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Hospital white and pink nurse meaning

People going to the hospital all know , the staff in hospital wearing different costumes representing the different positions , such as the white gown , says a doctor , wearing a pink dress with a hat is the nurse , in the hospital wearing different clothes patients is very convenient to be able to identify what position the staff , which can be good for patients to find people who need help . Doctors and nurses dressed in civilian clothes to work , in that case , the hospital will be chaos , visible Hospital requirements dress Doctors clothes and nurse, how important it is to work hard to imagine , although it is a detail but for the actual meaning of work is very large the . That the overall significance of those ?

First : to help to improve the image of the hospital , because the hospital is a place to heal the sick , the doctors and nurses and general compared to the general staff has the other a sacred duty is to resolve injuries to patients , so wearing respective formal clothing for patients to leave a good impression to the patient’s feeling is a regular hospital , can increase the confidence of the patients in the hospital , it is difficult to imagine a doctor or nurse wearing the clothing of life for a long time to the patient to see a doctor surgery .

Second : the needs of the work , a hospital is a special place , surgery requires surgical gown wearing qualities , product quality and product safety requirements are very high , such as surgical gowns , requiring disinfection sterile , so not only wearing professional hospital overalls can help do the work better and also give patients greater confidence .

Third: to facilitate the identification of patients who are in the hospital to see the doctor , who is the hospital staff , who is a doctor , who is a nurse , who is the cleaning staff , we glance , by wearing clothing can be good discriminative out , can help patients find the appropriate staff to get help , so that the hospital can be normal operation , their duties and do their best , Our factory , professional hospital – based demand for tailor-made uniforms for the various types of hospitals , fabric optional styles available , large favorably , 10 years focused only provide you with a more professional product and more quality service.

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