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Man required course how to wear dress

Today’s landmark in the body is in droves to see black tie, headgear chu chu’s men in the peak time for dinner waved a taxi. Black tie in the past is noble dinner and state banquet when special, now in various invited the meeting is commonplace. You may think this is a good thing, because a tuxedo (tuxedo) now everybody can wear, men also not trouble most of being installed-but once dressed individual character is dye-in-the-wood, but could make matters worse, don’t look like headgear chu chu’s “007” in James? Bond (James Bond) image, but more like the big base bourne ace of dr. The evil in Austin? Bao leavenworth (Austin Powers).

“Even received an invitation already for several weeks, but the black tie in to attend a formal party after all is a surprise,” the City of London (City of London) analyst Robert? Shaw (Robert Shaw) said. “In the end I often also take the most reliable way of dressing, who did not want his belt and wing is flowery tie (dickie bow), become the object of the eyes-see the other people wearing dad in the evening dress of customized sawil street (already through) and FangGuShi shirt act the role ofing new (shirt studs), no matter how ratio are mildest form-so, well, it seems to dress the quadrature in the most.”

According to Martha department store (Marks and Spencer) suit department director Jonathan? Abram, walter (Jonathan Swartland) said, now dressed in a decent costume and began to prevail. He said: “I don’t know now is more and more formal occasion, but obviously, the men to the dinner party, must leave no stone unturned to wear serious.”

Boutique Matches the men’s department, dasey’s charge? Smith (Stacey Smith) also agree with this statement: “our clothing sales appeared considerably whirlwind rises, one evening dress accounted for a significant portion of the,” she said. But for expert on the quick survey shows that: the modern social policy black tie exactly what representative, is controversial.

“I think that is the only black tie purpose is to want to soft-spoken,” fashion designer Tom? Ford (Tom Ford) said. “I like the black tie, in the end of every month usually to attend several times (department of black tie) a formal party. The occasion men dress grace is very important. Although I used to different black tie ching (wear velvet suit coat (velvet evening jacket), match again with such as diamond act the role ofing new and cufflinks such things) shows a person, but commonly used classical money late outfit shirt and tie with butterfly to match my dress. I always make sure dress well, feeling would ease. I also think must wear and dress collocation of special brand shoes.”
But the so-called “gentle” in the context of ford quite a room for manoeuvre. “I like to try all kinds of fabrics of clothing,” he added. “I have all sorts of color velvet evening suit. I recently wore a shallow peachblossom late outfit, attend suit in Los Angeles at a dinner party, the results of the store that mobile clothes is then snapped up.”

how to wear dress

how to wear dress

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