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Ermenegildo Zegna


On January 1 is the beginning of a New Year, and January at the Paris, milan qiu dong men’s clothing weeks, means a new fashion on the opening day of the year. It not only points out the future development direction of men’s clothing of a year, and that the whole lay the tone of the fashion industry. And in this year’s Paris milan on men’s clothing weeks, people see clearly, after years of recession and deflation, European fashion industry began to thaw.Jimmy Choo specially designed for men with the soft skin low-heeled shoes, leisure locomotive boots and late outfit loafers appeared in milan, this brand in 2002 to stop making men’s shoes, focus on women’s shoes business. At the same time, 2009 file for bankruptcy protection in the Christian Lacroix also return this year, with emphasis on men’s clothing business, Sacha Walckhoff become the new brand of creative director.Buy a hand to the recovery in approval. Milan boutique Antonioli founder and buy a hand of Claudio Antonioli said: “men’s clothing business is on the rise, our budget in last year increased by 35%.”


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