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Men wear skills

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With an evening dress suit coat matching jeans and other single product, reveal that the date you value, and can emphasize your extraordinary interest

Tip: 1. With the relatively formal suit jacket, should choose to compare a design feeling shirt.
2. Remove the tie or tie more approachable.
Too grand evening dress is not suitable for any day occasions, such as bodyguards generally appears sure will frighten her turn pale.
Jojo Qian: shirt, dark jeans, leather shoes, straight foot; Simple and clean with some modern, such as article and weave belt, but don’t wear a pair of mess deserve to act the role of, don’t wear what take air cushion pair of boots. Whether basketball shoes in your heart status have much higher, the bottom line is BanXie Converse.
Dinner is not allow to ignore occasions, formal dress is must also is common sense. But a few little detail, such as towel and pocket the choice of tie, etc are very easy to highlight personal taste.
Tip: 1 dinner occasions, a black evening dress is indispensable, the selection of narrow type will bring more young, standard brought type more show is sedate.
2. A simple fashion can watch the whole modelling bring a higher level.
In the magnificent dinner occasions may not need body are James Bond, but too leisure street modelling can make a person to you “sit up and take notice.

LOOK NO. 3 drink coffee talk about feeling
Coffee is very easy leisure dating to choose from, but the candor of boys don’t think wear a sweater to drink coffee, which would follow a beauty who dressed casually in public sit together?
Tip: 1. Cardigan image is very soft, choose design of the detail of the cardigan can make you be in ordinary in see not the ordinary.
2. In the colour of simple cardigan next might as well try to choose a pattern of the shirt.


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Beyond fashion senior ordering mens clothing

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There is a men’s clothing always beyond the so-called “fashion”, against an increasingly fast and cheap tendency, in its hundreds of years of history as a species of evolution, change the miniscule, and always in control the size of appropriate measure, not kept growing. It’s not like those who depend on fertility and get race vitality of the vile life, its genetic perfection, enough to combat all of the bad external environment, noble lineage to live in this world. It is advanced ordering.

Beyond fashion senior ordering bespoke men’s clothing

In English, bespoke and made tomeasure paronyms are approximate characters, but bespoke is the real senior subscription, and have its high standards, and not just the primary tailor can do it. 100 years ago, the United States is a tailor the image of the bespoke explained: “the human body has many points to space, each point all need body size, and accordingly separately measured alone. Take the shoulders and making cloth body for example, like wrapped with a cloth a ball, the need to cut out different cloth, and then will perfect suture, make up in collage, harmonious, completely not apply during make-up diaphragmatic acerbity.” This sounds like a kind of art, with a two-dimensional piece of cloth, to sculpture out like the human body general perfect 3 d shape, it is in the imitation of the creator hand. Industrial production of men’s clothing, and how to adapt to different men of all individual body? And can appreciate this kind of technology of the man also little little.The British industrial revolution era, had a AiDeHuaSanShi Beau Brummell of the diners, searched through all about men’s clothing of books and literature history won’t get around this well-known of character. He is the time really win by clothes, and popular European society of big star. He champagne shoe, with the top fabrics made clothes, hired a pile of senior tailor, but only just to let them make their part of the good, even if it’s the same pair of gloves, responsible for the thumb tailor and responsible for the remaining four fingers, it is two different people.He dressed the rigors of the degree and to perfect the cushite effect, let the envy for Paris. His name BeauBrummell will worship Paris has given people, meaning “beautiful Brummell”. Of course, he definitely are not like Louis xiv by the appearance of wriggle rub, the comment later called it “has created a grade standards, proud to performance, naturalism, and homemade contracted appearance.” Perhaps, we currently bespoke men’s clothing on design have made changes, but was leading the Brummell into “self-control, naturalism, and contracted appearance” is still continues today aesthetic interest.

men's clothing

men's clothing


3 way choose Men gloves

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The relatively warm and add clothing for dining and at the same time, don’t forget to keep warm hands also implement measures. A pair of gloves is your warm necessary sheet with goods! It not only let you avoid and cold air of contact, but also revealing the clothes of the unique personal taste. You pick the glove of action, reflect the man calmly elegant side. Want to be a gentleman? That you will need at least a good gloves.
Want to keep poise of in the meantime also can keep live warm feeling? It needs the gloves to help! Man is very easy to get too small or gloves, apply during make-up my whole hand gloves is the most appropriate, in the small make up today and teach three little hint, make you relaxed the choose and buy for their own gloves.

