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New England men’s clothing man glamourNew England men’s clothing man glamour

At the beginning of the dragon, gathers the patron saint. The previous have just introduced the agent legend, the leading role of this issue is the hottest detective “Sherlock Holmes“, but the fashion is not because the movie version, but by a BBC mini series “the secret agent Shylock” caused by, with before traditional drama Sherlock Holmes, director writers will be big background moved to modern London, so the rules no longer to wear only holmes old dust coat or three-piece suit, but more freely send out New England charm of modern man.

Of course, it must be the first new edition of Sherlock Holmes in the from of, is that the long legs long name also long 35 years old actor  Benedict Cumberbatch. He with a little curly hair and a pair of shallow blue eyes popular British until the capture of the fans all over the world, but more important, only he wears a coat, can make a dress brand new glow. It is said that, because the New Sherlock Holmes wearing the old Belstaff something worth more than one thousand pounds of the classic tweed coat after undergoing, cause with product sales surge, Belstaff also has become the most popular brand, so Belstaff has is planning New Bond Street in London (New Bond Street) open a New flagship store, and prepare to pay huge rent a record, money down only need three million pounds, while the oath to dongfeng exhibition fist. A the clothes can change a brand, you still in doubt this tide heat?

New England men's clothing man glamour

New England men's clothing man glamour

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