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Work wear – “fashion” of enterprise culture

Once upon a time, with a set of clothes, work necessary, everyone to wearing overalls proud. In recent years, the disaster area donation for the poor, employees work wear also become a member of the donations. “At home is put, donate out, quite good.” What is more, will conveniently send people. As a result, streets, dressed in overalls there, but non-enterprise employees.

In fact, the clothing is the enterprise staff uniforms. As we all know, soldiers wear uniforms, students have uniforms, enterprises and workers also have corresponding uniform. Although, jumper dress up no popular fashion good-looking, some even doesn’t fit, but the author want to say, clothing is not only his clothes, in our petrochemical enterprise, jumper is the worker work protective clothing, safety clothing. In our brother enterprise happened such a thing: because by careless operation, the device suddenly caught fire, a employee the whole were wrapped around the fire, the fire is very fierce, although effective measures taken, the employee clothes almost burn out. Can be surprisingly: him but almost no damage. – the original, this worker according to labor insurance dress, was dressed in overalls. If don’t wear this dress, how can imagine the consequences? !

Work clothes, not only only labor protection a function, it is the enterprise culture of “fashion”, our enterprise is an important element of image. Wal-mart, IBM, the public, the world top 500 multinational company, also with its employees all dressed in a standardized system work clothes and affect people’s attention. Into the large supermarket shopping mall store, also everywhere uniform dress. McDonald’s, KFC in these restaurants, see is all wear uniforms. Why there are so many departments enterprise, they all chose to work clothes this form, requiring uniforms? Because, this is, to initiate work clothes, help forging enterprise discipline, and strengthen enterprise culture cohesion, enhance staff’s enterprise sense of belonging, and build a good enterprise order. Overalls, condensed the enterprise standard and norm, coordinated and harmonious team spirit, foreign transfer the enterprise dignity and business confidence.
Perhaps, clothing in custom there exist defects shortage. But the most important is, as members of the enterprise, how to real identity of our enterprise, our enterprise culture, which agree with our own uniforms, work clothes? No cultural moist enterprise organization is not always long the towering trees. Perhaps, the urgent task, is set up by the staff of the real identity of the enterprise culture…
Cleaner changed into the stewardess costume, this is really something fresh. Because in our impression, dry cleaner is dirty work, the dress is difficult to give a person with “clean” feeling.

Working without your practice of points, cleaner work clothes and stewardess uniform similar, or than its good are understandable. Cleaner is a respectable profession, also should give him (her) improve the image. However, I concern is not whether they wear beautiful, but they work whether comfortable?
In my opinion, clothing is work wear, its essential significance should be “convenient work”. As is known to all, cleaner work is to clean the garbage, this work was doomed to they may not like white-collar workers that can anywhere at any time keep work clothes clean degree. Clothing is beautiful, if you want to clean the workers always pay attention to their own image, maintain its clean, I’m afraid work cannot be opened.

Cleaner work clothes wear into stewardess sample, convenient work? Is really for cleaning workers consider? From the report is not difficult to discover, they do this starting point, is to let cleaner become beautiful scenery line of erqi plaza, erqi plaza zhengzhou city is because of the window, the periphery have the existence of erqi commercial circle. In the final analysis, this is the image engineering. And not really from convenient cleaner point of view.

Cleaner work clothes wear into stewardess sample, convenient work? Sure it is not convenient to work. After all, the flight attendant and cleaner nature of work and working way is not the same. In other words, cleaner work clothes not suitable for a flight attendant, same stewardess work clothes also is not suitable for cleaner. Despite the appearance of beautiful is the same. But smock obviously not will be beautiful in the first place, work clothes the most critical is “convenient work”, beautiful it is next.
The cleaner in such work clothes every day work, there will be more tired! Every day they have to spend much time washing. Cleaner is steadfastly work, not show! Take good care of cleaner than the actual point, increase cleaner treatment, labor insurance and work safety!

Our concern is cleaner supply of dedication out clean degree, rather than in their own appearance in overalls to our senses beautiful. Because the uniform of the essential significance is “convenient work”.

work wear

work wear

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