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More and More about men fashion

Former England cricket whiz Freddie Flintoff will be the latest sports star to turn his focus to the concept of fashion. No, he’s got not stripped into his smalls a la Beckham, nor is he launching something through an Olympic twist. Instead she has developed a choice of clothes intended for the bigger gentleman. Flintoff, who’s himself broad and tall, has joined forces with Jacamo, a brandname that specialise in this kind of area.

Immediately the fruits with their labour continue on sale. It is a masculine range that has denim, hooded jackets and suits – one of the items which Flintoff personally finds essentially the most tough to buy. It isn’t really groundbreaking, edge-of-your-seat fashion by any stretch – but that is the idea. It’s built to use a broad appeal, tick the affordability box and slot easily into men’s wardrobes.

Simon Chilvers asked Flintoff about her own clothing proclivities, past fashion solecism, and current style inspiration.

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