance of those ?

First : to help to improve the image of the hospital , because the hospital is a place to heal the sick , the doctors and nurses and general compared to the general staff has the other a sacred duty is to resolve injuries to patients , so wearing respective formal clothing for patients to leave a good impression to the patient’s feeling is a regular hospital , can increase the confidence of the patients in the hospital , it is difficult to imagine a doctor or nurse wearing the clothing of life for a long time to the patient to see a doctor surgery .

Second : the needs of the work , a hospital is a special place , surgery requires surgical gown wearing qualities , product quality and product safety requirements are very high , such as surgical gowns , requiring disinfection sterile , so not only wearing professional hospital overalls can help do the work better and also give patients greater confidence .

Third: to facilitate the identification of patients who are in the hospital to see the doctor , who is the hospital staff , who is a doctor , who is a nurse , who is the cleaning staff , we glance , by wearing clothing can be good discriminative out , can help patients find the appropriate staff to get help , so that the hospital can be normal operation , their duties and do their best , Our factory , professional hospital – based demand for tailor-made uniforms for the various types of hospitals , fabric optional styles available , large favorably , 10 years focused only provide you with a more professional product and more quality service.

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Autumn winter fashion elements

March 21st, 2013 No comments

Did not go the summer, autumn winter has grand opening of the show. In the milan fashion week ended shortly before and the New York fashion week, men’s clothing of extraordinary splendour. Light and crisp fabric, straight cut big popular, bright-coloured colour looked up again.
It just confirms fashion guru Giorgio Armani’s point of view: “the laws of men’s fashion at this period, the innovation didn’t make much sense. It is important to comply with the material and the effect of technology progress, make clothes, have contemporary feeling.”

And each big brand for modern also have different emphasis. That makes this season in many wonderful and fact wear sheet is tasted, let men to choose collocation. Whether a velvet suit, luxury warm shearling fur coats, jackets or handsome have a type of knight, it is quite in fashion choice. Exquisite taste if managers can capture the wonderful clips of his personality, can be found in different styles of clothing the real yourself.
Giorgio Armani: velvet show showily

Armani fashion in people’s minds is synonymous with elegance, it always gives people a relaxed, free of feeling, is the natural language of the advocate self style. Armani men’s biggest characteristic, is a special design to suit hang down feeling, make the man wearing it even if there is no perfect figure, still appear straight, fine, provides excellent modification effect on the shape.
Armani love soft and shiny velvet material, the colour and lustre like a bitter chocolate and dark blue velvet suit, continue to send out the classical charm. 2007/2008 season launch of the velvet suits, shirts, vests, and pants, shows the gentle leisure style, such as light brown velvet suit and a specially designed round collar, the lining in black trousers, ponder and never too far, coordination of blossom extraordinary splendour, shape without the label image, taste is absolutely Armani style.

Is known as the “king of the jacket” Giorgio Armani, the launch of the senior velour printing long jacket, leather for men’s sexy and elegant free and easy, broke out in a flash. The entire series of clipping emphasis on comfort, line is flush, let in the people in the business of natural and unrestrained reveal a showily temperament, more confident and so special.
Oracle CEO larry? Ellison is Armani suit fans, its unruly personality and advocate self style implied the Armani’s charm. Ellison was the famous American magazine voted one of the most decent people “” ten dress, believe that Armani clothes really won him the points.
Dunhill: custom tailoring to fresh air

“Wearing a good suit, he enjoyed a pleasant experience.” In order to make men suits more fit, Dunhill over the control of garments to customer. The 2007/2008 season new offers 220 kinds of colorful fabric produced in England and Italy, 16 kinds of clothing styles, full lining or half lining, bags or bags, according to the requirements of customers customized. Every set of clothing are required to pass through 165, and by skilled professional tailors. In line with the principle of the Dunhill: self-construal, custom service, help urban gentleman to express themselves. Under the guidance of the concept, Dunhill design team from classic Savile Row tailors street inspiration in the prototype, with a more slender garment body, waist line break, tall chest, succinct shoulder and armhole, present a disruptive new clipping fashion in the 21st century.
Dunhill stylist is good at in English into the noble style of modern elements. Such as design of modern business people like to cultivate one’s morality, Dunhill brand new design of the double-breasted Bespoke tailored to Fit a suit version and the body type single breasted version, then happen to coincide to use more capable concise way of cutting.

