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Jamaica incoming G-SHOCK passion vigor grab eye

G-SHOCK launch new series watch money Rastafarian Pack, extremely Jamaica national style characteristic. Each style are on a “symbol generation in the shed blood red freedom”, “on behalf of the rob gold yellow” and “representatives were logged forest green” as tie-in color, the implied meaning of the islands and legend Jamaica enthusiasm of the thor spirit. The G-7900 RF-1 D, GD-100 RF-4 D, G-001 RF-9 D and GA-110 RF-9 AD of four models, this series of tropical island nation enthusiasm and vigor, very popular among young people street, is the reggae enthusiasts the necessary wrist watch.

This paragraph G-7900 design concept comes from maritime rescue teams, designed for fashion, sports people and by people in an extreme environment and design. Straightforward stereo frame, the surface in order to depression type, in order to avoid a collision. Atlas external with new black debut match colors, red, yellow, green three colors to decorate, two color big screw button show strong style. Dial hexagonal shock structure, the maximum of the internal parts to prevent external force damage, from the back cover, buttons, to screw all have a titanium rust protection, even met sea water also not afraid. Equipped with low temperature resistance (20 degrees below zero), automatic electronic fluorescent lighting, shock, 200 meters of waterproof, phase of material, the tides figure etc. Function. Can say is the most suitable for the sea, the water activity practical wrist watch, the patron saint wear up absolute stereo have a type.

G-SHOCK watch

G-SHOCK watch

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