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Men wear skills

With an evening dress suit coat matching jeans and other single product, reveal that the date you value, and can emphasize your extraordinary interest

Tip: 1. With the relatively formal suit jacket, should choose to compare a design feeling shirt.
2. Remove the tie or tie more approachable.
Too grand evening dress is not suitable for any day occasions, such as bodyguards generally appears sure will frighten her turn pale.
Jojo Qian: shirt, dark jeans, leather shoes, straight foot; Simple and clean with some modern, such as article and weave belt, but don’t wear a pair of mess deserve to act the role of, don’t wear what take air cushion pair of boots. Whether basketball shoes in your heart status have much higher, the bottom line is BanXie Converse.
Dinner is not allow to ignore occasions, formal dress is must also is common sense. But a few little detail, such as towel and pocket the choice of tie, etc are very easy to highlight personal taste.
Tip: 1 dinner occasions, a black evening dress is indispensable, the selection of narrow type will bring more young, standard brought type more show is sedate.
2. A simple fashion can watch the whole modelling bring a higher level.
In the magnificent dinner occasions may not need body are James Bond, but too leisure street modelling can make a person to you “sit up and take notice.

LOOK NO. 3 drink coffee talk about feeling
Coffee is very easy leisure dating to choose from, but the candor of boys don’t think wear a sweater to drink coffee, which would follow a beauty who dressed casually in public sit together?
Tip: 1. Cardigan image is very soft, choose design of the detail of the cardigan can make you be in ordinary in see not the ordinary.
2. In the colour of simple cardigan next might as well try to choose a pattern of the shirt.


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