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Fat boy handsome dress collocation

The boy, and see yourself can always all show handsome, but once the long fat fat, you will find no matter how to wear the dress is somewhat embarrassed. A lot of fat men worry about it every day, live learning fat man dress collocation skill, can help you show thin shaking spirit is handsome. For the color of the dress, from top to bottom should wear a primary in color, contrast fluctuation outfit not too disparity, had better use the same color or similar colour.

Askwear.com recommend can wear clothes inside the obvious contrast, such as the dark suit, white shirt and dark tie. It’s very easy to get a satisfactory comparative color, make the upper body looks inspect sense is rich, thus left deep impression.But don’t wear and two very different compare with the dress, such as black trousers with white shirt, so that it looks the body seems to be divided into two phases. The figure for any sort of divided into several period costumes, don’t because it may perhaps others wear fashionable to look good and to wear it, it will only outstanding short stones. Dumpy figure man, should not be commonly wear red, yellow, white and color of the Ming clothing, and are weak man should be more shallow bright color choice of clothing. Concise and lively style of dress looks more relaxed; There is too much cascade dress stack to suspicion; Short jacket is not ideal design, because short jacket will expose the weakness- too short and thick legs.

The most suitable jacket length is slightly covered hip advisable, and should be a little loose coat of a tight pants. Wear a shirt, T-shirt, jacket should be will plunge into the inside waistband, gird belt, show lumbar line, give a person with spell able spirit of feeling. The young little man, tends to be when growth is not big child, so should pay attention to use some more of the old clothes, especially the more formal gentleman clothing. This kind of dress requirement texture is good, look succinct. Such as shallow purple suit with a weak yellow shirt and trousers with pigment, add a quality of a material can appear to be nice tie and grave.Details of the grasp of the short man is crucial, clothing fitting apparently due and certain value, it is a compelling one. Such as beautiful watch, belts, high-grade tie, carry spare pen etc. If wear the eyes, picture frame should be slightly wide, in order to add in the facial strength. If need to my briefcase, should carry portable his briefcase. The belt and clothes should be color is harmonious, not too big contrast, belt also shoulds not be too wide. Leather shoes in a traditional color or approximate spell skin painfully pointy shoes is preferred. Shorter men can and general people choose dress, but should pay attention to don’t let their dress too drab or too loud, should pay attention to the overall apparel proportion symmetry, clipping fit.


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