Roberta di Camerino: color for dress
With many design awards, and Armani and Mrs Camerino Valentino eponymous Italian national design masters, vinay its the painting by famous Italian Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronese inspired the three master of art, in red, green, blue three primary colors, for inspiration, for Roberta di Camerino men’s clothing three series, that fully culvert is the success of pay attention to life grade men a full range of clothing requirements. Tintoretto series: blue is low-key, elegant is the best interpretation of the commerce style, spell able administrative suits and all kinds of basic dress, refined design draws the outline of this series of the main line.
Veronese series: the green symbol of vitality fully embodies in leisure series, combining movement, business travel, holiday and other elements, through interesting brand totem, and the pragmatic style in artistic expression.
Tiziano series: gorgeous red brand personality, with special fabric and craftsmanship, is an important occasion to reveal individual grade design series.

Ermenegildo Zegna: intelligent lead movement trend
For those who are tired of the formal dress, intended to seek comfort, creative integration of new designs for men, ermenegildo Zegna Elements is a new experience.

Elements of intelligent clothing is unprecedented, can in any climate, through open closed membrane structure, make human body temperature automatic adjustment to adapt to the environment. It using a revolutionary new fabric, this fabric of inspiration, from the nature of the cones, as pine cones can open and close with different climate change, and this fabric lining attached to the film on the surface of the pores will be as the climate changes in the expansion or contraction, thus can adapt to various weather conditions. Elements not only unique style and functionality, which greatly improves the business people in inclement weather, outdoor clothing layers.
Elements series jacket, on the shoulder design, ergonomic clipping, pocket can open or lateral, deerskin Material of the gloves can ensure more complete windproof cuffs and zipper. Hidden within the jacket can be placed inside the bag has a larger space personal belongings every day, such as keys, mobile phone, glasses, and even a blackberry. A mixture of shearling jacket within the activity type detachable collar of wool, hides a nylon hood. On the choice of colors, mainly blue or black color in winter.

According to the article: Chinese gentleman’s suit
Famous fashion mogul Ms. Kan asked an expert: if the economic conditions of men only enough to buy a suit and a tie, then should buy what color? She got the answer is: the first set is navy blue, tie is red; If buy again, dark grey, dark grey is ok.
Insight into China’s business elite precisely this pursue low-key style, implicative inside collect, Chinese local brands according to the article of clothing this season more attention to detail. In do not change original intention in navy blue, blue, grey, green color at the same time, in accordance with the article of the designers in the suit in the warm color such as brown, yellow, red, overall feeling strewn at random have send, in which contains silk woolen fabric navy blue suit is the most compelling. The smooth lines, outline the natural stretch, feel smooth, fabric because of the existence of hidden patterns and show high gloss. Due to more through the mechanism of fabrics, leisure series of simple lines, partial natural colors to give the wearer build a kind of elegant and spell able sense.


2013 autumn winter weeks

March 9th, 2013 No comments

From just shortly after the 2013 autumn winter weeks, men’s wear trends appeared in a more strong stance, designers do not seem to be afraid of challenge the audience’s expectations. Pioneer or traditional, designers is to open up a new field, will continuously re-evaluated, to design and manufacture of all strive for perfection. Men’s wear this should become the leader of the fashion industry, it the fertile land is perfect for creative play. 2013 autumn and winter there are a lot of hook: bold coloring, striking design, Scottish tartan and loose coat and let’s find the answer from one of the best show!

In milan, there is no doubt that Prada is dominated the agenda. Although this is not the most groundbreaking Muccia season, but still continue her usual impeccable style. Draw inspiration from the sixties, this season have crombie, asymmetric tailored trousers, etc. We love this eclectic, but more love the color and pattern formed by the mixture of subtle relationships – Prada fanatical followers will appreciate this intense and thorough clipping. Then, we look forward to next season as usual, she will make men’s wear trends point to where.

Another typical versace, is the world of a man will wear lace underwear and shorts in the winter. Anyway, it really works. Burberry coat as we initially expected to be – especially the original PVC coat, let a person happy. Jil Sander’s menswear finally returned to her own hands, although this season also well-regarded but not best. Will sell this season and sought, but not when the Raf as interesting and challenging. Also have to mention is Dolce & Gabbana ultra-loose T-shirt and embroidered coat, Neil Barratt near perfect capsule wardrobe, Moschino good-looking of Scotland, tartan, and Etro and Gucci and bold colors.

Heavy snow in Paris is very timely, seems to be tough to menswear trends point to the practical, layer cascade folds to keep warm. Up and down the discussion around Paris Hedi Slimane in Hedi Slimane debut, mixed reviews. Slimane this season’s design seems to be rock and roll wind down style, but also not completely become a mediocre, there are still some great items will sell well. But with the whole of today’s men’s fashion is out of step.

Raf Simons quiet show him one of the best men’s clothing design series. His namesake brand seems to be a refuge, he can stay away from the show in front of the the line of sight of the celebrities as well as first-class designers. But his menswear collection is always challenging and worth waiting for. This one season, patterned high round collar into the color shirt, shaking shine under the collar in the absence of sleeve head unlined upper garment of mismatch – this one season is divided, but thought provoking.