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Life lies in sports, and whether the hot summer or winter is cold, there are always could not stand for the fun of sports quick-tempered fanatic. In order to help them in all kinds of harsh natural environment or adventure game in a smooth travel thorns breakthrough, CASIO is its brand PRO TREK to launch applications in new watch PRW-2500-1 BDR, and help outdoor sports lovers.In the table with black for fundamental key, the big table ring and punch shape to present, immediately strengthen the central table circle of operation. The rotation of the clutches of circle can test the position, have a compass function, convenient in remote mountains, forest and natural environment determine the orientation steep, found the correct road. The black strap soft resin production, more soft more tough, let a person feel not wear tight and hard, greatly improved wear comfort.

And the exterior of cruel feels dye-in-the-wood is matching PRW-2500-1 BDR more with a powerful function. 200 meters of waterproof, ease with waterfall rock climbing and high strength PiFaTing water pressure environment; Air pressure tendency function, as one of the most important function of new, whether to stay in the mountains or the sea, even highly did not change, also can be induced to air pressure changes, and get a weather forecast information. For climbing, skiing or to sea, such as sea fishing sport very practical, cooperate with temperature, height measurement, and other functions, let you can take timely measures, reduce unnecessary trouble and dangerous.

Low temperature resistance (ten below zero), dual LCD display, automatic electronic fluorescent lighting, and other functions, let you in the low temperature or insufficient light, all can easily access time and other required data. Have the light into electrical energy solar drive system, ensure that watch the functions of maximum limit and stable operation.In addition, PRW-2500-1 BDR also have six innings waves receive function, through the built-in antenna waves of standard time signal, make watch keep accurate time. The moon material, the tides can meet in outdoor plan or white-water adventure mountain nocturnal demand, according to the tides, change and change the arrangement of the trip. 48 city world time, accurate to 1/100 second, the countdown, alarm, and power indicator, automatic calendar, and other functions, it can realize the most basic requirements of users. The incomparable in application, let PRW-2500-1 BDR become professional outdoor enthusiasts new pet.

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