Whisky is very simple, need not warm also need not frozen, if disrelish pure drink too strong, can blend in various ways. A bottle of open drink not over, then also can then drink. The most famous scotch whisky and bourbon whiskey (also known as the American whiskey), the former us of famous familiar delegate have Chivas regal (Chivas), Johnny was add (Johnnie Walker), McCarron (Macallan), the latter is the famous representative of edge (Jim Beam). If you drink Chinese liquor very marketer, the whiskey would feel moved a lot.

Whisky appreciation law:

1. A single malt whisky, absolutely is preferred, as long as where whiskey mark the front see four letter is Glen, such as Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, that is absolutely the good wine. This kind of like chivas regal is mixed the malt, than a single malt, taste is change. The same is harmonic whisky, larks altar 12 years of good to take chivas regal 12.
2. The year for imagination of so important as whisky, those with your grandpa’s grandpa’s age of the wine, the inside how much is the year of the stay drop, who did not know that. No matter how many years, can smell that soot smoked taste of mud, is Scotland good whisky.
Whisky chum
1. The whisky on the rocks (ice), general added to the 1/3 cup, and then I serve it with no more than ice is advisable. Add water does 1:1 for good, not used to the can also high to 2-1. 5 ratio. 25 years can be odd drink, although it’s a bit out.

2. The whisky is like stout man, glass nature also have to match the thick. Whisky is usually the glass cup bottom very thick short and fat round barrel type.

3. The whiskey dishes in the world is new topic. Big a steak, barbecue, oysters, as long as there was an obvious man of food and gas can be whiskey sparks fly, won’t be wrong.

4. The day of whisky choose light point, there are some the fragrance of flowers, the night may be strong color ChongBi, a single malt smells a light a cigarette smoked flavor of the fire.

5. Whiskey and dessert perfect collocation, be like the sour taste and small suffering with the orange orange kind, and of bittersweet chocolate, caramel dessert, often can let aroma and taste of whisky produced a stunning display of wonderful changes.

6. Churchill have famous saying: smoking cigars like falling in love. Churchill favorite, is will cigars in a whisky inside a little dip, then lit, taste the myriad of taste. Generally the cigar and whisky in direct proportion with the shade is always right direction.



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