1. The comprehensive understanding of your hands
Each man at ordinary times less likely to be observant of your own hands, but the first step of gloves appropriate choose and buy is going to know it, including a long and the width of the palm wai. Understanding these Numbers and memorize them, so he can largely guaranteed not to buy the right size gloves.

2. Paying attention to gloves lined with quality of a material
The gloves inside and outside is as important as, after all lining material direct contact with skin, so comfortable and warm equally important, priority is cashmere quality of a material of lining.

3. Choose won’t make mistake joker color
Gloves as winter sheet is tasted, not necessarily and all clothes absolute matching, but choose a joker color gloves, it can enrich your chest, and offsetting your more modelling, what is there against it?

men gloves

men gloves



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Whisky is very simple, need not warm also need not frozen, if disrelish pure drink too strong, can blend in various ways. A bottle of open drink not over, then also can then drink. The most famous scotch whisky and bourbon whiskey (also known as the American whiskey), the former us of famous familiar delegate have Chivas regal (Chivas), Johnny was add (Johnnie Walker), McCarron (Macallan), the latter is the famous representative of edge (Jim Beam). If you drink Chinese liquor very marketer, the whiskey would feel moved a lot.

Whisky appreciation law:

1. A single malt whisky, absolutely is preferred, as long as where whiskey mark the front see four letter is Glen, such as Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, that is absolutely the good wine. This kind of like chivas regal is mixed the malt, than a single malt, taste is change. The same is harmonic whisky, larks altar 12 years of good to take chivas regal 12.
2. The year for imagination of so important as whisky, those with your grandpa’s grandpa’s age of the wine, the inside how much is the year of the stay drop, who did not know that. No matter how many years, can smell that soot smoked taste of mud, is Scotland good whisky.
Whisky chum
1. The whisky on the rocks (ice), general added to the 1/3 cup, and then I serve it with no more than ice is advisable. Add water does 1:1 for good, not used to the can also high to 2-1. 5 ratio. 25 years can be odd drink, although it’s a bit out.

2. The whisky is like stout man, glass nature also have to match the thick. Whisky is usually the glass cup bottom very thick short and fat round barrel type.

3. The whiskey dishes in the world is new topic. Big a steak, barbecue, oysters, as long as there was an obvious man of food and gas can be whiskey sparks fly, won’t be wrong.

4. The day of whisky choose light point, there are some the fragrance of flowers, the night may be strong color ChongBi, a single malt smells a light a cigarette smoked flavor of the fire.

5. Whiskey and dessert perfect collocation, be like the sour taste and small suffering with the orange orange kind, and of bittersweet chocolate, caramel dessert, often can let aroma and taste of whisky produced a stunning display of wonderful changes.

6. Churchill have famous saying: smoking cigars like falling in love. Churchill favorite, is will cigars in a whisky inside a little dip, then lit, taste the myriad of taste. Generally the cigar and whisky in direct proportion with the shade is always right direction.





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By Japanese designer CangShiYi tree of responsibilities in British brand leading design CASH CA, 2011 years of qiu dong continue CASH CA KIRKTON TWEED HUNTING JACKET windbreaker design, also in this week MaoNi material for hair think, create a classic CASH CA Donkey Stadium JACKET baseball coat, white sleeves and collarband material for considerable features, contracted color matching is also quite has the college style, can now in CASH CA online store purchase.

Cash CS Donkey

Cash CS Donkey