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The Best Fashion of 2012

Ok. I know that many with the females who strolled down the Red Carpet with the Golden Globes 2012 are actually endlessly judged on their glittering gowns, but probably not just as much attention may be aimed the most effective and worst dressed men. Since I couldn’t pick just one single “best” and something “worst” to the evening, I were narrow it right down to two in each category.

I thought that Ricky Gervias’s tuxedo was obviously a little abrasive, just like his hosting monologue. Even though it applies that brown and black could be sheik together, not really much however. Colour vacillated from a dull brown plus a rather burgundy beneath the stage lights with his fantastic unbuttoned black shirt just blended in to the dark lapels of his tux. His was not an appearance certainly not becoming of someone that has not been afraid to look from a limb.

Go over the totally opposite end from the spectrum was the arrival of Leonardo DiCaprio. With his slicked back hair, neatly trimmed goatee, and classically elegant black tuxedo he exemplified Webster’s meaning of “flawless” and was definitely a GQ look, easily have ever seen one.
Another guy who I was thinking really missed the mark when it found selecting that “just right” outfit for that Golden Globes was Joseph Gordon. Along with his trim figure, the form-fitting tuxedo and multi-colored bow-tie made a handsome guy appear to be a bad date from “The Dating Game” or like he was an escapee from “Pee Wee’s Fun House”. Sorry to the harshness guy, but whoever helped you decide out that outfit hasn’t been a very pal. And FYI, Nordstrom actually posesses solid number of classy bow ties. Make sure to check www.askwear.com for last second deals before appearing the very next time, Joe.

The person who absolutely stole the show, in terms of unique fashion style, should be Johnny Depp. His “under traditional” half shawl lapel and half standard cut lapel tuxedo jacket was perfectly accented by his open collar white shirt. Johnny’s vest was obviously a trendy pop of green, in a very sea of dark tuxes and suits. Also, he completed his unique style with a long necklace, rings and old fashioned-looking pocket watch, whose chain hung elegantly below his jacket. Looking that is only befitting of what we should expect from Johnny Depp.

Best fashion of 2012

Best fashion of 2012