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How to wash down coat

Experience 1: be sure to wash.

Down in the inside, all have a sewing with maintenance and cleaning the small labels that, people will be careful, found that 90% of marked down to wash, avoid by all means is dry cleaning, because the dry cleaning the potions can affect with warmth retention property, also can make cloth aging. And machine wash and dry rejection, stir screwed the down jacket, vulnerable to filler bao hou differentials, make clothes ZouXing, affect beautiful and warmth retention property.

Experience 2:30 degrees Celsius temperature of the water rinse.

First in cold water down for 20 minutes, let down full moisture inside and outside. Will dissolve detergent 30 degrees in warm water, then soak a quarter down into it, and then using a soft bristle brush lightly brushing. Rinse with warm water to, can dissolve in water to scour fully, can make a down jacket rinse more clean.

Experience 3: use the washing powder concentration too much.

If you must use washing powder cleaning down jacket, usually two water into a basin of 4 to 5 TBSP washing powder advisable, if concentration is too high, and it is hard to rinse clean down the residual washing powder, can affect the down volume, and greatly reduce warmth retention property.

Experience 4: had better use neutral detergent.

Neuter scour the down and feathers of cloth of the least damage, use alkaline detergents, if not rinse clean, the residue of detergent will cause damage to down jacket, and easy to leave white dress surface in trace, the influence is beautiful. Remove residues alkaline detergents, can be in rinse after twice, in the warm water to join two small spoon vinegar, for a little while longer to rinse the feather, vinegar can be counteracted alkaline detergents.

Experience 5: can’t twist dry.

After being washed down, cannot twist dry, should water extrusion, again tile or hung to dry, banned insolate, also do not pressing, in order to avoid scald clothing. After dry, can gently stroking down jacket restore fleeciness softness.
BianHouYu: the above methods experience you may as well try, all in all, as long as you elaborate maintenance, winter comes, you can take the lead in put on new down jacket, enjoy a comfortable and warm!

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