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Fashion favour men

The bias in favor of men of discrimination against women in fashion, even Disney failed to escape. As early as A few years ago because of similar incidents contentious Disney company, this year’s two “avengers alliance” T-shirt again criticized, because compared to male T-shirt’s words “BE A HERO,” women style is “I NEED A HERO,” A lot of people think that this message is outdated ideas, think that women are weak, NEED A man to save. Under change.org after more than 9000 people signed a protest, Disney didn’t respond to a few days ago, stop selling the t-shirts, also stressed that will sell again in this summer “Girl Power” T-shirt.
Beyonce sang pep up women beyonce sang songs of incentive
June 1, 2013, London, England. Women’s empowerment movement “change the bell” charity concert on the song of “change”, movement joint sponsors and performers beyonce sang pep up the female’s songs.
Fashion industry concrete “evidence”
The ideal female image
 The ideal female image
Woman in the heart of perfect female image is what? Clearly is not Plain Jane Homme brand logo features. PJH interpreted return underwear girl “every man wants her, every girl wants to be her” ideal girl, caused a lot of media such as the United States the huffington post.
Plain Jane Homme brand logoPlain Jane Homme brand logo
Washing clothes is the responsibility of women
Look not to understand if the washing instructions, and threw the dirty clothes to give your girlfriend or wife, this is their “job”. Madhouse smart washing instructions to make a lot of consumer to smile not to come out.
give it to your woman

give it to your woman

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